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How To Get Liquid Latex Out Of Hair: 2 Best Methods

Liquid latex is a mixture made of the natural creamy substance of the rubber tree. It will be your best friend for creating special makeup such as fake scars, fake injuries, fake skin texture in movies or at a Halloween party.

No matter how careful you are, there will be several ways that liquid latex stains get on your hair.

That’s obviously so annoying since it creates a messy look to your hair and might damage your hair health.

What are the tips to get liquid latex out of your hair? Keep reading through and find the answer in this post.

What Will Dissolve Liquid Latex?

When it comes to dissolving liquid latex on surfaces like walls, floor, or your skin, any kinds of substances below and do the job:

  • Warm water
  • Oil-based products: Vaseline, shoe polish, hand lotions, and so on.
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Paint thinner commercial products

Remember that it’s quite hard to dissolve the latex stains on fabric surfaces such as clothes or carpeting, so you need either to cover these surfaces when working to avoid stains from getting on.

How to Get Dried Liquid Latex Out of Hair?

If you get dried liquid latex on your skin, it’s simple to remove them: either peeling it off or washing it under the warm water.

How about removing dried liquid latex on your hair?

Liquid latex is not entirely waterproof as the general beliefs. It will be easy to break down if being soaked in water for a long enough time.

That’s why you can use the same methods that you use for skin: showering under hot or warm water with a lot of soap or shampoo, then separate the dried latex from the strands carefully.

The process might take a considerable amount of time but it is worth it.

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How to Get Liquid Latex Out of Your Hair?

If the latex is still in the liquid form, then you can consider using the other options listed here.

#1. Using Lubricating Spray

Separate the hair section with liquid latex hair with the rest of your hair, then spraying the lubricating substance (WD-40 is recommended) on that affected section. WD-40

Once you’re done with the spraying, you can gently rub the spray liquid into your hair then let the spray sit for a few minutes.

After that, rinse your hair under warm water and shampoo it two to three times until the latex is fully removed.

#2. Using Oil

Applying oil (can use avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, etc) on the affected area. After that, you can gently rub that hair section with oil to make the latex lose its grip.

When the latex is softened and easy to remove, you can pick them out of hair, then wash your hair well and apply conditioner to recover the damaged part.

Besides these mentioned products, you can also make use of the household products such as toothpaste or dish washer soap.

You also can use natural oils to get eyebrow wax out of hair, remove beeswax from hair, get flarp out of hair, remove hair extension glue, remove hair dye (with olive and coconut oil), etc.


The best way to avoid the liquid latex getting on your hair is to protect it beforehand.

Cover it with a plastic cap when you’re doing makeup or apply the skin area near the hair with oil so that the stains won’t get on your hair.

Also, instead of using liquid latex or spirit gum – the hard-to-remove products, you can consider using lash glue, which is easier to remove and wash.

Do you have any other tips to deal with liquid latex on the hair? Share with us in the comment section below!



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