Things You Should Know about Tanning Lotions with Bronzer

The concept of using bronzers is prevalent. It helps to enhance the color of the tan and enrich the tone. Many of the moisturizers are available in the market which contains bronzers in it. These lotions are beneficial for the people who don’t get any UV exposure or the people who tan outdoors as well as indoors. Bronzers usually give a healthy glow to your skin when used daily. Bronzers are temporary nut if used daily; it may provide a healthy tan color with no/less exposure to the sun. The quality of the tanning lotions with bronzers depends upon the brand and the ingredients used in it.

Tanning Lotions with Bronzer

There are different types of tanning lotions with bronzers. These lotions usually help the skin appear darker and add a darker tone to the tan. There is more than one type in the market, and more importantly, they are safe to use as well as works well to darken the skin. Bronzers are very easy to use, but the user has to be careful during the application.


These make the tan darker after use. The lotions with bronzers help to give a darker tone in very less time and less exposure to the sun. Exposure to the sun generally increases the risk of skin cancer, and the bronzer slightly reduces the risk. SPF usually is very smaller to block the rays of the sun’s UVA and UVB, but in some amount, bronzer helps protect your skin from the sun. For indoor and less exposure to the sun, the lotions with bronzers are the best option to get darker skin with less effort. The regular use of the bronzer will result in faster dark skin with less exposure.

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Spring Nail Colors Using LDS Dip Powder You’ll Want To Wear All Year

In few days’ time we will be saying goodbye to the sweater season and welcome the spring. Prepare to say goodbye to your dark nail polishes and say hello to the cheery and lively colors that is so spring. As you change your winter jacket to a denim jacket, consider to switch your nail shade too. From blooming garden to bright colors, you now have the license to wear those pastel nail polishes you’ve been keeping in your stash. If you don’t have one yet, it’s not yet late to order your nail supplies before springtime.

Here are the coolest colors for you to try out this spring season.

1. Peach

This 2020, Peach is the official spring color. Because of its cool shade that’s not too subtle and not too loud. Whether you’re looking for a shimmery poolside coral or a subtle, work-appropriate peach, there are always one available for you.

2. Purple

Another shade that is too hard to resist this spring is purple or violet or anything in that shade. With shades ranging from lavender to plum or aubergine. There are tons of shade to choose from that will surely look good on your hands. Glittered? Yes they have it and plains ones too! All too good to try on you would want to wear it all year round.

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I’ve had this post prepared for such a long time, but never felt like posting it. Has that happened to you, my fellow blogger buddies?

So, this nail polish was bought in a Chinese store next to my apartment in Lisbon and it costed tops 2 eur (if not less) so I had to get it among with a gorgeous neon orange, kind of matte shade which I should rock as soon as possible.

The nail polish is minty with little pink, yellow, orange and blue ‘stuff’ in it. It looks so pretty in the bottle, but I was a little sad because I didn’t like how it goes with my skin tone.
You need 3 coats to make it opaque. It did last on my nails for a few days (like 4?), thanks to the ‘glitters’ and as you can imagine this was a horror to remove because of them. Another let down was that it takes such a long time to really dry. My pinky nail got smudged 3 hours after the application.

My final thoughts: If you don’t have a problem with drying slow and you think the shade would suit you, go for it! The orange neon polish I talked about before also dries slow, but I just love the shade so much that I suffer in silence for my nails to be pretty + You get a lot of product (15mL) for little money.

Aura By Swarovski Eau De Parfum Review

What a beautiful day! Day when you have write a post about the product you LOOOOVE! And I love this perfume. The bad thing is I rarely recognize the scents or notes the perfume is made of so I’ll use a bit of google help.Let’s start with the notes. (Source)fruity ray with notes of juicy lychee: connecting to the prism of energy, the ray transforms into intense and rosy vibrations of sensual femininity. Of course. Lychee. I should have known. Guess I’m crazy about that smell.A floral ray with notes of pure white tuberose: connecting to the prism of energy, the ray transforms into voluptuous vibrations of majestic femininity. A spicy ray with notes of subtly vibrant pink pepper: connecting to the prism of energy, the ray transforms into warm and woody vibrations of mysterious femininity.When I read all this, I agree – the scent is fruity, floral and a little bit spicy. I love how it smells on my skin and I think this is a perfect perfume for me. Besides it lasts all day long. For a daily use I spray it only once on my neck and twice if I’m going to a party or something. That is enough for me, not too much but you can still smell me

The bottle is designed by Gwenaël Nicolas. On the top is the genuine Swarovski crystal which makes the simple packaging prestigious (and a bit pricey). But the good thing about it is the bottle is refillabale which means your second purchase will be cheaper + by being refillable it is perserving the environment. Besides that, the bottles themselves are recyclable – Swarovski really put an effort to make it eartth-friendly.As I don’t like to sort perfumes by the seasons I also don’t like to recommend them because they don’t smell the same on different skin types and also because every person has its own taste, and what I like you may not and vice versa.

