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How To Wash Brazilian Hair?

Hair cleanness is an essential part of your overall body hygiene because it compliments your looks.

The same way you treat your natural hair to look classy, hair extensions like Brazilian hair also need the same handling to remove dirt and maintain high quality.

In fact, they need special care because they are expensive and of course you rather be with them as long as you can. 

However, most people who use Brazilian hair are not conversant with the hair routines that should be exercised for this particular extension.

Others also think that because it is just an extension, it does not need grooming.

The truth is that extensions also get in contact with dirt, and if not cleaned regularly, they will smell.

To avoid such awful experiences, here are a few steps that you should follow to wash Brazilian hair, ensure you have super clean extensions.

Why Does Brazilian Hair Needs Washing?

Let’s be realistic.

The Brazilian hair is usually collected from someone else, although it undergoes a lot of factory processes. The processes involve adding chemicals that may cause irritations to your skin.

You can also develop rashes on your face if your face is highly sensitive. It is necessary to get rid of traces of any chemicals in your hair to avoid any allergic reactions.

High-quality items come with high maintenance. Brazilian hair extensions are quite expensive because of their high quality.

If you need this hair to serve you for a long time, you have to consider washing it regularly as one way of maintaining it.

A thorough cleaning of the Brazilian hair will reveal its real quality. You can feel its original texture and decide if it will serve you for the anticipated period.

Excellent maintenance of the hair through washing and applying oil will bring out the best glamour on your face. This is, of course, the reason you bought it.

Materials you will need when cleaning Brazilian hair

How To Wash Brazilian Hair?

How To Wash Brazilian Hair?
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Step 1: Preparing Materials

Choose a soft cleaning shampoo that will give long-lasting nourishment to your hair.

It should not contain harmful chemicals that can damage the hair. Instead, it should have the capacity to remove dirt and be an excellent moisturizer. 

The hair conditioner should also be soothing to the hair.

Select a wide-tooth comb that will straighten the entangled ends without breaking them.  This type of comb will also protect your extension from loosening.

You will need scissors to cut split ends or flyaways to help you with effortless styling. 

When used together with shampoo, warm water will lather quickly, and when rinsing, all dirt will be removed. Also, ensure you have your towel ready to wipe off the water.

You will need hair care essential oil that will eventually protect the Brazilian hair from harsh weather.

Step 2: Straightening 

Straighten the Brazilian hair with the wide-tooth comb to detangle it. For easy straightening, partition it into four parts and comb each at a time.

Take caution not to do so with haste since you might increase the breaking of the hair. 

Do not comb it from the root tips. Start from the ends to the middle and finally to the top. In case the hair does not detangle with ease, consider using spray before using the comb.

Step 3: Washing

Put water in the basin, and mix with a tablespoon of shampoo for human hair extensions.

If your Brazilian hair is easily tangled, you can also try the Shampoos and Conditioners for Tangled hair (or Detangling Shampoos and Conditioners.)

Insert the Brazilian hair in the water to make it wet. Let the hair sit in the basin for about 10-15 minutes to ensure that all the dirt comes out.

Do not wash it with your hands, but if you can, turn it twice to ensure that all the areas are covered in the water.

Step 4: Rinsing the shampoo

Remove the Brazilian hair from the water and drain it. Immerse the hair in fresh, clean, warm water to rinse it.

You can repeat this process until the last water shows no traces of dirt or shampoo. Throughout this process, ensure that you do not put too much pressure on the hair, lest you damage it.

Step 5: Applying the conditioner

Put plenty of conditioner in your hand and rub it in your palm before applying it to the Brazilian hair. Massage gently to ensure that every part of the hair is covered with the conditioner. 

Use the wide-tooth comb to detangle it slowly from the hair roots to the end. Repeat this process to the whole hair until your fingers can run through.

Depending on the type of conditioner, you can steam the hair by putting it inside a plastic bag for about 3 minutes. This ensures that the conditioner gets inundated in the hair for maximum benefits.

Step 6: Rinsing the conditioner

Rinse off the conditioner with warm water and drain excess water with a towel.

If you wish to protect your Brazilian hair further, you can use a leave-in conditioner that you do not need to rinse out. Do not wring the hair.

Step 7: Drying the Brazilian hair

Dry the hair using a hair drier or in the open air. A drier will, however, save you time since it is fast. After it is completely dry, use essential hair care to give it a shiny look.

Apply enough oil but in moderation since too much will attract more dirt. While applying oil, you can gently comb it so that all oil can penetrate in all areas.

Final Words

Brazilian hair is easy to maintain, only when enough care is given. The essential tips to note are avoiding damage to the hair at any given time.

Extreme heat, dirt, and pressure on hair are the biggest enemies that can make your Brazilian hair look old and dull. 

However, you can change it by routine hair care practices that will give it a new look.

When following the step-by-step guide mentioned here, you are assured that you will don Brazilian hair for a long time. You will look not only elegant but also confident because of maintaining hygienic practices.

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