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Best Cruelty-Free Shampoo for Gray Hair

Sporting gray hair is a common trend today. Whether you have naturally gray tresses or you have got them colored, gray hair is no more an embarrassment.

In both cases, your hair needs extra attention and special care to preserve its quality.

Finding the right shampoo for preserving your locks or preventing them from turning gray can be a tough call, especially if you are in search of vegan products.

To ease out the difficulty, we got our hands on the best cruelty-free shampoos for you.

Why Choose Cruelty-Free Shampoo?

Vegan shampoos contain ingredients derived from plants. While this shampoo cleans your hair, it does not rip off the essential natural oils necessary to protect the hair from day-to-day damage.

Natural plant oils also promote scalp health and keep your hair beautiful. When the scalp is protected, it promotes hair that is strong and less prone to breakage.

Natural oils also work to make dead frizzy hair a thing of the past and what you have is gorgeous-looking tresses.

Vegan shampoos contain essences and oils that hydrate and moisturize the hair and skin without coating them. Since dehydrated hair is lifeless, providing it with hydration is the fastest way to help it bounce back to life.

Since cruelty-free shampoos contain organic ingredients, they do not lead to any product build-up on your hair. On the contrary, they clarify the strands and strengthen them.

Top 15 Best Cruelty-Free Shampoo for Gray Hair

Christina Moss Organic Aloe Shampoo

The Christina Moss organic shampoo is a cruelty-free product that gently washes your hair without the use of harmful chemicals. 

It is an all-organic and hypoallergenic shampoo with a formula that will not take down the natural oils from your scalp.

The ingredients of this shampoo include fatty acids, essential oils, and plant extracts. Thus, if you have gray hair, this shampoo is the right product to care for your tresses.

It is also beneficial for those with a sensitive scalp or skin.

Menfirst Store 3-in-1 Shampoo

If you want to darken your gray hair without using harmful dyes and chemicals, then look no further than the Menfirst 3-in-1 shampoo. This shampoo is specifically formulated for men. 

It is free from sulfates and paraben and thus, ensures complete hair protection.  This shampoo formula includes Pro-vitamin B5, collagen, keratin protein complex, and such healthy ingredients.

It is based on proprietary gray spot technology that gradually darkens your gray strands. You can use it as your routine hair wash product to cover gray and white hair effectively.

Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo

As the name indicates, the Aveda shampoo uses natural blue-tinted pigments from the Malva flower extracts. Thus, it is a plant-based shampoo that reduces the brassiness from your gray hair.

It does not contain any animal-derived ingredient and hence, is a great option if you want to opt for cruelty-free shampoo.

Protecting your gray hair without the use of harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients is possible with the Aveda Blue Malva shampoo.

The shampoo is infused with Eucalyptus and Ylang Ylang oil to give it a pleasant scent that will keep your hair fresh all day long.

Sachajuan Silver Shampoo

The Sachajuan shampoo is a great option if you want to make your grey or blonde hair luminous. 

It adds pigments to your hair and neutralizes the yellow/golden tones. Many users also claim to have achieved clean hair that is free from greasiness.

It is a cruelty-free and vegan shampoo and hence, makes an excellent choice if you want to treat your hair with the most natural ingredients.

Apart from caring for your gray hair, this shampoo also adds volume to the hair, gives UV protection, and hydrates your tresses.

DXN Ganozhi Shampoo

If you are in search of shampoo for controlling gray hair, you are at the right place. The DXN shampoo on our list is the product that you need. 

It is enriched with Ganoderma extracts and Vitamin B5. These ingredients work to improve your hair health, strengthen the hair, and prevent graying too.

It is a pH-balanced product that cleanses your hair, removes dirt, dandruff, and residue.  If you want to provide your hair with an all-round treatment, then this shampoo is worth the try.

Khadi Naturals Amla Bhringraj

The next shampoo on our list is from Khadi naturals that is suited for all types of hair. It is loaded with all-natural ingredients like amla, henna, neem, etc., that add shine to your hair and make it soft too.

The primary ingredients of this product work to preserve the natural color of your hair thus, preventing them from graying prematurely.

Additionally, this shampoo also stimulates hair growth, controls dandruff, and prevents frizz. It is the most budget-friendly shampoo that can give you your dream tresses naturally.

Forest Essential Hair Cleanser

This hair cleanser from Forest Essential is on our list as it helps in preventing gray hair. A special ingredient called Nagarmotha makes it the right product for you. 

The Nagarmotha extract in the shampoo helps to prevent gray hair and retain the natural color.

This gentle cleanser is also infused with hibiscus and Brahmi extract to rejuvenate the scalp. It is SLS-free and has a pleasant fragrance that leaves your hair smelling fresh all day.

On the downside, users found this shampoo to be slightly expensive than the other products. However, if you are looking for a solution to prevent gray strands, this is a great choice.

Klorane Shampoo for Color Hair

Want to save your silver-blonde tresses from turning yellow? Opt for the Klorane cruelty-free shampoo, and you will love the results.