And if you are interested…This spring Swarovski is launching new line of Aura perfumes called Aura by Swarovski Love Collection. This collection will be floral-woody-musky scented (freesia, lilies, roses, sandalwood, white musk). The bottle looks like the EDT one with crystals and illustrations on the stopper. I’ll definitely go smell it, what about you?

Body Care Empties

This post should be called more like deodorant and body lotion empties, because in my family we have common shower gels, that is why I rarely use any of mine up. But that will change now as I moved out now

First bunch of deodorants are Dove Beauty Finish. I like Dove deodorants but this scent isn’t my favorite. I got two because the other one my boyfriend bought for me. Repurchase: no.

Next are Nivea anti-transpirants – Stress Protect and Pearl & Beauty. I’m not a huge fan of them because they stop working towards the end of a day eventhough I don’t tend to sweat that much. I don’t remember the scent of those. Repurchase: no.

Next deodorant is by Hofer cosmetics brand Ombia – it has a clean scent but something made me cough everytime I sprayed it. It protected me well, but it was nothing spectacular. Repurchase: in case of emergency.

Bionsen deodorant on the other hand is a repurchase and one of deodorants that I really like. Again, it has a clean scent, just the way I like it. Repurchase: already have

On to more fun stuff! I used up Victoria’s Secret Passionate Kisses Body Lotion. It smells like cherries and vanilla – yum! I was obsessed with this scent. It was a nice lotion that moisturized my skin well. Repurchase: I would if we had this scent in Slovenian Müllers or if I go again somewhere where it’s sold.

To continue with Victoria’s Secret, we also have Lost in Fantasy Body Butter. It was quite light for a body butter, but this one also smelled great, like brazilian orchid and kiwi. Now that I’m thinking VS is the only one who makes fruity scented products that I really like… Anyway… I liked the scent but I preferred Passionate Kisses, and the product worked well, it moisturezed my skin, but I expected more from a body butter, so I won’t repurchase it.

The product from Balea is their after shave lotion (I already threw the packaging away, so I don’t know the exact name). It was just a basic lotion, really nothing special. Haven’t noticed any less scratching or irritation than I would with a not-special body lotion. Repuchase: no.

Next we have Yves Rocher Tradition de Hammam Oriental Shower Oil. It’s a perfect winter scent, so warm… I’m not sure if this is limited edition, because I haven’t seen them in the store recently but this was such a nice shower oil. It’s a bit on a pricey side (for me – I think it was around 10eur), but a little goes a long way because it foams so nicely. Repurchase: probably not anytime soon.

Stenders Feel the Northern Vitality! Hand Cream was a bit of disappointment. Another pricey product, which I wouldn’t mind, but this one didn’t do much for my hands. They felt dry all the time. Repurchase: no.

Also used up The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter. The product itself was amazing, such a buttery texture, perfect for the winter or whenever your skin is dry. It also helped with nourishing my feet. The scent was not my favorite, although I like it in the beginning, but with the time it became annoyingly sweet. Repurchase: another scent (moringa, I’m looking at you!). Click for the full review.

I also used up Jessa and Chilly antibacterial (the lue one) intimate wash. Jessa was ok, but I preferred Chilly. I’m really happy that Afrodita is launching new intimate washes and that I got one as a PR sample at the conference, so I’m using that now.

Guest Post: Eeverything You Need To Know About Hair Brushes

Today we have a special guest here on the blog. Amy is one of contributors at High Style Life and today she is bringing you all about hair brushes!

When the time comes for you to go out and buy a new hairbrush, you are likely to get confused and bewildered in the hair care isle. What appears to be an insane number of hair brushes of all shapes and sizes can easily confuse even an experienced professional, let alone an average person trying to buy a hairbrush. When your hair seems to be crazy and untamable, it might be happening because you have been using the wrong brush to style it. Before you buy a hair brush, know why you need it and then set off to find the perfect one.


Hair brushes come with natural bristles, synthetic bristles, and can also be found as a combination of both. Natural bristles are usually derived from boars while synthetic ones are derived from nylon. Synthetic ones are better for fine hair, but those with thicker hair should opt for natural one instead. Natural bristles are easy on the scalp and they help clean it and reducing static at the same time. Regardless of what type you choose, quality should be your number one priority. Mason Pearson brushes are among the highest-class hair brushes in the world, and by choosing a high-quality brush, you will ensure that you have healthy hair as well. My personal favourite brush is the Mason Pearson, and I use Theorie hair products to make sure my hair stays shiny and healthy all the time.


