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How to Dye Brazilian Hair?

Do you want to add a little bit more oomph to your Brazilian hair by dying it

It might seem intimidating trying to dye your Brazilian hair at home. However, it is quite simple and saves you lots of money and time.

Brazilian hair offers so much versatility. Anything you do to natural hair, you can do on Brazilian hair.

You can freely heat style, dye, and chemically process it. It is important to note that you must always avoid overly harsh chemicals.

Brazilian hair
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For your coloring process to be useful and beautiful, ensure that your Brazilian hair has not been overly treated with chemicals. Too many chemicals weaken the color effect.

Brazilian hair is a worthwhile investment compared to synthetic hair because it looks more natural, lasts longer, and is easy to style. You can virtually add any color to it.

The quality of your Brazilian hair matters too. Virgin’s unprocessed Brazilian hair is superior, it can withstand different levels of manipulation.

Here is an exhaustive step by step guide on How to dye Brazilian hair.

But first, get your supplies.

For best results, buy your supplies from a salon or a beauty supply store and not just any random drug store.

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What you will need to dye Brazilian hair?

Hair products for dying brazillian hair
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How to dye Brazilian hair?


Detangle and wash. Use a wide-tooth comb to run through your Brazilian hair to remove any knots that may be present. Comb it from the roots to the end.

Test if all the knots are removed by running your fingers. If you notice any knot, disentangle it immediately. After removing all the tangles, you are ready to proceed to the next process in Brazilian hair coloring.

Dyeing Brazilian hair
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Gently wash your hair using shampoo and Luke warm water. Removing the buildup of dirt and other hair products helps in speeding up the dying process.

Dry off excess water by placing it on a towel. If your Brazilian hair is brand new, dampen the strands using clean water because there is no need to wash it. 


The next step to dye Brazilian hair, you need to prepare the hair color mixture.

Wear your gloves in preparation for this process. It’s a good thing most dyes come ready with gloves.

Ensure that the quantity of dye that you have is equal to the ratio of the developer. It’s essential to read the manufacturer’s instructions to check if there is any particular advice on how to color your weave

To get the best results, follow the instructions strictly on the ratio of developer to use in comparison to the dye.

Hair color mixture
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Pour your hair color into an applicator bottle, and shake it well to ensure that the chemicals are properly mixed.

Mix up your dye and developer into your color bowl to get them ready to be used.

Take your brush and mix the two ingredients properly.

Take your time and make sure that no lumps are forming. 


Once your color mixture is ready, coat your Brazilian hair. For a more realistic look, always use a lot more color.

Make sure your hair is completely saturated by having it immersed in the dye. Comb through your hair to evenly distribute the dye and coat all the areas that you want.

Start working at the top and work your way down. When you are done with the dye application, cover the hair using the aluminum foil. Leave the color to set in for the specified time instructed on the color box.

Dye Brazilian hair
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If you only want to dye your Brazilian hair tips, tie a rubber band on the spot you would like to start your application before proceeding with the whole process.


Rinse excess hair color. Use warm water to rinse the hair for thorough and faster removal of the extra color. 

Remove all the excess dye using the best moisturizing shampoo.

Apply conditioner and spread it out through all the strands so that the hair can regain its structure.


Use cold water to rinse your colored Brazilian hair to get rid of the conditioner.

Coldwater enables you to seal the hair coloring, leaving it shiny and beautiful.


Dry the hair. Leave the hair to air dry. Air drying helps in maintaining the moisture and structure within the strands.

If you are in a hurry, use a blow-drier. Blow drying is not advisable because too much heat to the hair after a lot of processing will damage it.


If you wonder how to dye Brazilian hair brighter colors like pink or purple, etc. you will have to bleach it first. Of course, you don’t need the pre-bleaching step if you are okay with your hair darker.

Dying Brazilian hair bright colors by Bleaching

In the process of bleaching before dying Brazilian hair bright colors, you’ll need a mixing bowl, bleaching powder with its developer.

The bleaching powder comes with its measuring spoon, which helps you get it right. Use the measuring spoon to ensure that the amount of developer you use matches the amount of bleaching powder used.

  • Wear your gloves and ensure that the room you are in is well ventilated because the smell of the chemicals can be harsh.
  • Mix your powder and developer properly and ensure that it is ready for use.
  • Use the foil paper to spread out the Brazilian hair. Make sure you can see every strand of the hair.
  • Starting with the tips, apply a generous amount of bleach on the hair.
  • Ensure every strand of the Brazilian hair is coated with the mixture and then wrap it using the aluminum foil. Let it sit for some time so that the bleach can set in.
  • In some cases, the hair will start changing even before you finish applying the bleach. After your bleach has set in properly and you are satisfied with the outcome, wash it out using shampoo and warm water. Rinse away all the bleach properly and dry the hair using a towel. 
  • If you are not satisfied with the result, you can repeat the bleaching process until you get the right shade of brightness you want for your base.

Finally, you can proceed with the dying Brazilian hair process as instructed in the steps above.

Note: After bleaching to dye your Brazilian hair, your hair can be damaged, dry, tangled and even hair loss. Check out my tips on How to Bleach Hair Blonde Without Damage and use the following specific shampoos and conditioners:

We’ve also picked out some of the best shampoos and conditioners for several dyed hair colors, let’s explore now:



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