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How Do I Prepare My Hair For Cornrows?

Cornrows have been known as an African American hair style for a long period of time.

We cannot deny how beautiful and creative these braids are. A hair stylist can create any geometric patterns on your scalp, as long as your hair is long enough for cornrowing.

However, there are numerous rumors about this Afro hairstyle, including both good and bad things. So you are about to have this box braids style but still not sure whether it is good or harmful to your hair?

Don’t panic, our article will help you have your answer right now.

Are cornrows good for hair?

To some extent, yes, they are good for hair. Thereby, cornrows are known as a protective hairstyle for women.

The reason is your hair will be kept in a stable structure of braids, which prevent hair from contacting with the surroundings. Having cornrows also makes it easier to wear wigs. Therefore, women can protect their real hair inside that hair coat.

These plaits don’t either call for a regular wash or brush, which are one of the reasons for hair loss.

Do cornrows make your hair grow faster?

Many people believe in a myth that said braids in general and cornrows in particular will help promote hair growth.

The fact is this hairstyle won’t make your hair grow faster. There is no scientific proof about this rumor at all.

Basically, your hair will grow about 0.5 inch per month on average. Only an eating diet with efficient nutrients and vitamins, a healthy lifestyle and hair care routine can make your hair grow faster.

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Do cornrows damage hair?

It will damage hair if done improperly. If your hair is weak and not in healthy condition, you shouldn’t wear micro cornrows. Because the more tiny these braids are, the more stressful your hair has to suffer.

You or your hairstylist should be gentle while braiding. If the plaits are too tight, it can cause hair loss, or breakage.

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How much do cornrows cost?

There will be no exact number for this question. The cost can range somewhere from $25 to $175. But it can even reach more, like $200 or $300.

The price for a cornrows hairstyle will depend on how complicated the style you want, the qualification and reputation of the hairstylist. If you visit a high-end salon, you better prepare a bunch of money.

Anyway, cornrows can be free if you can do it yourself, or ask for your friends or anyone who can help.

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How do you maintain cornrows?

Maintaining cornrows as long as possible without being frizzy or dry will require some care and tricks.

If you want to always look beautiful and confident in these braids, below we suggest some typical ways to take care of them:

Daily moisturizing

This process should be done before and while having a cornrows style.

You need to moisturize your scalp and your cornrows constantly by using a favorite moisturizing product or another essential oil.

Use a bottle spray to do this instead of your fingers as usual, this will prevent your braids from being frizzy.

You also need a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner when washing hair. (Check out: 8 Steps To Wash Hair With Box Braids)

Protect your hair while sleeping

To avoid frizzing your cornrows, you need to protect them while sleeping.

What you need will be a satin scarf and pillow. The silky material of these products will ease the friction, thereby, making your hair as smooth as possible.

Rest your hair every six week

It is recommended to not keep the cornrows over six weeks.

Your hair will need to relax after a while being braided in these tiny plaits. You can come back to a new cornrows style after a while resting.

How do you tie cornrows at night?

Sleep with cornrows
The way to sleep with cornrows (Source: Silkup)

As mentioned before, protecting your cornrows properly at night while sleeping will be one of the factors that keep them perfect.

Let’s refer to our instruction below to know how to tie your cornrows before going to bed.

Things you’ll need:

  1. A large satin scarf (about 100×100 cm)
  2. A satin pillowcase


  1. Wrap the large place of your scarf along the back of your neck
  2. Secure the two ties on top of your head to cover the whole head
  3. If you have long tails, you can use another scarf to wrap the tail separately
  4. Sleep on a satin pillow

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Everything needs care, right? So just follow the above guideline and you’ll maintain the best cornrows even when you sleep.  



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