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How To Remove Dreadlock Extensions: 3 Easiest Ways

It’s time to say goodbye to your year-old dreadlocks and welcome the new hairstyle. So, what’s now?

Similar to getting your dreadlocks entangled, taking dreads out is also a task that takes you a lot of time to consider and a lot of effort to complete. Also, it costs you a certain amount of money.

There are several ways to detangle your dreads: cutting them off, seeking for the removing service, or do it yourself.

This article will show you the pros and cons of each type, and guide you on how to find the best dreadlocks’ removal kit for a successful removal process.

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How Much Does It Cost to Take Dreads Out?

There won’t be an exact answer for the cost of dreadlocks detangle. Since there are many dreadlocks’ removal methods, the expenses for each method will be different.

The locs removing cost vary depending on the locs length and thickness as well. The thicker and longer your hair is, the higher the removal cost is.

If you decide to do it on your own, the total cost spent for the whole process is the cost of the removal kit, which is quite affordable on the market right now. It’s ranging from $10 ~ $40.

The cost for professional service is quite high since it involves a lot of things: Consulting, supporting products and the hour rate for picking dreads lout and nurturing it.

The fastest and cheapest way to remove dreadlocks is cutting them off. This method will not cost you much, you only need scissors or a razor. 

However, this method is not for you if you want to give your hair a new makeover.

How Do You Remove Dreads Without Cutting Them Off?

Without cutting your dreadlocks, you can detangle the dreads by combing them out.

For detangling dreads yourself, you only need to buy essential products for the detangling process, and then start taking the dreads out.

What you need is a deadlocks’ removal kit which includes a rat hat comb, conditioner, a spray, and the essential oil.

The most convenient method is to ask for help from the dreadlocks’ removing professional service.

They will check your locs a condition, recommend you the suitable products for your dreads removal, and give you the final price for the total process.

Seeking for a dreads’ removal service means that you don’t need to put any effort in the whole process.

Can You Undo Interlocked Dreads?

The “interlocked dreads” phrase might seem quite new to most people.

Interlocking dreads (also called “latch hooking” or “ root flipping”) is the method of pulling the end of the dreadlocks back to the root base in order to tighten the dreads.

Interlocking dreads with poor practices can cause a lot of harmful results to your dread: incorrect interlock can cause holes to your dreads.

When the locs are done too tight, it can create hair tension, which is the root of headache or scalp numb.

When you wear it in a long time, your locks might be damaged: too thin and weak locks can break off completely.

Also, since it involves a lot of twists for completely interlocking, it’s quite difficult, time-consuming and effort wasting to undo the interlocked dreads.

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What Is The Easiest Way to Remove Dreadlocks?

It’s hard to tell which method is the easiest way to unlock your dreads.

Each method has its own bright sides and downsides and has its own needed tools, you might pick your suitable one depending on your requirements.

Have a look at the summary for you can have your final decision:

MethodsCutting offDetangle by yourselfBook a professional service
  • Quick and easy

  • Doesn’t cost much money

  • Can do it yourself or seek help from your friend/family
  • Doesn’t cost much

  • Able to try a new hairstyle when the detangle process are done
  • Don’t need to prepare or do anything

  • Able to try a new hairstyle when the detangle process are done

Hard to try a new hairstyle until your hair grows to a certain length

  • Time consuming

  • Might cause back hurt
Might cost a huge amount of money

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When you already make up your mind and are ready for the locs removal, make sure you prepare the right products for the work.

A dreadlocks’ removal kit with good hair conditioner, a firm rat tail comb and the essential oil will encourage the removal process to be smoother and less painful.

Check out our recent article about “dreadlock removal cream” to have an idea on what a good removal cream is.



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