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10 Regular Haircut Styles for Men [With Pictures!]

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Key takeaways:

  • The regular or standard haircut is detailed by short, long, or medium-length cuts and styled with short sides, comb-over style, crew cut, Ivy League fade, taper, buzz cut, and side part.
  • Celebrities and known personalities have used regular haircuts in their TV appearances and events, like Chris Hemsworth, Justin Timberlake, Zayn Malik, Cole Sprouse, Brad Pitt, Zac Efron, David Beckham, Jungkook, and Johnny Depp.
  • The vast choices of regular haircuts are suitable for any face shape and hair type: round, oval, square, diamond, heart, triangle-shaped, straight, or wavy hair.
  • Sporting this haircut is easy; you must wash and dry your hair, cut, add layers and highlights, and comb over for a stylish appeal.

When fashion trends tend to change faster than ever, going back to the basics is always a great strategy — this also applies to haircuts for men!

Usually, men sport short haircuts with styles like high and tight fade, buzz cut, low fade, skin fade, and crew cut.

As these were established in their barber-appointment routines, these cuts were called regular haircuts for men.

An iconic regular haircut in the early 2000s was Guy Fieri’s short, spiked bleached hair. Fieri is a restaurateur who has made his name known through his hair and cooking shows.


Aside from these regular haircuts, there are still other classic yet trendy haircuts that we’ll introduce.

If you want to know more, read this article on the 10 regular haircut styles for men!

What is the regular haircut called?

A regular haircut, also known as the standard haircut, includes clean cuts, sometimes with a clean-shaven face. 

This is a broad term for faded sides, short and parted sides, and taper fade, which caters to a wide range of face shapes, hair types, and even hair lengths. 

Moreover, men having shorter hair started during the presence of ancient Greeks and Romans and was even in the Bible.


For instance, the letter of Paul to the Corinthians says that it’s a shame for men to have their hair long compared to women.

This means having regular haircuts for men isn’t just for trendy hits, as it has historical roots bearing political statements about gender and religion.

10 Regular Haircut Styles

Since you know what the regular haircut is called and what it entails, it’s time to learn the 10 regular haircuts in-depth.

Classic Regular Haircut


As they say, you can never go wrong with a classic pompadour for a regular haircut, similar to Justin Timberlake.

A pompadour hairstyle, or an Elvis Presley staple, paired with an undercut (and a beard!), is a style appearance that screams volume, variation, and cleanliness.

The long hair on top creates an illusion of thickness beneficial for thin hair, while the razored sides make the whole get-up sleek.

Men’s Regular Haircut

Another timeless regular haircut is a side part which is also a gentleman’s look, like Zac Efron.

In styling a side part, some men use the comb-over method, where you brush the hair on top similarly to its natural direction. 

But which side should you comb over your hair for styling? 

According to The Atlantic, combing a man’s short cut hairstyle to the left will make him look masculine, while parting it to the right gives the opposite effect of being more creative and fun.

Boys Buzz Cut Regular Haircut

A young Brad Pitt is more than a dream boy with his clean buzz-cut hairstyle and golden highlights.

The buzz cut is easy to maintain, wherein you can go outside without combing as you’ll still look prepared for casual or formal parties.

However, if you have a triangle-shaped face, you MUST be wary of buzz cuts. Nonetheless, there is no buzz-cut issue that a barber can’t fix.

Moreover, buzz cuts were already seen in ancient times and were popularized with the invention of manual hair clippers by Nikola Bizumić in the 1800s.

Tight Fade Ivy League Regular Haircut

David Beckham knows how to walk in style with his Ivy League cut, tight fade, and beard.

An Ivy League cut has long hair on top, a shorter crown, and a high fade that closely resembles a faux hawk.

Having an Ivy League with a high fade or a faux hawk means having a neat and decent-looking style that makes you ready for some business, dates, and study sessions.

Based on an article, this fade and a high fade started to be a regular crew cut in the 40s for the U.S. military as it complements their grooming requirements.

Medium Thick Hair Regular Haircut

No one does sleek, swept-back waves better than Chris Hemsworth. Sweeping your hair to the back, or doing a comb-over, will bring elegance and drama into your look.

