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3 Ways To Get Dried Blood Out Of Hair

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Hair irritation is likely to happen once in a lifetime. If the situation is bad, which makes your scalp dry and itchy, the more chance your scalp is bloody by scratching.

Blood is easy to be removed when it is fresh, however, dried blood on your hair might be a little tricky.

In this article, we will show you some simple tips which allow you to take dried blood stains out of your hair with ease.

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Blood from a minor injury or a major cut will both result in bloodstains on your clothes or hair if carelessly.

There are several things you can easily find in your own home, or buy from a local store to get rid of dried blood.

Vinegar, baking soda, or other household detergents are the most common things you can use to loosen dried blood.

These are staple cleaning agents that can be found in most houses. Besides, you can opt for saltwater or hydrogen peroxide to remove dried blood from the dirty areas.

However, when it comes to the dried blood on hair, not all the aforementioned substances should be applied to your hair to lift dried blood out.

So how to get this annoying stain on your hair correctly? The below section will give you the answer. 

How to get dried blood out of hair?

It would be easiest to remove fresh blood. However, it is still possible to take the dried blood out of your hair. The following methods can help you out.

Shampooing with cold water

Some people thought warm or hot water will work better to soften the dried blood. In fact, heat will set the stain, making it harder to remove.

Therefore, dried blood stains on hair will be removed faster under cold water. Wash your hair with a regular shampoo under cold water, then condition it to keep it moist.

Using vinegar

Vinegar is great to break down the dried blood. Apply vinegar on the stained areas and let the liquid sit on your hair for a few minutes.

This will allow the dried blood to soften the bloodstains and make it easier to remove.

After that, remember to wash your hair with shampoo and cold water to get rid of excess vinegar and the acid odor on your hair.

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Using hydrogen peroxide

When the above methods don’t work, you can use hydrogen peroxide diluted with 50% water to remove dried blood.

It is totally different from the 3% product buying at drug stores because of the powerful work.

One notable thing is you need to clean hydrogen peroxide thoroughly out of your head, otherwise, your hair can be bleached if there is any residue of this substance.

Do you know: Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to remove toner from hair, remove hair dyelighten hair, whiten gray hair, etc.

The bottom line

Nobody expects bloody cuts on their bodies or heads. But once it happens, you better remove the fresh blood as soon as possible because this is the easiest time to remove blood.

In case blood is dried, you can refer to our aforementioned methods to get rid of dried blood stains while keeping the best health condition for your hair. Good luck! 

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