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ᐅ 15 Best Haircuts for Men with Oval Faces for a Perfect Look


Published by Annie

An oval face shape is considered ideal for men because it is versatile and can pull off many different hairstyles – from the buzz cut to even a shaved head! Men with oval faces have balanced a look, as their chin is narrower than the top of their head.

So if you were born with an oval face, you should consider yourself a LUCKY guy. The high cheekbones and balanced face proportions allow you to experiment with many different male hairstyles and still look great.

A good rule of thumb for choosing the ideal hairstyle for this face shape is to keep the hair up, out of the face, and avoid full fringes. Even if you prefer short hairstyles, you should still pay attention to proper hair care practices — such as knowing when to wash your hair and visit your barber or hairdresser.

Without further ado, let’s check our 15 favorite hairstyles for men with oval faces:

short haircut example for oval faces men

15 Best Male Haircuts for Oval Faces

Here are some of the best hairstyle ideas for men with oval faces:

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is hands down the simplest haircut for oval faces, where the hair is cut very short and uniformly all around your head.

This classic hairstyle is the easiest cut that can suit ANYONE — including those with a diamond face, which is quite hard to find the perfect style for.

Crew Cut

A crew cut is another easy and simple hairstyle for oval faces.

This haircut has longer hair on top and seemingly-faded sides. Add on some facial hair to create a manlier impression that will also help draw attention to your oval face shape.

Faux Hawk

A faux hawk is one of the coolest hairstyles for oval faces. It’s definitely one that you should try if you can style hair into good spikes.

You can make your top hair into spikes. Alternatively, comb it towards the center to create an edgier look.

Short Taper Fade

This is a regular haircut that also suits ANY face shape.

The fade at the sides and longer hair on top balance and slim both a round and oval face.

If a taper fade isn’t exactly your preference, a low fade (or any hairstyle with a fade) will still do perfectly for men with oval faces.

Side Part (Mexican Haircut)

The side part is a simple but trendy haircut. All you have to do is divide your hair into a 2:1 ratio (basically, one direction should have more hair than the other).

If you want a more professional, old-school, and polished look, a Mexican hairstyle for an oval face shape might be for you! Simply slick the combed-over side part so it kind of looks like damp hair.

Read more about Mexican haircut!

Pompadour Haircut

This should be one of the first men’s hairstyles for oval faces that you should consider.

The top hair is longer than the sides — and, if combed professionally, will give it a thick and slick look. This hairstyle will make you look like the celebrities you see at formal events like awards ceremonies!

Takuache with Mohawk

If you’re very experimental and want to step out of your comfort zone, why not go ALL OUT and try a takuache with a mohawk?

A takuache hairstyle is essentially a tapered cut with bangs. The sides and back are buzzed short, while you leave the top part longer.

Just leave the middle part longer and style it into a mohawk to rock out with this cool haircut. It helps elongate your oval face too.

Everything you need to know about Takuache haircut stlye.

Undercut with Short Textured Hair

An undercut is an elegant and trendy hairstyle. You can even combine this with other men’s hairstyles for oval faces!

If you want an eBoy-inspired look, pair your undercut with short textured hair for some contrast. This is an especially good option for those with thin hair.

Man Bun

You don’t need to cut your beautiful locks just to find men’s hairstyles for oval faces!

For men with long hair, a man bun is one of the EASIEST long hairstyles you can do.

Just tie your hair up, and you’re good to go! It doesn’t even matter if it’s a messy bun, either.

Quiff Haircut

A quiff is another good failsafe haircut for men with oval faces. It’s especially great for men with thick hair since it’s stylish but easy to do.

Chopped Cut

This is also one of the edgier men’s hairstyles for oval faces. HOWEVER, how well this hairstyle suits you depends on how well it’s been trimmed.

It looks similar to a shaggy haircut, but you can also fix your hair into spikes. It’s great for any hair type, too.

Long Messy Front

If you want to relive or try out moody, emo hairstyles, then let your bangs grow long. However, make sure that your fringe is not uniform across your forehead.

Instead, style them ASYMMETRICALLY so they cover across your oval-shaped face.

