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The 16 Best Interchangeable Curling Wands

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Published by Aida Turner

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Styling the hair is one of the most powerful tools that a woman owns. It can instantaneously transform the look from dull and boring to glamorous and gorgeous. 

Curling the hair is something that never goes out of fashion and makes you red-carpet-ready. 

But if you own a wand that gives you only one type of curl, then it’s time to upgrade.

The fashion market is bustling with innovative products, and an interchangeable curling wand is what we are talking about.

It is a versatile hair tool that gives you the freedom to flaunt several types of curls.

From beachy waves to tight curls and natural-looking waves to ringlet curls, you can style just as you wish.

Here is the list of the best interchangeable curling wands for you.

Best Overall

Amazon best-selling product B01A6QO0KS

Our rating

Inkint 5-in-1 Curling Wand

  • 5 interchangeable wand sizes
  • Barrel sizes range from 9 to 22 mm
  • LCD screen on the tool

Amazon best-selling product B06XFCJ3VM

Our rating

Parwin Pro 7

  • 7 different curling barrels
  • PTC heat technology
  • Barrels crafted with ceramic tourmaline
Best Value

Amazon best-selling product B01IT0IIQK

Our rating

Atmoko 5-in-1

  • 5 different wand sizes
  • High-quality PTC coated in ceramic tourmaline 
  • Leaves your hair smooth and moisturized

How to Choose an Interchangeable Curling Wand?

  • Barrel Size

The size of the barrel plays the most important role in giving you the desired curls.

As a thumb rule, you should always remember that a large barrel size creates loose waves while a smaller size gives you small and precise curls.

The most common barrel sizes is 25mm and 32 mm. Choose the best one for you.

  • Barrel Shape

Interchangeable wands consist of many different shapes: Tapered or Straight.

A straight barrel creates equal-sized curls and gives a more polished look.

With a tapered (cone-shaped) barrel, you can create a free-style look with larger waves at the top and smaller at the bottom, and vice versa.

  • Material

Though ceramic is one of the most common materials used in hair styling tools, there are many others that you can look out for.

Titanium and ceramic are some other materials that are now being used in some devices.

Top 16 Interchangeable Curling Wand

1. Inkint 5-in-1 Curling Wand

Product Overview

Style your hair without any frustration with the Inkint curling wand.

It features 5 interchangeable wand sizes that give you ample freedom to style your hair in a versatile manner.

The barrel sizes range from 9mm-25mm which fits most the hair types and gives various curls. 

  • Suitable for every type of hair
  • Temperature settings between 180-450 F
  • LCD display on the tool
  • Made with ceramic tourmaline

Depending upon your hair type and texture, you can set the temperature of the wand between 180F-450F.

This temperature is reflected on the LCD screen on the tool, and hence, you know the current temperature easily. 

Made with ceramic tourmaline, the barrels not only give you gorgeous curls but also keep your hair frizz-free, silky, and shiny.


  • Provides frizz free hair
  • Provides better shine and color protection
  • Gives gorgeous curls

The Cons

  • The iron is heavy

2. Parwin Pro 7

Product Overview

The Parwin Pro 7 is a high-performer and an easy-to-use wand.

With 7 different curling barrels, you can take your style game to the next level. This master of styling tools will leave you looking like a celebrity.

The PTC heat technology makes it time-efficient and effortlessly styles your hair.

  • 7 different curling barrels
  • PTC heat technology for even heat
  • Effortless styling
  • Barrels crafted with ceramic tourmaline

To give you lustrous and smooth curls, the iron barrels are crafted with ceramic tourmaline.

With a digital control feature on the iron, you can control the temperature just as you wish to save your hair from heat damage.


  • Makes your hair shiny and smooth
  • Provides uniform heat
  • Doesn’t damage or burn your hair

The Cons

  • Not for curly hair

3. Atmoko 5-in-1

Product Overview

Another versatile tool is the Atmoko curler which has 5 different wand sizes. This opens a plethora of options for you to create the curls you want.

A heat protectant glove and a clip are the add-ons that you receive with this tool.

