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How To Retwist Dreadlocks With Rubber Bands?

Can You Use Rubber Bands for Dreadlocks?

Even when you have loose hair (natural hair), using rubber bands might be a big concern since they tend to create knots and are likely to damage your hair.

However, people still use them as tools for maintaining dreadlocks. Are there any secrets about rubber bands?

This article will work you through the myths about rubber bands and how to use them for your dreadlocks the right way.

Are Rubber Bands Bad for Dreads?

There is a Yes and a No for this question. Before mentioning the bright sides of rubber bands to dreads, there are several common downsides when talking about how rubber bands cause bad effects to your hair.

Firstly, since they are made of rubber, the friction created by the bands and your hair are very tense. That’s why they easily roll up and create knots on your hair. Thus, removing the rubber bands from your hair is a pretty hard task.

When being tied too tightly, rubber bands can create a lot of tension to your scalp as well as create thin spots. There are high chances of breakage and scalp numb when you use them for a long term.

What is more, standard rubber can turn into a gooey substance that sticks to your dreads and give your dreads an unpleasant look. If you leave your locs too long without removing the rubber bands, they can also “sucked into” the dreads.

So, why are people still using them?

How Long Can You Keep Rubber Bands in Your Hair?

Rubbers bands are mainly used at the roots and the ends of dreads. They are used to tying up the root, making way for the new growth to form into the old locs. For the locs’ ends, they work as a seal to make the tips of dreads blunted.

Leaving the bands too long on your dreads might cause a lot of negative effects, which we already walked through. So what is the right time of keeping rubber bands on locs?

For the bands used on the roots, when you see that the locs are formed tightly, that’s when you can consider removing bands. Depending on your hair texture and your locs phases, usually it will take about one month from the installation date to the removing date.

When they are used at the tips, the best time to let them on your locs are from 2 weeks to 1 month. To avoid using rubber bands, you might consider using the loose hair tool instead.

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Can You Put Rubber Bands on Starter Locs?

Rubber bands are believed that when being installed too tight at the roots might forbid the locking process. That’s why people do not recommend using them for baby locs (locs at the Starter phase) since the locs are really fragile and easy to loosen during this period.

Actually, bands still leave a lot of room for dreads to form and knot when being tied the right way. Remember to tie them at the root of dreads, not too tight to create scalp numb, and wear a bonnet or scarf when sleeping to prevent unraveling.

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What Can I Use to Retwist My Locs?

Besides other tools (eg beeswax, comb, etc.) we can use for dreadlocks retwisting, rubber bands are also one of the most common and handy options.

After retwisting the dreads clockwise, you need to keep them in place in a considerable amount of time in order not to let them unravel.

Many people prefer hair clips & combs. However, hair clips might cause uncomfortable feelings if you decide to let your locs twist all night. That’s when the rubber bands do their job.

Although rubber bands are good at keeping the dreads together, you need to take special care on them so that they don’t create a mess on your locs.

In Short

There are 2 types of rubber bands: rubber bands and elastic bands. Each of them has different pros and cons that will be your ideal options depending on your locs phase and your purposes.

Rubber bands seem affordable and convenient but there are risks that they can damage your hair in some ways.

Try to use them as little as possible to your locs so there won’t be any worries about rubber bands sucked into dreads or created breakage!

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