Surfer Hair

For mid-length and long hair, you can try rocking a surfer hairstyle — especially if you have wavy hair.

Add texture by using some sea salt spray to make it look like you just came fresh off the beach. If you’re styling them well, your hair will frame your oval face perfectly.

Short Layers

If you have thin hair, it would be better to wear them in shorter layers so you can still give an illusion of volume.

But even if you have thicker hair — as long as you have an oval face shape — this hairstyle can work well for you.

Shaved Head

If you want a REALLY low-maintenance hairstyle, then why not just have a completely shaved head?

No, we aren’t joking.

A shaved head looks great on oval-faced men! It keeps hair off your oval face and highlights your features nicely.


Questions on men’s hairstyles for oval faces? We’ll help you make the most of yours by answering some questions below:

How Do I Know What’s the Perfect Hairstyle for My Oval Face?

There are many things that go into deciding which hairstyles for oval faces are the best ones for you. These include:

  • Hair type
  • Hair length
  • Personal preferences

If you have several kinds of haircuts in mind, show your options at your barber shop so your barber can help you choose.

But if you’re still unsure what haircut for oval faces is good for you, a safe idea is to keep your hair up and off your face.

Which Hairstyle Should Oval-Faced Men Avoid?

Oval-face men will be able to pull off almost any hairstyle.

However, there are still a few men’s hairstyles that those with an oval face should avoid.

In general, you shouldn’t get a fringe or bangs that completely cover your forehead. That’s because doing so can make you lose your angles, making it look like you have a round face.

If you’re going to try the long messy front haircut from our list, just make sure it doesn’t cover your whole forehead so it’s still obvious that you have an oval face.

How Do I Maintain My Hairstyle Properly if I Have an Oval Face?

Most hairstyles for oval faces are pretty easy to maintain. But, of course, to make the best of haircuts for oval faces, you should put in the effort.

Below are some hair-friendly habits to incorporate into your routine:

  • Don’t wash your hair too often – You should know the right balance of when to wash and NOT to wash your hair. That’s because washing too much will strip your hair of its natural oils, while not washing will make it look greasy. The right haircut will complement your oval face, but you should also ensure that your hair is healthy enough to complement it nicely.
  • Visit the barber or hairdresser every now and then – To maintain your stylish look, go to the barber shop to touch up on your hairstyle every two weeks or so. This is especially important for those with a short crop or faded sides before they get to that awkward stage of growing out. Even those with long or medium-length hair should also get a trim to prevent split ends, which can ruin your hairstyle.
  • Use high-quality hair products – Hair products can help you achieve the best hairstyles for men with oval faces by giving them definition, volume, and texture. However, you should also choose your products according to your hair texture. So, if you have thin hair, it’s best to stick to lightweight products, like the SachaJuan Hair Wax Pomade, since anything heavy can weigh it down. Meanwhile, thick hair might need a stronger hold, which something like the SWAG JojobaH20 Wax can give. It would also be ideal to get natural products with no harsh chemicals to protect your hair further.
    Check the Best Shampoos Without Harmful Chemicals.
  • Learn how to handle styling tools – Some of the best men’s hairstyles for oval faces need styling tools like a hair dryer (e.g., Turbo Max Ionic Hair Dryer), round brush, and curling iron. The KISS Instawave 101 Automatic Curler is great for beginners and doesn’t strip your hair of its natural oils and moisture. Some haircuts for oval faces will need more styling than others, so you can ask your barber for tips on how to fix yours.
  • Keep it simple – Sometimes, simple is best! You likely won’t always have the time to fix your haircut, and that’s okay. A haircut for oval face shapes will also complement a beard very well, so that’s something you can try too.


There are MANY men’s haircuts that suit those with an oval shape. This is thanks to their balanced face proportions, which makes their face quite versatile for different hairstyles.

A general rule you can follow is to avoid any haircut with full fringes and keep your hair out of your face to highlight your oval face shape.

A great failsafe haircut for an oval face is a fade partnered with a quiff or pompadour. You can even complement the hairstyles with a beard!

If you’re not sure which hairstyle is the best for you (or how to maintain your hairstyle), don’t be afraid to ask your barber for tips.



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