Talking about this iron feature, it comes with an easy-to-change barrel option at the click of a button, a 30s quick heat up, and an adjustable temperature setting (374F- 410F).

  • Barrels coated in ceramic tourmaline
  • 5 different wand sizes
  • 30 seconds heat up
  • Equipped with a swivel cord and dual voltage

The barrels are made with high-quality PTC and additionally are coated with ceramic tourmaline to leave your hair smooth and moisturized. 

Maneuvering this wand is easy due to the swivel cord, and you can carry it worldwide, thanks to the dual voltage feature.


  • Makes your hair extra-shiny
  • Provides adjustable temperature
  • Delivers impressive results

The Cons

  • May not heat enough

4. Laluztop 6-in-1 Wand Set

Product Overview

Apart from an alluring color, the Laluztop 6-in-1 wand set is a compilation of the best features.

This styling tool is made with the popular tourmaline ceramic material that reduces frizz and smoothens the strands while curling.

The larger barrels measure ¾”, 1”, and ¼” and have clips attached to give you better control while styling the hair.

  • Crafted with tourmaline ceramic
  • Provides 6 different barrel sizes
  • Wide range of temperature settings
  • Automatic shut-off after 30 minutes

You have a wide range of temperatures to choose from between 176F-450F.

Other features that impressed us are an automatic shut-off, 30s heat up, and anti-scald tips on the barrels.


  • Leaves your hair shiny and healthy-looking
  • Keeps your hair snag-free
  • Provides a 30 seconds heat up

The Cons

  • Cylindrical shape makes it easy to slide in your hands

5. Kipozi 5-in-1 Wand Set

Product Overview

Style your hair in a variety of ways with this 5-in-1 wand set from Kipozi.

The 5 barrels include a spiral (1”), conical (0.35-0.7), conical (0.5-1), curling wand (1.25”), and curling iron brush (1.49”).

With this styling tool, you can achieve quick styles as it features PTC heat technology. Also, the ceramic tourmaline coating on the barrels gives your hair a smooth and silky finish.

  • Ultimate styling tool
  • 5 barrels included
  • Creates loose curls and voluminizes
  • Features PTC heat technology

Create loose curls, straighten your hair, and volumize them with this set and you will never need any other styling tool.

Also, it has an adjustable temperature setting for achieving your desired look. 


  • Heats up very fast
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Protects from frizz all day long

The Cons

  • You may need additional products to make the waves stay

6. Bestope 6-in-1 Wand

Product Overview

Flaunt a new hairstyle every day with the Bestope 6-in-1wand set.

The 6 interchangeable barrels let you wear your hair in loose curls, full-body waves, tight curls, vintage-style waves, and much more.

Each barrel is made with high-grade tourmaline ceramic that saves your hair from frizz and gives you a salon-quality finish at home.

  • Salon quality styling
  • Heats up in 30 seconds only
  • 360-degree swivel cord
  • Dual voltage feature

You can style your hair even if you are in the morning rush as it heats up in 30 seconds only. This helps to style the hair quickly without wasting much time. 

A 360-degree swivel cord, dual voltage feature, and temperature control settings are also present in this tool, making it one of the best tools out there.


  • Gives a long-lasting style
  • Styling quickly with extra-long plates
  • Provides temperature control settings

The Cons

  • Can burn your hairs due to high power

7. Duomishu Curling Wand Set

Product Overview

Meet all your hair styling needs with the Duomishu hair wand. It consists of differently-shaped barrels that let you create several hair curls and waves. 

The tourmaline ceramic technology protects your hair cuticle and locks the moisture while styling.

With PTC heating, the iron heats up quickly and styles your hair in a jiffy.

  • Equipped with PTC heating
  • Temperature control features
  • Creates nice and smooth curls
  • Protects from damage

The temperature control feature allows you to adjust the heat as per your hair needs and protect it from damage.

The wand also features a swivel cord that lets the device reach all the hair easily.


