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7 Steps To Retwist Dreads With A Comb

One of the unavoidable things during a dreadlocks journey is getting loose and frizzy hair.

In this case, you need to retwist your locs occasionally to make sure all the annoying hair is tightened and kept in form. Otherwise, your dreads can be unraveled over time and you have to say goodbye with your beautiful crown.

Like start twisting hair, retwisting can be done in various ways.

In this article, we will show you how to retighten your locs with a comb and point out what would be the best condition for the retwisting process. Let’s check it out!

Is it better to retwist dreads wet or dry?

In fact, it actually depends on personal taste. Some people prefer retwisting their dreads right after shampooing, while others believe it is better to work on completely dry hair.

Generally, it is perfect to retwist dreadlocks when they are damp or dry.

You can spritz some water on your locks while retwisting. This will help the retwisting process easier with the strong patterns result.

Doing on too wet hair will make your locs very hard to completely dry, which is an ideal environment for mold and mildew. So be careful when retwisting locs for the best result.

How to retwist dreads with a comb?

There are several ways to tighten your grown hair to the existing dreads, one of them is doing with a comb.

Things you’ll need:

  • A rat-tail comb
  • Any kind of your favorite dreadlocks tightening gel
  • Hair clips
  • Hair dryer


  1. Use the rat tail end of your comb to part the new hair growth in specific sections of the current locs
  2. Apply the dreadlocks gel or wax to the root of your hair (near the scalp)
  3. Place the comb through the grown hair, from the root, then work it down the dread while twisting
  4. Keep twisting until the lock is at your scalp
  5. Use hair clips to hold all the locks every time you finish individual dread
  6. Dry your hair with a regular hair dryer (but be careful with the heat adjustment), or a bonnet hair dryer
  7. Leave the clips on your dreads for at least 24 hours to keep the lock tighten as long as possible, and don’t forget to cover them with a silk scarf whenever you sleep.

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What is the best thing to use to retwist dreads?

There are three top things should be always available on your hands once you are about to retwist your dreads. These items will help the retightening process easier to have the best outcome.

Hair clip

You should work on individual locks when retwisting. Therefore, hair clips or something similar are necessary to hold the hair you haven’t retwisted yet, and to hold around the top of the dread that you are already finished.

Locking gel

You might end up with unexpected dreads without a locking wax or gel.

There are many brands for you to choose, just opt for the one which is perfectly suitable for your hair type and texture.

Moreover, it is recommended to use natural products, or make your own locking gel at home to use while retwisting locks, because they tend to leave less residue on your hair.

Hair dryer

Drying your hair after retwisting is essential because it keeps the patterns and the locs in uniform shape.

We are mentioning a soft bonnet hair dryer rather than the conventional hair dryer because the bonnet dryer will dry your locks evenly, while the hairdryer might be too hot, and air dry is not a guarantee to completely dry your locs.

The bottom line

Retwisting is a maintenance way to keep your newly grown hair in shape with the current locs. You can use only your fingers, palms, or work with a comb, beeswax, rubber bands, etc. to twist your hair down.

Retwisting can be done by a loctician, or you can easily do it at home. Don’t forget to equip yourself with clean hair, scalp, and necessary items, like hair clips, locking gel, and a bonnet hair dryer before starting to retwist.

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