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What Happens If You Put Vinegar In Your Hair?

From centuries ago, the wonderful uses of vinegar in hair care have been discovered and thoroughly utilized.

With these ubiquitous and easy-to-find ingredients, you can make your hair silky and shiny or even revitalize its texture.

However, the amount of acid in the vinegar will also make you wonder if it is harmful to your hair or not. How long should it leave? Or what kind of vinegar is recommended to use for the best hair conditioning effect?

In this article, we’ll help you answer your questions and provide you with essential information so you can optimize the use of vinegar in your hair care.

Can vinegar damage your hair?

The vinegar won’t damage your hair; however, it also makes your hair dry and breakage more likely if overused.

Because the pH level is slightly more acidic than apple cider vinegar, you must dilute it with more water.

The proportion of ¼ cup white distilled vinegar and ½ amount of filtered water, then apply to wet hair and don’t use it more than once a week.

What does white vinegar do to your hair?

White vinegar or even cider vinegar will work to balance the pH of your hair and scalp. The ingredients in vinegar will help lower the pH of the hair, cause the cuticles to lie flat, and create a protective seal.

That’s why it can make your hair smoother and easier to detangle, less frizzy, shinier, more moisturized, and less prone to breakage.

On the other hand, if used in inappropriate amounts and levels, it can strip away some of the hair’s natural oils.

Some other uses of vinegar:

Does white vinegar change hair color?

Vinegar does not strip permanent hair coloring; it can only partially change the shade. Sometimes people can also use vinegar to lighten hair.

That is why people who dye their hair should avoid white vinegar if they do not want to change their current favorite hair color.

Maybe you thought that acids are highly bleaching, and the amount of acid in white vinegar affect can change hair color. But the truth is it can’t.

Besides, it will be good news to know that many studies have shown that vinegar can make a great hair rinse and bring out the natural shine..

How long should you leave the vinegar in your hair?

According to Diane Irons – author of “World’s Best Beauty Secrets,” white vinegar can provide an effective solution to create or increase hair brightness.

To get the results you want, you should leave the vinegar in your hair for about 10 minutes or more before rinsing and conditioning your hair as usual.

However, if you use good quality apple cider vinegar like Bragg’s, you just need to let the apple cider vinegar mixture and water stay in your hair for 2-3 minutes to soak in before removing it from your hair. So your hair will be shinier, smoother, and less frizzy.

Can I leave white vinegar in my hair overnight?

You are advised to use white vinegar in detox stages which is the mixture of vinegar rinsing with shampoo.

You should still leave it on your hair for at least a few minutes before rinsing.

Especially, when you use white vinegar at a safe ratio for your hair, you can leave it on overnight without worrying about damaged hair. It can also help keep your hair from tangling.

What vinegar is best for hair?

It can be said that, compared to white vinegar, apple cider vinegar is used more and more popular in hair care.

Apple cider vinegar is always praised for being rich in vitamins and minerals good for hair, like vitamin B and C.

Furthermore, many people point out that apple cider vinegar contains alpha-hydroxy acid helping in exfoliation of the scalp skin, anti-inflammatory, and can help treat dandruff. That’s why apple cider vinegar is considered the best vinegar for hair.



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