  • Leaves your hair smooth and silky
  • Seals the cuticle and repairs
  • Easy to use design

The Cons

  • Burns split ends

8. Prizm 5-in-1 Wand Set

Product Overview

If you have tough hair that won’t hold on to the curls, opt for the Prizm 5-in-1 wand set. 

Full barreled heating power and ceramic tourmaline coating make curls that are long-lasting even on the toughest hair.

With multiple-sized barrels, the curling options are endless.

  • Long lasting curls
  • 5 different barrels
  • Full barreled heating power
  • Ceramic tourmaline coating

You also have access to the temperature control feature that can be set anywhere between 250F-450F.

A wide range of temperatures lets you find the best heat level for your hair and protect it from overheating.

It also features a dual voltage, which means you can use iron in any part of the world.


  • Changeable temperature
  • Features a dual voltage
  • Shiny and long-lasting results

The Cons

  • Can rip off hair if used incorrectly

9. CkeyiN Curling Wand Set

Product Overview

If you want an interchangeable wand set for a beginner that also fits your budget, then CkeyiN is the answer.

This curling wand set has 5 interchangeable tourmaline ceramic barrels to give you plenty of curl types.

The tourmaline in the barrel emits negative ions, which are well-known for keeping the hair static-free and frizz-free.

  • Perfect for any type of curls
  • Works nice for beginners
  • Ceramic tourmaline barrels
  • Emits negative ions

You can also choose from 2 temperature setting that suits your hair type and texture.

There is an LED screen that displays the current temperature so that you always know the amount of heat your hair is exposed to.

With 30s fast heating, this device is time-efficient and gives excellent results.


  • Smooth and nice hair
  • Equipped with a LED display
  • Time efficient heat up

The Cons

  • Works slower with thick hair

10. Bestope Curling Wand Set

Product Overview

This curling wand is a low-cost yet high-performing tool from Bestope.

It has 5 barrels with different shapes to give you natural waves, tight curls, bouncy ringlets, and much more.

Also, the barrels are made with ceramic and tourmaline coating to protect the hair from heat damage and reduce frizz too. Just by holding the hair for 5-8 seconds, you get lustrous curls that last long.

  • Low cost and high performance
  • 5 different barrel shapes
  • Ceramic tourmaline coating
  • Dual voltage feature

The smart chip control in the device turns it off after 60-minutes of use to prevent it from overheating and getting damaged.

There is also a dual voltage feature that allows you to carry your tool everywhere.


  • Smoothly glides through your hair
  • Protects hair from heat damage
  • Leaves your hair silky smooth and straight

The Cons

  • Can burn your ends if not used properly

11. Ohuhu Curling Wand Set

Product Overview

If you have always wanted to flaunt beautiful curly hair, then the Ohuhu interchangeable wand set is what you need. 

With 5 different barrels, you can play around with various curls like loose waves, body waves, and many more.

The barrels are made with premium ceramic tourmaline that not only curls your hair but also imparts shine and protects against frizz.

  • 2 temperature settings
  • Auto off feature
  • Premium ceramic tourmaline coating
  • 30 seconds heat up

You get to choose from 2 heat settings to suit your hair requirements. The 30s heat-up feature saves your time and gives quick styling at any time.

There is also an auto-off feature that prevents the iron from overheating. 


  • Doesn’t damage your hair
  • Has better styling parameters
  • Leaves your hair impressively silky and shiny

The Cons

  • Thick hair doesn’t respond well to its heat

12. Kipozi 3-in-1 Wand

Product Overview

This 3-in-1 wand from Kipozi will surely satisfy all your curling needs with its exceptional performance.

It has 3 interchangeable wands of different sizes and shapes to give you many different hairstyles.

With the PTC heat technology, this wand heats up in the 30s and saves your precious time, even at rush hour. Thus, you can curl your hair quickly and get going.

  • PTC heat technology
  • Works fast and qualitative
  • Heats up to 410 F
  • Universal voltage tool 

The curling wand functions at a temperature of 410F, while the curling brush operates at 356F.

Its ceramic tourmaline barrels are smooth on the hair and glide through easily without tangles.

