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How To Remove Faux Locs At Home: 2 Methods + 5 Easy Steps

Faux locs are ideal and fun to create dreadlocks hairstyle without damaging your real hair.

Anyone can decorate their hair with these fake locs, which can be removed with ease once you change your mind.

In the next sections below, we will show you the truth about faux locs and how to remove them from your head properly.

How long should you leave faux locs in?

Despite the real and gorgeous look, faux locs shouldn’t be treated the same way as your natural dreadlocks.

Therefore, while traditional locs are supposed to live with you forever if you want to, you should say goodbye to the faux locs in your head after four to maximum eight weeks wearing them.

The reason is after this period of time, your real hair is prone to grow and it’s not ideal to retwist the new grown hair with the faux locs because of breakage tendency.

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Do Faux Locs Pull Out Your Hair?

Yes, faux locs can pull out your hair if you don’t choose the proper ones. When the fake locs are too heavy, they will put so much tension on the root and your scalp.

The longer your hair has to suffer, the more serious the result is, such as hair loss or breakage.

Therefore, before adding faux locs, you should ask for the professional loctician to have the most proper synthetic locs.

Are Faux Locs Hard to Take Out?

Unlike the twists or braids of your real locs, synthetic locs are the hair extensions wrapped around your hair. That’s why the taking down method is slightly different: cut the ends of the locs and unravel the hair extensions using locs removal tools.

Compared to the times spent on real locs removing, faux locs removal is less time-consuming and also easier to be taken out. The removal might take about 1 hour to several hours, depending on the length of locs.

How do you take out faux dreads?

So when it’s time to remove fake dreadlocks, you should know how to take them away properly.

Since the faux locs are wrapped with your natural hair, you should be more careful when removing them to get rid of breakage or hair loss.

Below we’ll show you the most typical ways to take the faux locs out of your head and give your hair a break.

Cut and unravel

With the help of scissors, you can remove the synthetic dreadlocks with ease.

Things you’ll need:

  • Scissors
  • A spray bottle of water


  1. Dampen your hair with a spray bottle of water
  2. Divide your locs in 4 sections
  3. Trim the very end of each loc with scissors to remove the knot or tangle
  4. Pull out the hair by twisting and pulling, you’ll see the added extension locs are removed a little by little
  5. Pull and unravel until the hair extension is completely removed

Use a rat-tail comb to unravel

To keep the original length of the fake locs, you can use this method to remove the faux locs without cutting them off.

Things you’ll need:

  • A rat-tail comb
  • A spray bottle of water
  • Conditioner


  1. Dampen your hair with a spray bottle of water
  2. Use the pointed head of the rat-tail comb to pick through your hair of each loc (start from the tip)
  3. Rub your fingers and pull the faux hair out until all the hair extension is removed

The tip to limit the damage on your natural hair in the removal process is keeping your hair moisturized during the process. There is no need for an expensive shampoo or conditioner to moisturize your hair while removing locs, the basic ones are enough.

The bottom line

Faux locs are great, but they should not stick to your natural hair forever.

With the aforementioned methods to remove faux locs, you can take the fake dreadlocks away with ease. Don’t forget to condition your hair in the removal process to get rid of hair damage.

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