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10 Trendy German Haircut Styles for Men to Try Out

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Key Takeaways

  • German haircuts are characterized by short-cutting, side parting, and swept-back front haircuts.
  • These haircuts were worn in Germany primarily during the peak of WWII to comply with the strict military hair regulations.
  • Haircuts like these can be worn by all facial shapes, hair types, and lengths.
  • Recreating these cuts is easy: wash, trim, and doll up using a styling gel!

German haircuts are reflected by intricate details of sections, clean lines, and a neat-looking vibe, mainly used during World War II.

The stylish looks ooze with conformity in such a way that everything is detailed and precise.

Although it may seem that the style is very stern and unflexible, it still gives off youthful energy, especially when fashioned with wavy hair.

With the varying perspectives on German haircuts, it’s high time to talk about them, as many celebrities, with or without German ancestry, have been sporting this look.

We give you the 10 best German haircuts in this article to give you a complete picture of what we truly mean when talking about this hairstyle. Read through!

What are German haircut styles?

German haircuts are varied, but the most common is the classic styling from the 1940s. This haircut screams sophistication with its slicked parted short hair.

What do you think made this hairstyle as it is? A big part that influenced German haircuts was World War II.

During World War II, German haircuts were characterized mainly by very short hair, especially those above the ears and collars of soldiers. The totalitarian government regulations greatly influenced the styles during the said war. [1]

Since then, decades, and soon, centuries, the WWII-inspired hairstyle is still being made by hair stylists and sported by different individuals.

10 German Haircut Styles

We know how curious you are about German haircuts, and we want to ensure you can get started in recreating them ASAP.

In this section, we’ll give you the ten best German haircuts you will surely love to ace all day!

Short German Hairstyles for Men

First on the list is the short German hairstyle similar to what the Water for Elephants star, Christoph Waltz, is wearing.

This short hairstyle gives a formal and neat-looking aura with subtle side parting and short sides.

German Hairstyles Men (Long)

What better way to present the long German hairstyle than with the well-known physicist Albert Einstein?

His look is more of a busy person’s hair (as he is), with the curls flying everywhere. Yet, you can always style it using gel to achieve a more relaxed and clean look.

In modern times, this is how Albert Einstein-inspired hair can look: mid-part and brushed back.

Modern German Men Hairstyles

Like Michael Fassbender, a German-born Irish actor, you can cop this wavy top, short sides, and bearded hairstyle.

Although this haircut is easy to style, it may need extra effort to maintain, especially as hair grows fast, with an average of 4 to 6 inches yearly. [2]

Classic German Hairstyles for Men

A certified 100+ rating for this prim and proper German haircut is a must, similar to Heinz Rühmann’s film record, over 100 films in over six decades.

This haircut is like other German haircuts: slick and modish, receding hairline and a V-shaped crown.

1940s German Haircuts Men

The 1940s German haircut bears similarities with the classic hairstyle, yet, they differ in the front presentation because the 1940s has a linear one.

Nonetheless, the 1940s was the time when WWII happened, which explains so much of why the hairstyle is uptight.

German Youth Style Haircut Like Brad Pitt

The list of visually-appealing German haircuts will only be complete if we mention the Brad Pitt hairstyle.

Brad Pitt looks completely fresh in this side part, pompadour-like haircut. The best thing that made this look sophisticated (and the wearer, too) was the fall-over strands.

This hairstyle is elegant, which guys can wear with their heads up on formal occasions and the December holidays. Yet, this can always be a unique look for casual outings.

Quiff Wavy Hair German Haircuts

Johnny Depp’s sharp jaws, defined eyebrows, Grecian nose, and straight-lined forehead are great choices that complement his quiff waves.

The best definition for the elegant quiff hairstyle is the following characteristics:

  • Longer hair at the front
  • Visible trimmed sides
  • Shorter rear hair length

To rock the quiff, never forget to style your curls in waves using the Infinitipro by Conair curling iron.

Undercut German Haircuts

Undercuts give guys (and girls) hair length and weight that are bearable for the head.

Moreover, you can do this haircut with long, short, and medium hair for both men and women’s hairstyles. All you need is to shave your head’s lower side or lower back.

Stylish High Tapered Fade German Haircuts

The tapered fade haircuts look similar to the undercut, with the exception that you can create the former through a gradual effect.

As you can see from Nick Jonas, his cut doesn’t have a clear line. Instead, there’s a blend that transitions from the upper to the lower haircuts.

Middle Part German Haircut

Leonardo DiCaprio’s haircut, characterized by a middle part in a bowl-cut-like fashion, is a great choice for men and women of a different era.

This haircut is achieved by the precision of a barber in trimming layers. Nonetheless, the haircut trends through the ages because it exudes youthfulness and freshness.

Who is suitable for a German-style haircut?

The German haircuts are compatible with all face shapes, lengths, and types for both men and women. Yet, it’s easy to replicate German haircuts in this list with straight hair.

How to get a German haircut?

Getting German haircuts is a bit easy; here are the steps you need to take:

  1. First, wash your hair using the Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine shampoo and conditioner. Rinse.
  2. Second, dry it using the SimpleField microfiber hair towel or the Conair ionic conditioning blow dryer.
  3. Third, prepare the hair and comb using the Mars Wellness professional comb set.
  4. Fourth, cut or clip to your desired German haircuts with the Fagaci Professional hair scissors and the Wahl Fade Cut Corded Clipper Haircutting Kit.
  5. Lastly, style your new haircut using the Johnny B mode styling gel.

How to style a German-style haircut?

In styling sophisticated German haircuts, all you need to do are the following:

  1. Prepare your hair by washing and drying
  2. Next, cut it into your desired look
  3. Lastly, fashion it with Baxter of California Clay Pomade to rock a sleek and high-fashion look.

Moreover, get inspired with a look that suits your face and emphasizes your skin as you experiment with different patterns and partings to achieve that Germany-worthy cut.

How much does a German-style haircut cost at a hairdresser?

German haircuts cost from $10 to $20. Yet, it can still go over this range depending on the barber (a bit from the skills).

Final Words

The German haircuts from this list can surely sweep you off your feet, and the great choice is to recreate these German haircuts through the guide we provided in this article.

Don’t wait too long; let out your creativity and rock the German haircuts look now!

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