It consists of a 100% vegan formula that neutralises gray, silver, and platinum blondes and prevents brassiness.

Enriched with centaury extract, this shampoo will add a subtle silver highlight to the hair and enhance its appearance.

The formula of this shampoo is free from paraben, sulfates , and synthetic colorants. Hence, it is a safe product to preserve your highlights without damaging the hair further.

Amika Cool Blonde Shampoo

This cruelty-free shampoo from Amika is an effective product to keep your hair looking freshly colored. This purple shampoo works to neutralize the orange and brassy tones that appear in blonde, silver, or gray hair.

It has a rich composition of ingredients like wild cherry bark extract, hydrolyzed keratin, avocado oil, etc. These ingredients help to maintain shine in the hair, restore moisture, and increase smoothness.

You can use this shampoo for color-treated, Brazilian-treated, and keratin-treated hair. 

Welcome gorgeous-looking gray hair with the Amika purple shampoo and grab all the attention.

DP Hue Cool Blonde Shampoo

Save your gray hair color from washing out with the DP Hue color shampoo. It is a cruelty-free and gluten-free shampoo that protects colored hair and increases luster.

The shampoo has rich content like hibiscus flower and silk proteins to improve hair health and support its growth. Though it contains synthetic color, it is free from paraben and sulfates.

The shampoo is a professional-grade product that gently cleanses the hair while the violet pigments remove unwanted yellow and brassy tones from the hair. Fine, medium and thick hair can benefit from this shampoo alike.

Pantene Purple Shampoo

Want to enhance the look of your lovely gray tresses? 

The Pantene purple shampoo is the right choice for all the silver sisters out there. Since purple shampoos are effective in toning down the brassy and yellow color on your gray hair, this product is what you need.

It is a silicone-free and paraben-free product, and hence there will be no build-up on your hair. You can also use it on dyed-gray hair without causing any damage to your locks.

The Pro-V formula of the shampoo is nutrient-rich, and hence, it fortifies every strand of the hair. 

Your gray strands will appear shiny, smooth, and enviable like never before. Get your hands on this wonderful shampoo, and you will fall in love with your silver hair.

Fanola Vegan Shampoo

Whether you have blonde, streaked, or gray hair, this shampoo works best for all hair types. If you want a 100% vegan formula shampoo, then this is the product you should use.

It is free from sulfates, paraben, and silicone and hence works gently on the hair. The special violet pigmentation of the shampoo helps to bring down the yellow tones in the hair.

So, you will be left with smooth and nourished hairs that smell great after wash.

With this product, you can improve the appearance of your gray hair too. Many users applauded the shampoo for being reasonably priced yet effective in the claims that it makes. 

Biotique Henna Leaf Extract

This Biotique shampoo is a luxurious blend of all organic ingredients that make it a perfect product for keeping your hair looking beautiful. 

It is enriched with henna leaf extract, soap nut, and berry as the main ingredients. These ingredients bring out the best in your hair, making them smooth. 

If you have dry strands, then this product can help by transforming the texture of the hair. It imparts a beautiful brown tone to the hair, thereby helping to provide gray hair coverage.

This pocket-friendly shampoo cleanses and conditions your hair and increases the volume too. Using this shampoo regularly can also save you from premature graying.

So, get this shampoo and keep your hair looking healthy and young.

Blonde Uniq Purple Shampoo

Apart from being cruelty-free, sulfate, and paraben-free, this shampoo also provides UV filter protection. It is enriched with Vitamin B5 to make the hair radiant and soften them too.

Whether you have naturally gray hair or blonde hair, this purple shampoo will work for both types of hairs. It helps to reduce discoloration and frees your hair from the yellow tones.

With this shampoo, you can provide your hair with the pampering it needs to look great all the time. 

It is one of the highly recommended shampoos by professionals if you want to add shine and life to your hair.

BTW Co Shampoo for Gray hair

While many purple shampoos may disappoint you by making your hair dry and brittle, BTW Co’s purple shampoo is a complete game-changer.

It is a sulfate-free shampoo that adds lots of moisture to your hair, making them soft.

The mild vanilla and sandalwood aroma will please your senses and keep your hair smelling fresh. It is suitable for all hair, whether gray, natural, or color-treated. 

With this shampoo, you can get rid of brittleness and see your hair bounce back to life.

If you search for a cruelty-free, paraben-free shampoo, this gentle plant-based cleanser is the right choice.


The above list contains a variety of best shampoos for different gray hair requirements. Some of them are suited for preventing gray hair, while others help keep your gray hair looking gorgeous.

This list is also for the silver Blondie’s out there. If you want to keep your hair looking freshly colored, then the above-mentioned cruelty-free shampoos can help.

They are a great option if you want to give your hair the right treatment. Try the one that matches your needs, and we are sure you will see great results.

Always remember to follow up your hair with a gray hair conditioner after shampooing it.

While some shampoos can prevent the occurrence of gray hair, there are other measures that you need to take too.

Some of the things you can do are taking multivitamin supplements, massage hair with good oil, live stress-free, and, most importantly, staying away from chemical products and treatments as much as possible.


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