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How To Tone Down Pink Hair?

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Do you like experimenting with your hair? Are you looking at your pink hair and wondering how to tone them down but are scared to take the leap because you don’t know how it will affect your hair?

This article provides you with a detailed guide on the dos and don’ts, while also answering the pressing and essential question of how to tone down pink hair. 

While you may think that this bold hair color is difficult to tone down, we are here to tell you otherwise.

It is important to get this right to ensure that you reach your desired hair color while maintaining its natural texture.


Different Shades of Pink Hair 

The first step before you start is to identify the shade of pink you have and the one you desire to get after toning it down. There are many different shades of pink, which include the following:

  • Pastel Pink
  • Rose Blonde
  • Cotton Candy
  • Two-toned Pink
  • Peachy Pink
  • Rose Gold
  • Hot Pink
  • Fuschia 
  • Millennial Pink
  • Copper Pink
  • Magenta

Anyone can rock pink hair. Whether it’s pastel pink or dark pink, it is all about finding the shade that best suits your overall aesthetics.

The shade of pink should also go with your complexion. 

Why Would You Need to Tone Down Pink Hair?

Once you get your hair dyed to pink, there can be several reasons why you would want to tone it down. 

Pink hair is a fantasy hair color that is not easy to maintain. There is a possibility that the experience overwhelms you, and you feel like changing it up.

In times like this, toning down your pink hair can help you feel more comfortable. 

Some people tone down their pink hair because they don’t want to say farewell to this beautiful color.

So if you feel like your wardrobe doesn’t match your pink hair, then you always have the option of toning it a few shades down. 

There can also be a possibility that you don’t like your hair after a dye job. They might be too pink, and you just ended up with a major hair disaster.

But fret not because you can always reduce the shade until you get your desired intensity.

You can easily tone down your hair while being at home.

Methods for Toning Down Pink Hair

Toning down pink hair is not a difficult task. You just need to know the right methods and techniques to ensure that you tone down your hair properly.

Usually, your hair fades with time as you keep on washing regularly.

Hair dyes only last for three or four weeks. During this time, your pink hair tones down gradually. As the few-day progress, your hair becomes less pink.

However, if you feel that this process is too slow, you can try some quick methods.

Some of these methods require items that can be easily found in your household, while some methods require you to go out and buy some items accordingly. 

However, all these methods are effortless, and you can do them on your own. These methods are promising when it comes to results, so let’s begin!

The Dish Soap Method 

If you want to tone down your hair with easily available hair, this method is ideal for you. Dish soaps are sulfate-laden which can help fade your hair color.

The sooner you do it after dyeing your hair, the more effective it is. Ideally, you should use dish soap to tone down pink hair within 72 hours of dyeing your hair. 

However, there is a possibility that your hair might get dry and tangly after using dish soap. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a conditioner along with it. 

The conditioner can help retain the moisture in your hair, while the dish soap helps tone down your pink hair. 

Alternatively, if you do not want to use dish soap on your hair, any anti-dandruff shampoo would work as well. 

Anti-dandruff shampoos are rich in sulfates. The more you use it, the faster it tones down your hair color. 

The Vitamin C Method

Vitamin C is known to accelerate fading and is therefore ideal for toning down pink hair. For this method, you’ll need about 20-30 tablets of vitamin C. You can easily find these tablets at any store. 

Place the tablets in a Ziploc bag and smash them using a rolling pin or any hard object. You will need white powder for this method as it is the active ingredient.

After getting your vitamin C powder in a bowl, you mix it with a shampoo or dish soap of your choice. Mix it up till it is nice and frothy. 

Once the mixture is properly mixed, apply it to damp hair. Ensure that every single strand of your hair is coated from the roots to the tip.

After this, put on a shower cap and let it sit for a couple of hours. 

Rinse out your hair, and you will see the results with your pink hair toned down. You can repeat the process multiple times to get your desired shade of hair color. 

Coloring Method 

If you end up with a bright pink shade and feel like reducing the color’s intensity, then you can dye your hair in complementary tones to neutralize the shade. 

For pink hair, you should ideally use green-based ash dye. This dye can remove the bright pink shades and help tone down your pink hair. 

If you wish to use this method, use semi-permanent dyes that cause minimal damage. This technique helps you transform your pink hair into a new style with a desirable tone. 

The Bleach Bath Method

For this method, you need a mild, lightening bath. You’ll need to mix diluted bleach with some shampoo and work it through your pink hair. 

Ideally, bleach should be used at the hands of professionals, or you could end up with serious hair damage. However, salons can charge a lot of money for their color correction services. 

While opting for this method, ensure that it fits your budget while also having plenty of time to sit through the process. 

This process is a multi-step process. However, it ensures that you get your desired results in the end, and you tone down your pink hair. 


Regardless of what method you use to tone down the pink color, it’s necessary that you take good care of your hair afterward.

With the constant use of sulfate shampoos or bleach, your hair might lose moisture and its texture. 

To prevent this, ensure that you provide your hair with the right protein and conditioning treatments. Such treatments ensure that the moisture and strength are restored in your hair after you tone it down. 


While toning down pink hair can be a long process that requires lots of patience, understanding the methods for toning it down can help you make this process fruitful.

You should also be careful and only use the methods that best suit your needs.  

If you want to gradually tone down your hair, use an anti-dandruff shampoo or a dish soap. For effective results, the vitamin C method might be the one for you. 

There are methods that cause minimal damage, such as coloring. However, if you want quick and immediate results, you should go for a bleach bath with a professional. 

You should also see that you tone down your hair to a shade that best fits your specific needs and works for your face.

Following up each method with conditioning therapy is also essential. This can help minimize the damage to your hair. 

All of these tips will help you make the most out of toning down your pink hair. So if you feel like you are not satisfied with your pink hair, you will always have the option of toning it down. 

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