Who We Are and What We Do

Lippie Hippie was founded by Aida Turner on the 25th of November 2019 in New York City. The brand started as passion project focusing on hair care, beauty and make up, but Aida quickly realized that she would like to narrow down the spotlight on hair care only.

As of today, Lippie Hippie is a business that helps individuals selecting the proper hair care products tailored to their hair type, needs, style. Whether your goal is get rid of unwanted hair diseases like dandruff, prevent hair loss, protect your color-treated hair, maintain your chosen hairstyle or just enjoy healthy, natural strands, we can recommend you the perfect products to achieve that.

The Lippie Hippie Team

We are three hair specialists with 19 years of combined experience in professional hair care : Aida, Annie, and Christine. Each of us specializes in different areas of hair care and you can rest assure that the information on this website is coming from specialists.

aida turner


Founder & Hair Care Consultant

Since teenage years, I was passionate about hair care and hair health. I was bold enough to pursue this as a career, so I first became a cosmetologist and have since been working in professional beauty salons all across the US, as a haircare consultant. When I started Lippie Hippie, it was initially a small personal blog, which now becoming a worldwide community for everything hair beauty-related including shampoo and conditioner reviews, hairstyle ideas, etc. I am the person behind most shampoo and other hair product reviews. Picking and testing the best products for our audience is something I take very seriously (and also quite enjoy).
If you have any questions or you’d like just to say hi to me, you can always contact me via email: aida@lippiehippie.com



Hairdresser, Hairstyle Specialist

I’m a hairdresser specializing in creating versatile and trendy hairstyles for clients of all ages, hair types, and personal styles. With years of knowledge and a five-year of working experience in a high-end beauty salon. Welcome to our site and thanks for stopping by!

After years of creating my own hairstyles and advising clients on how to choose the perfect hair products for their hair type, I decided to join Aida and help her reach a wider audience.


Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Advisor

Christine has worked in a Hair Loss and Hair Transplant Clinic in New York for the past 7 years. After seeing hundreds of people wait until it’s too late, Christine has made it her mission to spread awareness about hair loss and help people prevent and treat it in the early stages.

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