Paddle brushes can be found in variety of shapes and sizes, from small ones which are incredibly convenient when you’re on the go, you can also find large ones perfect for styling in the comfort of your own home. As for the shape, you can find them in squares or they can be round. Paddle brush will not help you maximize volume of your hair, but it’s perfect for flattening out frizz and smoothing. If your hair is medium length and rather fine, this brush will be perfect for you, but if you have longer and thicker hair, paddle brush should be used only for rough blow drying, and for additional styling you should use round brush.


When you need help to detangle and tame that wild frizz, vented brush rushes to your aid. If you’re in a hurry to blow dry your hair, once again, vented brush is your best friend because it has those lovely vents placed right behind bristles. What is more, it adds volume and reduces heat damage because you will need to spend less time treating it with blow dryer.


Simple round metal hair brushes will add volume to your hair while you’re blow drying it. Depending on the look you are trying to get from your hair, you can choose the size of the brush: the smaller the brush, the tighter the curls you will be able to make. Big brushes are also used for straightening medium and long hair.


Before there were hair products such as conditioner, women still managed to get beautiful, shiny, healthy hair. Ever wondered how that was possible? It was all thanks to boar bristle brushes and their incredible ability to improve hair texture and make it shine. The unique structure of the brush makes it possible to transfer some of that oil from scalp all the way to the end of the hair shaft. Even dry hair gets enough oil to become healthy once more, and you will not have to use as much hair conditioner as you used to. It also stimulates blood flow to the scalp and helps hair grow faster.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for hair brush only for detangling and daily brushing, or you need to style your hair certain way: sculpt and mold curls, or smooth and straighten texture, knowing your hair brush will ensure that your hairstyle is always on point.

Giveway – Win Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Ahoy my lovely ladies! It’s time for celebration! Lippie Hippie celebrated 2 years in January, but why would we celebrate 2 years, if we can celebrate 2 years and 2 months?! Also, now there is 200 of us on Instagram and Facebook.

I decided to treat you with Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit. It’s new, of course, I only opened it to show you the shades so you can decide, if it is for you or not, as it is the darker of the two kits that they sell.

The giveaway is open till 21st of March 2015, for Europe only. There is one mandatory step – you have to leave me a comment about your contouring routine or why would you like to win this prize or something among these lines. Other entries are optional and will raise your chances of winning in case you do them. That is all! Good luck, dolls!

My Mac Lipstick Collection

Hello my lovely ladies! I finally took some time to ‘update’ this little corner of mine! Today is exactly two months since I took photos for this post, haha. I know we all think it was about time because I was teasing you so much, so here it goes. This post is not meant to give you detailed info or description of each lipstick (but if you are interested in anything particular about them, you are welcome to ask anything, I just don’t want to write so much in one post because it’s gonna be way too long), it’s more about the shades/swatches and comparison of those – I grouped lipsticks by the shade.


Velvet Teddy (matte, deep tone beige) – one of the shades Jenner uses, on me looks a bit too warm for the same effect

Brave (satin, pink-beige with white pearl) – this one looks better, nice everyday, no-make-up shade

Ultra Darling from Sheen Superme line (mid-tone yellow pink) – my favorite nude, because it’s not so nude


both from Sheen Supreme line

Zen Rose (bright mid-tone fuchsia) – honestly I don’t wear this one as much as I should, I don’t even know how it looks on me :/

Quite the Thing (deep blue plum) – awesome shade for fall, this one gets quite a lot attention. Full review.


Lady Bug (lustre, yellow tomatoe) – nice every day shade

Viva Glam Rihanna 1 (frost, blue-red) – I have to say this: no matter how much I hate frost finish, this is one gorgeous lipstick and it’s my favorite of all. <3 It looks so beautiful on the lips, I’ve never imagined a frosty finish could look so nice.

Ruby Woo (retro matte, vivid blue-red) – very uncomfortable, yet so classy. I rarely wear it without a lip balm, I just don’t love matte finish THAT much to suffer

Lady Danger (matte, vivid bright coral-red). I would call it orange. Looks awesome on darker girls, on me not so much if I’m not tanned :/ Full review.


Crosswires (cremesheen, clean pinky orange) – or just peach? Very nice, spring-ish color. I’m getting more into it lately (I got it in winter and I didn’t feel like it before)

Impassioned (amplified creme, amped-up fuchsia) – my summer lipstick. Comfortable to wear and very pigmented.

Impressive from Sheen Supreme line (neutral gilded plum) – wouldn’t really call this plum? Another summer shade.

Full Speed from Sheen Supreme line (bright clean yellow pink) – full review.

