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5 Levi Ackerman Haircut Style Ideas & Examples to Try Out

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Key Takeaways

  • Levi Ackerman is one of the most popular characters in Attack on Titan.
  • Levi’s hairstyle is a curtain haircut that’s around six inches in length paired with an undercut.
  • This hairstyle is most suited to those with straight hair.
  • It costs $40 to get this cut from the barber, but you can do it yourself at home too!

Corporal Levi Ackerman is one of the main characters of the anime/manga Attack on Titan. He’s also one of the most popular characters in the series — both in Japan and the whole world.

After all, Levi is extremely skilled in battle against titans. Outside of that, he’s very loyal, clean, and has a pretty good style.

Levi has also become quite the heartthrob among the other anime characters in the series — partly because of his cool hairstyle.

What is Levi Ackerman’s haircut called?

In real life, Levi’s haircut is basically a straight curtain style (also called an eBoy hairstyle) with an undercut.

The eBoy hairstyle was popular in the early 90s — in fact, big celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio wore it.

The style has since evolved to include other hairstyles that can complement it.

The Levi haircut is actually a very popular style since it’s versatile and low maintenance. It’s also both classic and modern.

5 Levi Ackerman Haircut Styles

Regardless if you’ve followed the anime or the manga, you might notice that Levi seems to be sporting subtly different styles.

Whether this was on purpose or not, we’ve listed some of his haircuts below:

Curtain Hair with Middle Part

The corporal’s hair usually has a slightly out-of-center part. But in some shots, you might think that he has a middle part too.


This cut is another main part of Levi’s image. Here, the lower parts are shaved to create a sharp contrast with the hair on top.

High Fade

If you don’t think the undercut is for you, you can opt for a high fade instead.

Basically, a high fade is also where the sides and back are cut short. However, there’s a graded transition rather than a harsh line separating the top hair from the bottom hair.

Slicked Side Part

We’ve mentioned that Levi has a pretty good fashion sense — which you can see in official art

In that case, you can try to slick your curtains to the side rather than letting them frame your face. Letting some strands fall on your face helps enhance this look.

Levi Ackerman Haircut (Girl)

You can also pull off this look if you’re a female fan of Levi! Just cut your hair into a curtain hairstyle, then make sure the back and sides are shorter than the top.

How to get the Levi Ackerman haircut?

You’ll be interested to know that you do this cut yourself at home, too! Here’s how:

Levi Ackerman Haircut Tutorial


  1. Separate your hair into upper and lower parts, but leave more hair on top than you normally would with undercuts. But at the back of your head, have a V-shaped parting.
  2. Use a razor to evenly cut short the hair on the lower part of your head. You can use a #3 clipper guard if you don’t want a completely shaved head. The Wahl Professional Cordless Magic Clip is perfect for at-home haircuts and comes with eight different guard sizes — including #3.
  3. Comb out and cut the top section of your hair. The length would be around six inches, or as long as they reach the middle of your ears.
  4. Levi’s hair looks thin and wispy, so comb through them and use thinning scissors and a razor to make them more defined and pointed. The Sanguine Hair Scissors work flawlessly on both wet and dry haircuts, and the tension can be easily adjusted.

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Styling Tips for Levi Ackerman Haircut

Maintaining and styling the Levi Ackerman haircut requires some effort to keep it looking sharp and polished:

  • Daily Maintenance: Use a small amount of styling product to keep the top sleek and in place. A comb can help achieve the precise look.
  • Wash Regularly: Keep your hair clean and free of oil buildup by washing regularly. Use a mild shampoo to maintain hair health.
  • Trimming: Regular trims every 4-6 weeks are essential to maintain the shape and sharpness of the haircut.
  • Versatile Styling: While the forward style is the classic look, you can experiment with different ways to style the top for various occasions.

Levi Ackerman Haircut Variations

The Levi Ackerman haircut can be adapted to suit different preferences and hair types:

  • Textured Top: Add some texture to the top for a more relaxed, casual look.
  • Curly Hair Adaptation: For those with curly hair, maintain the structure but allow the natural curls to add a unique twist.
  • Longer Lengths: Some variations involve keeping the top even longer for more styling options.

How much is the Levi Ackerman haircut?

The easiest way to get a good-quality Levi haircut is to go to the barber — which costs around $40.

However, you’ll have to get your hair cut every three to five weeks to maintain the look.

Perhaps the most important thing before getting this haircut is to have your hair quite long already so it’s easier to recreate.


If you have more questions about this hairstyle, we have some answers below:

What Does Levi’s Haircut Look Like in Real Life on Men?

You might be wondering if an anime character’s hairstyle will look good in real life.

Well, celebrities all over the world have also worn similar styles to Levi — one example is Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys back in the 1990s:

You might also be interested to know that people have also used an AI website to find out how this character would look in real life:

Who Can Wear Levi Ackerman’s Haircut?

Those with straight hair are the guys who can pull off this hairstyle with no problem — regardless of if you have thin, wispy, or thick hair.

You can wear it regardless of age or even if you and Levi have different personalities.

Sadly, those with curly or wavy hair aren’t recommended to try this haircut since it requires very straight hair to get the same image as Levi.


Levi ranks high in popularity among the main characters in Attack on Titan — rivaling perhaps only Eren Jaeger.

His curtain hairstyle paired with an undercut seems like a simple cut, but it’s actually a bit complicated.

This haircut isn’t recommended for those with curly or wavy hair. Instead, it requires very straight hair to pull it off well.

You can do it yourself at home. But if you’re scared of having regrets, it might be better to go to the barber.

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