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Chris Bumstead Haircut: A Guide to the CBum Mullet

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Being a four-time Mr. Olympia Classic Physique Division winner from 2019 to 2022 (Las Vegas) is no joke. It needs determination and consistency to achieve muscularity, proportion in body, mass, and definition. 

One man truly embodies this in the modern era – Chris Bumstead.

Christopher Adam Bumstead, or Chris Bumstead or CBum, is a professional bodybuilder under the International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation (IFBB).

Throughout his winning years, two things have stood out besides his classic physique: his mullet hairstyle with a taper fade and iconic mustache.

This iconic hairdo has been sported by David Bowie, Johnny Depp, and even Justin Timberlake, fitting those with the same hair type and square-shaped face as CBum.

To help you know the Chris Bumstead haircut and how to recreate the hairstyle, we have a complete guide on the mullet and every Chris Bumstead hairstyle in this article.

Let’s get started!

What is the Chris Bumstead haircut (mullet)?

The CBum mullet haircut is characterized by the classic mullet: long back hair and shorter hair at the front, crown, and sides.

Aside from being known as the CBum haircut, a mullet hairstyle has been in use since 762 BCE, as it was mentioned in Homer’s The Iliad, as something worn by spearmen with short hair on the top and long hair at the back. [1]

Moreover, the mullet haircut style has been pointed out to be advantageous to ancient warriors for these reasons:

  • Short hair on top means better fitting for helmets and fewer eye distractions
  • It helps protect the neck during colder temperatures

Nowadays, these reasons can still apply. Yet, Chris Bumstead uses this hairstyle to efficiently show his head, neck, and other muscles without interference from long front hair for judging during bodybuilding competitions. [2]

It is essential to remember that you can go from a two-inch back hair length to a six-inch one (for longer hair) to ace a modern mullet as long as there is a clear contrast between the hair in front, the sides, and the back.

10 Chris Bumstead Haircut Styles

From all the information above, we know how eager and excited you are to see Chris Bumstead’s mullet and his other popular haircuts.

We don’t want to stall you further, so here are ten Chris Bumstead haircuts you and your barber can easily recreate!

CBum Mullet

Of course, starting this Chris Bumstead haircut list is his classical mullet with the following features:

  • Short wavy hair in the front
  • High fade on the sides
  • Relatively longer hair at the back

Bumstead’s mullet is a nice touch for individuals with a square shape face, wide neck, and broad forehead.

To complete this look, Chris Bumstead’s mustache, which is neatly groomed, is an exquisite addition to elevate the mullet cut in terms of styling and appeal.

Chris Bumstead New Haircut

For his new hairstyle, CBum did not stray away from what he is known for, the Chris Bumstead mullet haircut, but this time, with his hair short to perfectly accomplish the short mullet.

The new Chris Bumstead haircut mullet is defined by short hair, unlike the classic one, with the presence of a mustache and a lack of a beard (facial hair).

With this look, the 28-year-old Canadian professional bodybuilder looks younger and crisper in appearance.

Chris Bumstead’s Haircut 2022

An impressive physique of CBum is shown with his back double biceps pose, as seen in the image above. However, it is not just his physique that caught our attention, but also his well-groomed curls.

This styling is an efficient technique to keep the curls steady while having the best appearance of waves. It creates a clear view of the bodybuilder’s neck, which is another thing that needs to be looked at by judges.

Always remember to use back hair wax to maintain the beautiful style of Chris Bumstead haircuts.

CBum Haircut 2021

In November 2021, Chris Bumstead had his hair cut short, with a slicked-back look and low tapered sides.

This particular Chris Bumstead haircut worked around his receding hairline and broad forehead, but it still looked good as the styling gave a neat and “I-mean-business” vibe.

For those with receding hairlines and thick hair texture, this can be your new haircut style that will suit your face shape and hair condition.

Chris Bumstead Quiff Haircut

Aside from the usual Chris Bumstead mullet hairstyles, CBum also sported a clean-looking quiff haircut without all his facial hair in the classic physique division Toronto Pro 2017 show.

A quiff haircut is known for having defined long hair on top and shorter or tapered sides. The key to perfecting this quiff haircut is to do a comb-over of the long top hair to create a wavy appearance or even a pompadour.

More importantly, this Chris Bumstead haircut is an ultimate cop for individuals with the same square jaw as CBum.

Chris Bumstead Man Bun

In a throwback photo posted by Mr. Olympia LLC, we can see CBum in a side chest bodybuilding pose while flaunting a sleek man bun.

Chris Bumstead’s haircut in a man bun shows tightly pulled hair tied at the back portion of the head with a rounded knot.