The Universal voltage of the tool lets you carry it all over the world.


  • Keeps your hair’s moisture locked in
  • Provides incredible shiness
  • Gives quick and qualitative results

The Cons

  • Doesn’t have auto shut off

13. Nume Octowand Interchangeable

Product Overview

Get on board with the fashion divas with this Nume Octowand curler.

You can get 8 different curls with the interchangeable barrels of this wand that will make you feel nothing less than a celebrity.

Each barrel is made with 100% tourmaline ceramic to give you long-lasting curls.

  • Tourmaline ceramic barrels
  • 8 different curls
  • Works perfectly with thick hair
  • Has negative ions

They are also known to give off infrared heat and negative ions that help keep your hair frizz-free.

This curling wand operates at 450F to style even long thick and coarse hair.

There is a 60-minute auto-off function that saves the wand from overheating.


  • Provides a smooth glide through your hair
  • Doesn’t do much damaged to your hair
  • Reduces the amount of negatively charged particles

The Cons

  • Has a fixed temperature

14. T3 Interchangeable Wand

Product Overview

Coming from a reputed and trustworthy brand, the T3 wand set gives a powerful performance.

It features 3 interchangeable barrels to empower you with endless styling freedom.

The barrels are made with tourmaline-infused ceramic material. Thus, they help your hair to get rid of frizziness and also maintain its natural luster.

  • Tourmaline infused ceramic
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Endless styling freedom
  • Universal voltage feature

It also features adjustable temperature settings, T3 one pass technology, cool tip, universal voltage feature, 360-degree swivel cord, and 1-hour auto-off.


  • Prevents split ends and frizz
  • Seals the cuticle and its moisture
  • 5 temperature settings for better adjustment

The Cons

  • Can burn your hair down

15. FoxyBae 7-in-1 Rose Gold Wand Set

Product Overview

Bid adieu to all your styling tools as the FoxyBae 7-in-1 wand set is here to give you several varieties of styles.

The signature titanium barrels give you long-lasting curls that will make heads turn wherever you go.

It also features an advanced heat technology that distributes the heat evenly and styles all types of hair like a pro.

  • Titanium barrels
  • Temperature control feature
  • Eye catchy design
  • Make your hair like a pro 

With the temperature control feature, you can choose the most appropriate temperature for your hair. 

An eye-catchy design with all the essential features, this wand set is all that you need to style your hair.


  • Makes your hair silky
  • Professionally straightens your hair
  • Doesn’t damage the keratin  

The Cons

  • A bit pricey

16. Nume Titan 3-in-1 Wand Set

Product Overview

This titanium wand set from Nume is here to improve your hair game.

With 3 interchangeable barrels, you can go overboard styling your hair into beach waves, ringlets, natural curls, and much more.

The titanium barrels give long-lasting curls as it holds them exceptionally well.

  • 3 interchangeable barrels
  • Titanium barrels
  • Wide temperature range
  • Edge-cutting technology

Nume employs edge-cutting technology with infrared heat and negative ions that give the hair a lustrous look along with beautiful curls.

Well, that’s not all about this wonderful tool.

It also gives you the option to choose from a temperature range of 122F-329F.


  • Smooth and nice hair
  • Equipped with a LED display
  • Time efficient heat up

The Cons

  • Works slower with thick hair


I hope this comprehensive list of the best interchangeable wands will help you to find the best tool for your hair.

They are packed with all the essential features that make styling your hair easy and fun.

From Octowand set by Nume to a versatile tool like the Inkint 5-in-1, you have a wide variety of wands to choose from.

The Bestope wand is an affordable performer, while the CkeyiN is just right for a beginner.

Pick the one that best fits your needs and budget. Your hair needs nothing but the best treatment.

And with these wonderful tools, you can give it the best curls.

Best Choice

Amazon best-selling product B01A6QO0KS

Our rating

Inkint 5-in-1 Curling Wand

5 interchangeable wand sizes
Barrel sizes range from 9 to 22 mm
LCD screen on the tool

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