Aside from that, the comb-over provides volume and a bit of texture to your hair. Yet, the addition of golden highlights made this swept-back wavy hair elegant for guys as it emphasizes the wavy pattern, which allows movement even while standing still.

Regular Short, Black Haircut with Taper

Singing like Zayn Malik is top-tier, but looking like Zayn Malik with his short, black taper fade and beard is heaven.

A taper fade is described as having layers from longer hair on top to short sides, which suits any face type, balances the shapes, slimming round and oval faces, and neutralizing the sharp angles from square and diamond faces.

Moreover, the black color adds to the volume illusion, which benefits thin hair individuals. Not just that, the high and tight fade creates a visually cleaner hairstyle (and scalp).

Of course, his black beard is an overall appearance topper for guys, as it controls the sharp jawlines.

Regular Haircut Curly Hair

A Cole Sprouse wavy hairstyle is perfect for guys with natural wavy strands

In this image, Sprouse has ears-length hair that he parted to the right side, which says a lot about how fun he looks.

To add to the wavy appeal, he let his longer beach waves act like wavy side bangs, which brush gracefully into his skin.

Aside from letting the waves flow, you can style this regular haircut with a bun hairstyle, an undercut fade, or create a comb-like pattern for the entire hair.

Kids Regular Haircut

Kids play a lot, and no hairstyle’s better than a short, side-swept regular haircut similar to Simon Cowell’s son, Eric.

A short haircut will not distract their eyes while doing activities, is more refreshing when they spend time under the sun and is easy to style, considering kids cannot stay put for longer classy styling.

Regular Haircut Asian

A regular haircut for Asians is undoubtedly something that K-Pop idols like Jungkook of BTS wear.

Jungkook has a short hair length that looks like a Hamill wedge with parted center and curtain bangs for a younger and more spontaneous look, which still passes in a formal gathering.

Haircuts like this create a picture-perfect highlight for the jawline while covering the forehead to make you look edgy.

Long Regular Haircut

Last but not least is the neck-length Johnny Depp regular haircut. This slightly longer hairstyle has a left side part which adds to the masculinity.

A long neck-length regular haircut will also make you younger. Yet, you need to maintain it with a volumizing shampoo so that the dashing look sticks.

How to get the regular haircut?

You surely have a favorite style you want to recreate from the regular haircuts above.

Regardless of which one you love, here are the general steps on how you can get the famous regular haircut for men:

  1. First, wash your hair with a Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo to help you clean your hair from dirt and excess products.
  2. Second, dry it with an Aquis Prime Rapid Hair Turban for efficient towel drying.
  3. Third, cut your hair in the shoulder, neck, and ear lengths, depending on your regular haircut, with Fagaci Professional Hair Scissors.
  4. Fourth, add a fade. You can have a classy taper cut, a low fade, a buzz cut fade, a high and tight fade, a taper fade, or tapered sides with a Wahl Elite Professional Clipper.
  5. Fifth, put dimensional highlights from Revlon Color Effects Frost and Glow to put volume into your hair.
  6. Lastly, style by a comb over, side part, front hairline split, or simply brush it with a Baxter of California comb.

Regular haircut with clippers

To get a regular haircut with clippers, check this YouTube video or follow these steps:

  1. Comb over your hair.
  2. Flip the taper lever in an upward position.
  3. Add the fade starting at the bottom to the middle or top for a buzz cut fade, a crew cut, or a tight fade.
  4. Cut the crown head part, maintaining a slightly longer top or a short top, and a short back.

How much is a regular haircut?

The best regular haircuts will cost you around $40 to $70, depending on how stylish you want, with highlights, tapered sides, or extra long front hair.

However, a standard haircut in the U.S. will cost you $28, based on the Professional Beauty Association.


We answered some frequently asked questions from guys that you might also have in mind:


Having a stylish yet professional haircut similar to famous men celebrities can be a focal point to your whole appearance in school, work, or at parties.

The right cut will surely make you neat and sleek. But, guys, the most important factor is styling it perfectly to suit your face shape and strand type.

The good news is that this article’s regular hairstyles can suit any facial shape and strand type.

So search for your favorite personal style, and rock that regular haircut!

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