Having this hairstyle makes most guys and bodybuilders like CBum look good. But there’s more! It is also functional styling for bodybuilders because a high man bun will keep strands out of the way.

PRO TIP: A hair pomade can keep the curly hair type in a tight man bun.

Chris Bumstead Long Hair

During the height of the pandemic in 2020, Chris Bumstead also had his struggles, including not having the opportunity to go out and have his haircut done by barbers.

With that, he grew it out and sported long hair to show off his natural type two curls. Moreover, the side parting made this look a lot more delightful to the eyes.

The way the hair was side parted creates an illusion of texture and volume in such a way as to display healthy-looking hair.

Chris Bumstead Taper Fade

Chris Bumstead also knows how to play it cool with his curly-on-top and taper-fade-on-sides styling.

The taper fade of Chris Bumstead goes both ways: from the top hair to ear length and from the ear to the beard. 

A taper fade is a good choice for Chris Bumstead because of two things:

  • He has natural curls
  • He has a beard 

However, a taper fade can only be visually appealing when maintained regularly to keep the fade as it is.

Chris Bumstead Haircut with Bandana

Another worthy of attention is the popular Chris Bumstead haircut with a bandana, as seen in the image above as he holds into a tree pose (vrksasana) for yoga with his fiancé, IFBB professional Courtney King.

You can use a bandana for different situations, such as:

  • Put your strands in a specific place 
  • Keep your hair away from the facial features to prevent interruption during activities
  • Styling

For Chris Bumstead, everything is accurate, particularly the second point, as he used his bandana to keep his hair on top, away from his face, as he was concentrating on doing yoga.

Special Mention: CBum Olympia-Winning Mustache

Last but not least on this list of Chris Bumstead’s hairstyles is his Olympia-winning mustache.

Throughout his entire championship reign as Mr. Olympia from 2019-2022, Chris Bumstead has always had his famous mustache that closely resembles a chevron mustache, known by its downward side mustache strands.

This lucky mustache not only screams a four-peat win streak but is also a memorable style that can balance out a square cut with a square-shaped face and jaw.

How to get hair like Chris Bumstead?

In getting the CBum style you like, the first step you need to take would be finding the popular Chris Bumstead haircut that you want to achieve from this list.

After that, you can do your own first, or show the barber the picture for reference, and even show them this step-by-step guide:

  1. Wash the hair with the Not Your Mother’s Natural Curl Definition Set.
  2. Dry the hair with a blow dryer, specifically the Conair Double Ceramic Hair Dryer, and comb using the Louise Males Hair Comb.
  3. Section the hair with the Madholly No Bend Hair Clips.
  4. Then, start cutting evenly from the front using the Equinox Professional Hair Scissors to create bangs.
  5. Proceed by trimming the sides using similar scissors, or use a Wahl Color Pro Cordless Clipper with no guard attached to make edges blend (also for the fade)
  6. Cut the top part of the hair, trim the back, and make sure the rear hair is long enough to create variations.
  7. An optional step is to use a clipper to do fades or recreate the Olympia-winning style on your Chris Bumstead mustache. 
  8. Lastly, style the hair!

Always remember that although the Chris Bumstead mullet is a good hairstyle for everybody, the particulars in this article point out individuals with these characteristics:

  • Square-shaped faces
  • Chiseled jaw
  • Curly hair

With this, make sure to ask your barber’s opinion on the best angle, fading style, and enough length for a mullet that will suit your facial features and shape (of course, while still having CBum’s style as a reference).

Styling the CBum mullet

Aside from the cutting proper, it would be best if you still styled your Chris Bumstead’s mullet to achieve a modern variation on the mullet.

Here are the steps you need to take to achieve a sophisticated look and styling for a CBum mullet after the cutting session, as mentioned above:


We know you are not just here to learn but also to ask questions related to Chris Bumstead’s hairstyles, and we’re ready to answer some of your FAQs through this section!

How much does a Chris Bumstead hairstyle cost?

The different Chris Bumstead hairstyles can cost $30 to $120 depending on the barber, the location, and the skills needed for the long or short hairstyle.

What is the most famous Chris Bumstead haircut?

One of the most famous among Chris Bumstead’s popular hairstyles is the modern mullet, which is defined by these features:

  • Short hair in front that you can style with a hair pomade
  • Long hair cut at the back for a Daddy CBum vibe
  • Taper fade on the sides and beard

Final Words

With all these haircut facts on CBum’s styling, you can surely get all the information you need to ace the four-peat Mr. Olympia look through the different Chris Bumstead hairstyles we presented.

So don’t wait any further; look for a CBum hair picture from your preferred internet search engine, screenshot this article’s step-by-step guide, and show it to your barber to sport the Chris Bumstead haircut in no time!

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