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How to Make Hair Poofy?

Ask divas like Shakira and Sarah Jessica Parker why they love poofy hair and the answer will surprise you.

Voluminous hair is powerful. It will transform and elevate your style while pulling attention to your beautiful face at the same time.

Yet the poofy tresses still elude many fine, long-stranded maidens. Still, this is not a goal that is out of reach.

To tease your thin hair into a frenzy, you will need more styling products while longer and thicker locks will demand extra products and teasing. The poofy look works best with hair that hits at the chin.

Here’s a quick, simple guide on How to make hair poofy!

What will you need to make hair poofy?

  • Shampoo.
  • Conditioner.
  • Hairspray.
  • Wide toothed comb.

How to make hair poofy?

Part 1 – Cleaning

Washing hair
Image Credit: Oprah.com

In this step, your hair will be your guide.

For the poofy style to work efficiently for your hair, you must consider its curliness, oiliness, and length among other factors.

The essentials should be the same, but once you understand all these factors, you can tweak the poofing process so that it works right for your hair type.

Oily hair must be washed more frequently, at least 4 times a week to make it poofier. Other hair types will get extra volume the less frequently they are washed.

Use shampoo to clean your hair well

Before you poof up your hair, you may want it to be nice and clean.

The first step towards executing a poofy style starts in the shower. Massage a pea-sized amount of shampoo into the scalp and follicles. You must then rinse the hair well with lukewarm water.

Avoid hot water, it will dry out your hair and make it stringy.

Apply conditioner

To get a smooth texture on your hair, apply a good conditioner.

Conditioners also add volume to your hair without tangling it up. To emphasize and maintain your hair’s natural volume, condition it every time you wash it.

Rinse out the conditioner with a lot of running water so that no conditioner is left. If you don’t, the excess conditioner can make hair greasy and lank after washing.

Check out some shampoos and conditioners for some hair types:

Comb your hair gently to remove any tangles

Tangles will make the hair look bigger in a wrong way.

Run a wide-toothed comb in your hair a few times while it is still wet.

Before you proceed with the poofing process, make sure all snarls, tangles, and knots have been removed.

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Dry out your hair halfway

Drying out your hair by putting it in a bun is the best way of adding body to it naturally.

You can also use a dryer to ensure the hair is dry enough before working with it and then putting it up in a bun.

Remove the bun after a few minutes. This should give you some curls and body to start the poofing process with.


Once the hair is dry, apply mouse to all your hair strands from top to bottom.

Apply mousse to the bottom half of the strands alone if you have fine hair.

Follow the mousse with a tonic meant for root lifting to make the poofy look even better.

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Part 2 – Make hair poofy

Teasing and styling

Tease out or back-comb the hair in the middle part of your head. This is the most reliable way to poof hair.

To do this, hold up a portion of your hair straight and comb it from the middle down towards your head. Pull the comb downward, in the reverse direction of how you would generally comb your hair.

If you have short hair, you can still tease it. Pick a comb or brush and make short combing strokes through the hair to tease it out.

teasing hair
Image Credit: wikiHow

You must not poof out all your hair, do the strokes in the direction you would like to make poofy.

For example, if you want poofy sides, tease out the hair on the sides. If you want more volume at the top, tease out the top’s hair and leave all other areas.

Tease until you get some poof

The length of time it takes to poof your hair will depend on the hairstyle you want.

Work until you see some volume and frizz. It may look too frizzy at first, but you can master the art of maintaining the volume without making it look too much.

Using your hands, lift the hair and spray it

Image Credit: wikiHow

Now that the hair has some poof, a strong-holding spray will keep it in place.

Bring your hair up using your comb or hands. Hold it away from your head as much as possible and spray it.

Use less spray if you have thick hair. If you spray it too much, you will end up weighing it down.

Comb back your hair over the poofed area

To set your poofy hairstyle, comb back all the hairs you left straight, as well as the sides and the bangs over the poofed up area.

If you poofed the middle, comb the rest of the hair back over your head so that they lie over the poofed areas. This will obscure them while still emphasizing the bounds.

Setting your hair

Setting hair for making poofy
Image Credit: wikiHow

Once your locks are teased, run your fingers through the tousled parts to smooth away any wild hairs and to make sure the hair settles naturally on your head.

Finish up the look with a light-formula hairspray. Too much hairspray will undo the volume of your poof.

There you go with your big hair!

Tips to keep in mind when making hair poofy

  • Don’t wait more than a few days to wash your hair because hairspray will make your hair greasy.
  • If you like your hair extra shiny, add more hairspray.
  • Having someone to help you make the hair poofy will make the process a lot easier.


  • Leave a safe distance between your mouth, eyes, and the hairspray.
  • Be careful with frizzy hair. You must comb it out very well in the shower after you have applied conditioner to it.

** Check out the guid on “How to make hair poofy” with this infographic below:

Infography - How to make hair poofy



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