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3 Easy Steps To Retwist Faux Locs At Home

Are you going to a party or a vacation and you want to have a unique look? Do you intend to have dreadlocks but you want to test out before proceeding with the real locs?

Faux locs will be your ideal option as it doesn’t require any permanent commitment.

Faux locs are the protective hairstyle that most people choose to have as they are budget-friendly, easy to install as well as have a nice form.

Being categorized in one of the required low-maintenance hairstyles, they still do need special care so that they will continuously look good. Below we will share you tips to make your locs perform the best from the first day to the day they are taken down.

Can You Retwist Soft Locs?

Although they have a very similar shape and form to real dreadlocks, the way to retwist and maintain might be slightly different to the real ones. To form a faux locs, you need to braid or twist your real hair, then wrap the additional Marley hair around the braids or twists in a downward motion to resemble the real locs.

You might need a schedule for new grown locs refreshing (or “retwisting”) as there will be new hair grown after months.

For refreshing faux locs, retwisting is not recommendable for retwisting the root of faux locs since it might cause scalp damage or serious breakage.

Can You Keep Faux Locs in Forever?

The recommended life span of faux locs might be from six to eight weeks. We should not leave it more than that time range for several reasons:

  • Your real hair might grow and the faux locs might not look as nice as the new installed state
  • Faux locs might get messy since it might attract dust and buildup

Talking about the dreadlock extensions, when it is done properly, they can last forever. That’s because hair extensions are made from human hair (goddess locs), so they have a similar growth speed.

How Do You Make Faux Locs Look New Again?

To make the faux locs maintain the new look, you need to take good care of them. Meaning you should not only keep them clean, but also hydrated and moist.

To have clean faux locs, you should keep them away from the dusty environment and the environmental elements such as dust or mold. Also, be mindful about the hair care products you use on locs. Residue-free shampoos are recommended for not creating buildup.

To make your locs hydrated, you should consider adding a rosewater spray bottle to your daily hair care routine.

In addition, remember to wear a swim cap when you go swimming so that salt water or pool water won’t damage and make your locs dry.

Finally, hot oil treatment is a good option for moisturizing your locs. Conditioner is okay to use but keep in mind that they will create buildup to your dreads, so don’t overuse them.

Wearing a cap while sleeping is also ideal for preventing your scalp’s natural oil and water from escaping.

Another way to make your locs look new again is cutting off the messy parts of locs and retwisting the new ones.

How to Retwist Faux Locs?

We can also call it as rewrapping or refreshing faux locs. Similar to how we install it, the steps to rewrapping faux locs are simple as follows:

  1. Step 1: Create small braids or twists of your real hair.
  2. Step 2: Take a small strand of Marley hair and start tightly wrapping the strand around a braid or twist. Keep doing this step over again until all the braids/twists are wrapped.
  3. Step 3: Take the lighter and gently go over your newly wrapped locs. This is to keep the locs together and in place.


Final Words

Although faux locs and locs extensions are two different hair styles, people seem to use the terms interchangeably. It’s okay to maintain faux locs at home, by yourself.

However, to make sure you get your desired hairstyle, seeking for help from hairdressers or a professional hair stylist is recommended.

After reading through this, do you have any other concerns that you want to share with us?

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