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9 Simple Steps To Retwist Starter Locs At Home

Starter phase is the beginning of your dreadlocks journey. It is easy to see frizzy or loose hair during this stage, therefore, your baby locs require the retwisting maintenance to make sure that they are tight enough to keep locking in the next phases.

Retwisting is a necessary task during your dreadlocks development. You should do it properly to prevent your locks from being damaged.

In this article, we will show you some useful information about starter locs and the correct retwisting technique to maintain the best locs until that last day that you are about to take them out.

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When should I retwist my starter locs?

You should only retwist your locs when they need it. That means when your locks start to loosen and the new grown hair appears.

In the first two weeks, you better leave your baby locs alone and never detangle them to allow them to settle down.

After anywhere from four to six first weeks, when the root appears new frizzy hair, it’s time to retwist your new locs.

How often should you retwist your starter locs?

It is recommended to retwist starter locs every three to four weeks, or even six weeks depending on your hair type and how fast your hair grows.

If you retwist your hair too often, the tight tresses will put so much stress on your scalp and hair. This is also a popular reason for hair loss or breakage.

On the other hand, if you retwist baby locs longer than they need, it might be not enough to keep your dreads tight and keep locking.

However, in fact, the time for every retwist varies from person to person. Therefore, you should ask for a professional loctician to know what exact period of time you should retwist your baby locs.

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How do you retwist dreads for beginners?

Retwisting is actually simple, and below is the palm rolling instruction to retwist your new hair growth into the existing locs. This method is very easy and perfectly suitable for beginners.

Things you’ll need:

  • A rat-tail comb
  • Any kind of your favorite dreadlocks tightening gel
  • Hair clips
  • Hair dryer


  1. Use the rat tail end of your comb to part the new hair growth in specific sections of the current locs
  2. Apply the dreadlocks wax or gel to the root of your hair
  3. Gather the new and loose hair, then palm roll with the existing locks to set them into your locks
  4. Use hair clips to hold all the locks every time you finish individual dread
  5. Dry your hair with a hair dryer (but be careful with the heat adjustment), a bonnet hair dryer, or squeeze each strand and let them air dry


How do you retwist starter locs at home?

Since retwisting hair is an easy task, you can totally do it at home instead of throwing some bucks to the hair salon. With only a comb and some dreadlocks gel, you can retwist your locs your own with ease.

Things you’ll need:

  • A comb
  • Any kind of your favorite dreadlocks tightening gel
  • Hair clips
  • Hair dryer
  • A spray bottle of water


  1. Start with the locs at the back (around your nape)
  2. Pull one baby loc with your fingers and spritz some water on it
  3. Dab your fingers into the dreadlocks tightening gel or wax, and apply it to your loc from root to tip
  4. Insert the comb to the loc, start from the root, then twist downward in the clockwise direction until the loc is at your scalp
  5. Remove the comb of the loc and put your fingers in
  6. Use a hair clip to hold the lock you’ve finished
  7. Repeat all the steps with other locs until you handle all the locs over your head
  8. Dry your hair completely
  9. Protect your dreads with a satin scarf and sleep on silk pillowcase

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Final words

Retwisting locs is an essential task when you have dreadlocks. When it comes to starter locs, you might need to retwist your hair a bit more frequently than when they are mature.

The instruction is pretty easy and only requires your fingers, a comb, and some dreadlocks gel. With proper care and retwist technique, your baby locs will grow up and be beautiful as always. 

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