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How to Use a Spiral Curling Iron: 11 Easy Tips and Tricks

When it comes to tight spiral curls or structured spirals, your regular curling iron may not be enough to achieve the look that you want for your locks.

In this case, it is better that you invest in an excellent spiral curling iron.

A spiral curling iron is slightly different from your conventional curling iron because it has a spiral pattern along its barrel.

Its design can quickly help you achieve the perfect curly hair, which can also last longer than usual.

However, for it to work best, you should have natural wavy and medium-length hair. Long and thick-haired users may need to take extra time to curl their hair. (In this case, you can use a specialized curling iron for long thick hair)

Also, it may be best to work in small sections to achieve great results.

So, how to use a spiral curling iron? Here is an easy guide of 11 tips and tricks that can help you use this tool and achieve the perfect curls.

Choose the perfect type and size of a spiral curling iron

Just as everyone has different kinds of hair, spiral curling irons are also built differently from each other. 

Smaller models are perfect for tighter curls, while the bigger ones are for big and softer curls.

If you like to experiment with different kinds of curly hairstyles, you may want to own more than one spiral curling iron model.

Some spiral curling irons are made for a specific type of hair. So, before purchasing, identify first what your hair type is.

Read reviews or watch tutorials that are readily available on the internet. Doing these tips not only can save your time, but it can also keep you from spending your money on the wrong model.

Doing your research first can help you avoid buyer’s remorse.

Inspect your newly-bought spiral curling iron

Now that you have the perfect spiral curling iron for your hairstyle and hair type, you may be excited to start your curling process.

However, there are still some things that you need to do before you can do those dreamy curls.

Make sure that the one you bought is legitimate. Watch out for broken parts or damaged wires. There have been many curling-iron-related accidents that have happened before.

Remember that your safety still comes first, safety is also second, and curling the third when it comes to hair-related processes.

Prepare your hair well before using spiral curling iron

The key to achieving any perfect curly hairstyle is to prepare your hair correctly.

Not preparing your hair only spells out a recipe for disaster, no matter how high-end your spiral curling iron is.

Just follow the next steps below to prepare your hair.

  • First, always make sure that your hair is cleaned, shampooed, and conditioned well. Use trusted hair products that are appropriate for your hair type. If you already have dry and brittle hair, it is best to stay away from curling irons in the meantime, as this can cause more damage.
  • Second, dry your hair thoroughly before you use the spiral curling iron. You may use a hairdryer or opt to air-dry your hair. Some hairstylists suggest towel-drying your hair as well.
  • Lastly, protect your hair from damage by applying heat protectant products. Make sure that all hair strands are coated evenly. This step is essential because your hair is still prone to heat damage, no matter how thick it is.

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Section your hair

Patience is key in attaining the perfect curls that you want.

If you want tighter curls, make tiny sections of your hair. If you want softer curls, you should create more significant sections.

Creating bigger sections may be faster, but it is more prone to tangling during the process.

You can also use big hair clips to section your hair. You can always buy those clips that are used in hair salons.

Set the temperature of your spiral curling iron

Your spiral curling iron comes in a box that has instructions on how to set its temperature correctly.

Make sure that the temperature is right for your hair type to avoid damaging it during the process.

Hair experts suggest starting at the lowest heat possible then slowly increasing the heat.

This technique can reduce the chances of damaging your hair when using a curling iron. It can also easily undo the wrong way you curled your hair.

Curl your hair with spiral curling iron

  • First, determine in what section you want to start your curling process. According to hairstylists, it is better to start working at the lower sections, then gradually moving upwards.
  • Second, attach the tip of your hair to the curling iron’s clamp and rotate the iron up to a little bit of the roots. Lock your hair using the barrel and spirals. This should be easy since you just have to follow along the grooves of the curling iron.
  • Third, once your hair is wrapped around the curling iron, let it stay there for a while or just long enough to set the curl. Keep in mind that this depends on the type, length, and thickness of your hair.
    If you have normal hair, setting your curl generally takes less than ten seconds. If you have thick hair, it should not take longer than 20 seconds to set it. For users with thin hair, make sure not to do it for more than six to seven seconds.
  • Lastly, once the first section of your hair is already set, release the barrel and move on to another section.

When curling the hairs at the back of your head, it is helpful to have a mirror behind you.

If you have short hair, you might want to do this trick so that you can see the situation of your hair at the back of your head.

Do not rush!

Give enough time for your hair to cool down after releasing it from the barrel. Since you are trying to achieve well-defined curls, make sure that you plan your prep time well.

Curling your hair may take as short as 30 minutes to as long as two hours. This, of course, depends on the length, texture, type, and thickness of your hair.

So, plan accordingly, and once again, always remember that patience is vital.

Avoid brushing your hair while it is still hot

Do not brush your hair while waiting for it to cool down. This will just ruin the spirals you worked so hard for.

If it is necessary to adjust your hair, you may use your hands but only use light force.

Some hairstylists recommend brushing your curled hair only when it has already cooled down. This may, of course, depend on your chosen curly hairstyle.

It is best to brush your hair after all sections have cooled down instead of brushing each section periodically.

However, if you don’t see the need to brush it, it is best to leave it alone.

Style your hair

Once you are all done curling your hair, you can now style it the way you want. Just be careful not to ruin the curls.

There may be some sections of your hair that need more curling. If so, just take your spiral curling iron and curl that section again.

Use a good hairspray

The best way to secure your curls, make them last longer and soft is to use a good hairspray (you can also use a gel or a mousse).

However, do not spray too much of it, as this may prevent your curls from moving and being naturally bouncy. 

Make sure to just lightly spray or mist your curls to make them seem more natural whenever you move.

However, if you really think that your curls will need a retouch, you can just use your spiral curling iron again. This may not be a good idea if you are already at a party, though.

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Do not forget to clean your spiral curling iron

Just like any other hair beauty tool, it is imperative to clean your spiral curling iron. This is to prevent the build-up of residue in the nooks of the curling iron.

To clean your curling iron, wipe the product build-up with a clean damp cloth.

Make sure that the device is already cool and unplugged for safety purposes. Do not use any chemical substances such as alcohol to avoid damage.

Once your spiral curling iron is clean, you may return it to its box or place it in your clean and dry drawer.

Take good care of your curling iron to lengthen its lifespan.


Learning how to use a spiral curling iron may be difficult initially. Still, you will surely master using one with enough time and practice.

Keep in mind that not all spiral curling irons are the same. Ensure that you do your research first and choose the right one for your hair type and preferred hairstyle.

Also, bear in mind that your hair’s type, texture, length, and thickness will play a significant role in the curling process.

henever you feel lost, just remember to follow the steps mentioned above to achieve long-lasting and well-defined curls.

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