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3 Simple Steps To Interlock Locs By Yourself

Your dreads seem to unravel and there is a lot of new growth hair on your scalp, which makes your locs look unpleasant and kind of messy. That’s the time for maintenance.

There are some maintenance methods when it comes to choosing one for maintaining your locs: Crochet hooking, latching hooking (interlocking), palm rolling, and so on.

We’ve discussed the crochet hooking and palm rolling methods in separate articles.

In this article, we will talk about the interlocking: What it is, its effects on your dreads and how to do it right. Keep reading to find out.

What Is Interlocking Dreads?

Interlocking (also called ‘latch hooking’ or ‘root flipping’) is the method of pulling the end of the dreads back through the root base in order to hold the hair in place while waiting for the locs to form.

This method’s required tool is called a latch hook (or interlocking tool).

Is Interlocking Good for Dreads?

Mentioned in another article about the bright sides and downsides of interlocking to your dreads, this method is suitable for short term use.

There are several benefits of latch hooking that we can list out:

Effortless and easy to carry on

To maintain your locs using this method, you only need the latch hook and that’s it, no other additional hair care products required.

Also, you don’t need to worry if you have fine hair or too curly, too kinky hair since this method works well for most of the hair texture.

Help tighten the roots and clear the loose hair on the scalp

Dreads when being locked using this method will have a strong and firm base. This is to support the weight of the locs as well as keep locs from detangling if you wash your dreads on a regular basis.

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When Should I Start Interlocking My Dreads?

For interlocking to start new locs, you can do it right away with your loose hair.

For maintenance purposes, you might need to skip a couple of months between the maintenance sessions.

This is an extended amount of time compared to the palm rolling or backcombing methods.

The reason is to give your scalp a break since interlocking might cause a considerable tension to your scalp.

How to Interlock Locs?

You can consider following these simple steps to interlock the dreads:

  • Step 1: Soak your hair in water or use a spray water bottle in order to make the new growth soften and easy to control.
  • Step 2: Use a comb to gather the new growth hair to the old locs in order not to let them damage the dreads. Then insert a latch hook to the dreads’ roots to create a hole, and put the ends through the root base in four directions: North, South, East, West.
    You don’t need to finish all four directions though. Once you feel that the dreads are tight and there is a tension to your scalp, you can stop interlocking.
  • Step 3: Keep doing the step 2 until you complete interlocking all the dreads.

How to Interlock Dreads with Fingers?

To interlock with your fingers, you can follow the same steps as using a latch hook.

However, instead of inserting the latch hook to the middle of the dreads, you use your fingers to create a hole in the middle of your dreads’ root base and put the dreads’ ends through.

This method is not recommended since it has one big downside. By creating a hole at the root, you accidentally weaken your dreads.

Doing that over again for a long time will easily cause weak spots and breakage.

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Final Words

Besides the advantages this method can benefit your dreads, there are also risks when latch hooking your locks in a long term such as buildup, weak spots, breakage or tension scalp.

Also, if you don’t want to have dreadlocks and want to go back to your natural loose hair, it seems impossible to unlock the interlocking dreads.

Thus, be mindful when using this method. You should look for advice from a professional loctician or hair stylist on which maintenance method suits your hair the most. Don’t let the dreadlocks time be your bad experience.

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