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The Best Way To Use Beeswax For Your Twisting Hair At Home

Beeswax is an edible wax which has versatile uses. It appears as a staple in many fields in life, such as DIY skin care products, candles, or moustache wax, and others.

So can it also work on our hair? Like when you desire to hold your flyaways or a hairstyle in place, will beeswax be useful?

In this article, you’ll be enlightened with amazing knowledge about beeswax.

What does beeswax do to your hair?

Beeswax should be added to your hair care products cabinet due to its great uses to hair.

It is reputed for the ability of locking your hair in moisture, therefore, there will be no longer dull hair in your life if you properly use beeswax to moisten.

Moreover, when it comes to styling hair, beeswax will be very helpful to keep the uncontrollable hairline smooth and in place.

Some studies even show that beeswax is also one of the factors that promote hair growth.

The great thing about this natural wax is although it keeps your hair from being dry, it will not leave any excess grease or oil on your hair.

Is beeswax good for twisting hair?

Of course, beeswax are perfect for twisting hair.

To maintain this hairstyle as long as possible, you will need to coat your hair with something that could help keep the twisted hair in place without making it look stiff and unnatural. And beeswax is exactly what you need.

It will help seal the strands and hold them in the desired position. The unwanted flyaways may be annoying every time you want to twist your hair, but you can get rid of it with beeswax.

How do you twist with beeswax?

Now you know that beeswax is ideal for twisting hair, but you need to follow some rules when using beeswax to have the best result.

The important principle is “less is more.” That means only a small amount of beeswax is enough to keep hair smooth and in place.

The easy-to-do guideline below will show you steps to twist your hair with the assistance of beeswax.

Things you’ll need

  1. A rat-tail comb
  2. Beeswax


  1. Comb your hair to detangle all the knots and make sure your hair is as smooth as possible
  2. Use the rat tail of the comb to easily section your hair into equal parts
  3. Do a two-strand twist technique with each section of hair from root to tip
  4. When the twist comes to the end, take a bit of wax on your finger and rub it into the bottom or the entire length of the twist

If properly done, your twists should look like a tiny rope with a spiraling appearance.

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Does beeswax wash out of hair?

Yes, you can wash beeswax out of hair although it’s not a straightforward task.

Most waxes are hard to be removed with just plain water. Therefore, you should add some remover products to your hair care routine once you need them to take the wax away.

Warm olive oil will be very helpful to soften the beeswax, which can be easily washed out after that. What you need to do next is ensuring there is no longer oil residue in your hair, cleaning, and conditioning as normal.

Using beeswax can bring an abundance of benefits to hair, only when you use it and take care of your hair correctly.

Try twisting your hair to look different on a special occasion, and don’t’ forget that beeswax will help you a lot in styling your hair.

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