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Jay Jo Haircut: Tutorial & IRL Styling Ideas for the Unique Look

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Key takeaways:

  • A mullet details the Jay Jo haircut with shaved sides, a shorter front, and relatively long hair at the back.
  • Jay Jo, the main character from the South Korean webtoon Windbreaker, was the one who flaunted this style that Jo Yongseok drew.
  • The exact mullet haircut that Jay Jo has fits individuals with medium to long hair length, thick hair, and a heart-shaped face.
  • In sporting the Windbreaker hairstyle, you need to grow your hair, search for the best hairdresser that will cut your hair in layers, color your hair black, and style it with pomade.
jay jo haircut
Jay Jo Haircut IRL

In an Asian household, having straight As, being active in the school’s leadership program, and wearing the appropriate dark trousers, white shirt, and red blazer surely make you an ideal high school student, same with Jay Jo.

Jo Ja-Hyun, commonly known as Jay Jo, is a fictional anime main character from a web-animated series Windbreaker from South Korea that focuses on action, drama, and sports.

Windbreaker was authored and drawn by Jo Yongseok of South Korea. In this manhwa, Jay Jo joined the Hummingbird Crew, a school biking club, after losing a bet.

In the end, he found his way loving the sport, newfound friends, the role of a sprinter in a peloton, and his steel and carbon fixed bikes (road bikes), in his search for life past his academic and educational achievements.

However, it wasn’t just the bike or the red blazer that made him known among the Wind Breaker fandom; it was also his hairstyle.

Jay Jo’s haircut was a hit among the male population, as his thick, medium to long hair length looks slick.

It’s even more interesting because of how different sides of the head vary in hair measurement.

We know how much you like it, too. With this, we give you an article with all the essentials you need to achieve the Jay Jo Haircut!

What is Jay Jo’s haircut name?

The Jay Jo haircut is also called the Windbreaker haircut, characterized by a mullet. Based on the Oxford English Dictionary, a mullet hairstyle is composed of shaggy front bangs, short and shaved hair on the sides, and a longer one at the back.

Jay Jo’s thick mullet is a little bit different from others. He has razored side hair that perfectly matches his heart-shaped face.

Moreover, men have had the mullet hairstyle since the 70s, as told in an article, with Henri Mollet as the first man recorded wearing this Jay Jo type of cut.

However, there are other interpretations of the origins of the recent year’s Jay Jo Windbreaker haircut.

Some say the Jay Jo haircut was from a Beastie Boys member, and some believe it has to do with Iceland’s fishmongers.

Regardless of where it came from, one thing’s important, the Jay Jo Windbreaker haircut has been making quite a buzz on how cool, flowy, and quickly styled it is.

You can enhance the styling and go beyond the usual by adding faded lines near the ears and razor sides (like Jay Jo) on your modern mullet hairstyle.

Yet, Jay Jo isn’t the only anime character rocking the mullet. Aoba Seragaki of Dramatical Murder also has his mullet, with extraordinarily long and thick back hair and front bangs.

Togusa from the Ghost in the Shell has a mullet, too! It’s not clean-shaven like Jay Jo’s haircut, but equally remarkable.

Video tutorial & guide: How to get the Jay Jo Windbreaker haircut

For sure, you really want to have Jay Jo’s authentic look, and you can only do this with a barber or hairstylist, having the necessary tools, and following the correct steps.

Step-by-step guide to Jay Jo Windbreaker haircut

Here’s a step-by-step guide on what you need to do to get Jay Jo’s exact look in a mullet:

  1. First, grow your hair. You can choose from the ear, chin, or shoulder hair lengths. If you are in a rush, a Hims Thick Fix hair shampoo can help you grow it out.
  2. Second, let the barber cut your hair. The whole point of the exact Jay Jo haircut is to shave the sides with a Remington T Series multi-groomer, applying a free-form technique for messy front bangs, long back parts, and multi-layers to achieve volume.
  3. Third, color your hair. If you really want the precise Jay Jo haircut, you need to dye your hair black. A Garnier Nutrisse nourishing creme hair color in the shade of Peppercorn is a safe option to keep your hair healthy.
  4. Lastly, style it with hair pomade. A hair pomade like the Baxter of California clay matte pomade can help you achieve a thick and slick Jay Jo haircut for steady wear.

What does Jay Jo haircut look like?

Here are five in real life appearances of the famous Jay Jo haircut!

Seeing the Jay Jo haircut from the web-animated series Windbreaker and reading about it all over the internet is a joy to watch.

Jay Jo haircut from TikTok

This Jay Jo haircut re-creation by Le Duc Tam, a known TikToker, was surely a hit in its TikTok appearance, as it garnered 47.9 million views and 7.8 million heart reactions for replicating the famous anime mullet.

A comment from a TikTok user even says, “He really looks exactly like the character IRL.

Similar mullet from Jay B


Another mullet that exactly looks like Jay Jo’s is GOT7’s Jay B. The latter also has razored sides and mid-length back hair. As you can see, the hair’s appearance is uncanny.

However, they differ in how they styled the bangs. As for Jay B, his bangs are more upward and shorter.

A trendy Jay Jo mullet haircut

This photo from a Pinterest user with 18,000 followers shows a Japanese man adding the Jay Jo mullet style to his fashion wear.

Kai with Jay Jo mullet haircut

Kim Jong-in, or Kai as most friends and stans have called him, is a South Korean singer from the boy band EXO who looks like Jay Jo in reality from his haircut to the overall style.

He first sashayed his hairstyle in his appearance at the Gucci Spring Show in 2019. However, his bangs are parted sideways, unlike Jo’s.

Tao with a short Windbreaker mullet

Another KPop idol that will surely stop you and your friends’ search for the best anime-inspired mullets in the outside world is Huang Zitao or Tao.

Check the trendiest 14 Trendy Kpop Hairstyles!

His fashion sense speaks so much of Jay Jo, as seen in the photo. Yet, his bangs’ appearance is a bit fuller than Jo’s.

Who is Jay Jo mullet haircut suitable for?

The Jay Jo mullet is suitable for anyone. However, if you really like to get specific measurements like the Jay Jo haircut, for reference, he has a heart-shaped face and thick hair.

Nevertheless, you can still ask your stylist to give you a mullet that complements your face and hair types.

If you have an oval-shaped face and relatively thinner hair, you can opt for a multi-layered mullet to give your hair a little bounce.

Moreover, having a round-shaped face is not a problem in styling your hair for a mullet. Just make sure you add some ruffled or straight bangs.

Other than that, your hairstylist can surely mix and match something for you, as there are no strict conditions that rule the mullet hairstyle world.

Yet, always remember that your mullet style can only look good if trimmed once every two weeks to keep the front and sides short.

How much does the Jay Jo anime haircut cost?

There is no specific price for the Jay Jo haircut, as it will depend on the stylist or barber’s rate.

Also, the state you’re getting your haircut and the skills needed for it to be achieved are included in the consideration list.

Yet, to be sure, you can prepare between $40 to $150, including the 15% to 20% tip!


Questions are always part of the anime hairstyling journey. We bet you have something you are curious about on top of your mind.

With that, we answered some of your frequently asked questions in this section!

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, all these Jay Jo haircut ideas are always possible if you have the right hairdresser, the appropriate tools, and a medium to long hair length.

To add, you also need to bring some money before paying a visit to the hairdresser. Surely, no one can stop you from getting the Jay Jo haircut for your next haircut appointment!

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