Elegant Accent from Mineralize Rich line (mid-tonal warm rose cream) – amazing, creamy formulation that stays long on your lips, is very pigmented and easy to apply. Love. My current favorite & to-go lipstick.

And that would be my whole MAC lippie collection. Normal line is my favorite, followed closely by Mineralize Rich, but I have only one lipstick from that line and I don’t know if other shades have the same qualities. Sheen Supreme line is a bit too sticky for my (current) lipstick-taste, but when I got them I was more into that lip balm kind of lipsticks.

Is there anything else to say? I think not, but if you have any questions, you know where/how to find me! Have a nice rest of the weekend!

Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep Review

Long overdue post since the product was launched in April, but nevertheless, here it is. My review of Vichy Idealia Skin Sleep Night Recovery Gel-Balm. As per usual, let’s see what Vichy says about this cream:

SKIN TYPE: Dry, Normal, Combination

SKIN CONCERN:Dryness, Dullness, Loss Of Elasticity & Firmness

Discover the restorative power of a good night’s sleep on the skin. Our advanced night treatment helps mimic skin’s key repair activity during the deep sleep period. In just one week, skin is visibly smoother, more luminous, and rested-looking. A poor night’s sleep is typically written all over your face. Visible signs include a dull complexion, uneven skin tone, reduced skin elasticity, and overall tired-looking features. Idéalia Skin Sleep’s formula helps mimic the results of a good night’s sleep on skin. Complexion is more even and illuminated, pores are visibly reduced, and features appear more rested overall. Over time, see fresher, more healthy-looking skin. Fresh balm-in-gel texture envelops and deeply nourishes skin without heaviness. Allergy-tested. Formulated for sensitive skin. Tested under dermatological control.

The product comes in a 50 mL nicely designed pink plastic packaging. The lid is reflecting, so you can use it like a mirror. It’s very well made, so it’s easy to close and it doesn’t leak. Some may find it a bit unhygienic because you have to dip your fingers into the product, but I usually use it right after I wash my face so my fingers aren’t dirty. Or you can always use spatula (or a mini spoon). It costs 28,50 eur on

Product has a gel-like texture, just as described, and a strong flowery scent, which is not annoying, but it’s there.

I must say that when my skin looks dull, this product is an instant fix. I was thinking that I’m crazy when I noticed the difference after the first use, but then I saw other bloggers’ reviews and they noticed the same! My skin in the morning looks radiant, nourished, healthy – just so plumped and fresh! The only problem I have with it is, that if I use it more than 2 nights in a row, it clogs my pores and causes me breakouts. The solution for me is, obviously, not to use it every night, but that is OK as I already have a certain routine where I’m rotating three products.

Eventhough I have this ‘little problem’ with it, I’d still recommend it to anyone who does not have a problematic or sensitive skin (alcohols and perfume might cause an irritation), because the results are seen so fast and it just does what it promises. It works!


Few weeks ago L’Occitane added 3 new products to their shea butter line – a comforting fluid, mist and an oil. I was sent to test an oil and today I’m bringing you my thoughts on it. As per usual, let’s see what L’Occitane says about it.
” With its fine, silky texture and dry finish, Comforting Oil helps to nourish and comfort even very dry skin, including sensitive skin types. Enriched with shea (5%) and marula oils, with nourishing and antioxidant properties, its 100% natural formula helps the skin to regenerate by strengthening its barrier function. Skin feels better protected, soft and supple. It glows with beauty. Use alone or combined with your usual moisturiser day and night. Warm a few drops of oil in the palm of your hands and apply onto the face, neck & décolleté. Evening application is particularly beneficial, as skin repair is most active during the night.”

L’Occitane 5% Shea Face Comforting Oil is packed in a see-through 30 ml glass (or at least very sturdy plastic) bottle with a pump and it all-together comes in a cardboard packaging. It costs 32,50 eur. The pump works well. I usually use one pump for face, one for neck and one for decolletage.

The texture of oil is somewhere between the real oil and dry oil, which in my books is a plus, because it sinks in faster than real oil and I prefer those over dry oils :). The scent is very nice – mildly floral and powdery. Like babies. Or baby cosmetics.

Oils are regular part of my evening routine, but I rarely use them during the day, because I feel like they really do the work over the night – recharge and feed your skin. My skin is normal to dry and prone to blemishes, which means I use oil every other day (in between I use a product that keeps my blemishes at bay). I’m really happy to say that this oil didn’t cause me any extra blemishes, which was my main concern when I start using new oils. It actually really helped with renewing the skin after drying them up. I woke up with nourished and plumped skin.

I really have no complaints about this product – I like everything, from scent, texture to effect and I think it’s worth trying out! Also, I’m really happy that I have a proper night time routine now and if you would like to hear more about it, I’d be happy to write a post. Let me know!