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4 Bad Bunny Haircut Styles & Ideas to Rock

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Key takeaways:

  • The Bad Bunny Hairstyle is a simple haircut that anyone can copy. It’s basically a buzz cut with a clean line across the forehead.
  • The Puerto Rican singer began to like shaving his entire head in high school. However, he also wore a simple classic cut with a fade pattern before that.
  • It can be worn by anyone with any hair type. You just have to shave off whether you have straight or curly hair.
  • Expert hair carvers make the Bad Bunny hairdo. Finding the best barber is advised if you want to get this look.

Benito Antonio Martnez Ocasio is a Puerto Rican rapper, singer, and composer best known by his stage alias BAD BUNNY.

The famous musicians who have collaborated with the Puerto Rican singer throughout his career include J Balvin, Farruko, Jhay Cortez, and Daddy Yankee.

This Puerto Rican musician is known for his haircuts beyond everything else, and he takes self-expression very seriously.


When he started it, buzz cuts were raised to a whole new level. This haircut is very simple, and its simplicity makes it more special.

We highlight four Bad Bunny hairstyles and hairdo designs in this article. Read on!

What Is the Bad Bunny Haircut Called?


After posting an internet photo of himself as a kid wearing a bunny outfit where he looked gloomy, he decided on the stage moniker Bad Bunny.

J Balvin, Jhay Cortez, Farruko, and Daddy Yankee are just a few well-known celebrities that Bad Bunny has collaborated with.

In 2017, he started with the simple buzz cut and started doing designs on his head. The buzz cut carries the Bad Bunny Haircut signature name.

There is a style for everyone, whether it be modern and stylish or quirky and entertaining.

Bad Bunny Haircut Curly


In 2020, he started growing his hair long. Bad Bunny is usually seen sporting this fun hairstyle, and it appears he is quite at ease with it. He looked pretty dashing if you ask us!

The Bad Bunny’s Afro Curls haircut is unquestionably for you if you want to stand out with your hairstyle.

Men may wear a wild and untidy hairstyle or secure it with a rubber band and wear it more professionally in such a way that it combines an afro haircut and long bouncy curls.

In either case, this style will get some attention, and men will love this.

Bad Bunny Triangle Haircut

A master of the most imaginative hairstyles is Bad Bunny. He continued creating amazing designs throughout 2018.

By adding a V on his head to the bald pattern hairstyle, he elevated it to a whole new level.

Bad Bunny Concha Haircut

Concha means shell in Latin. Spiral fade hairstyles form seashell-like patterns, which is called the Concha haircut.

This great hairstyle is quite difficult because the spiral look is so complicated. Bad Bunny’s amazing bald pattern might help you stand out from the crowd.

To achieve this great haircut, remember to be patient because it could take a while to design the pattern.

Bad Bunny Arrow Haircut


This haircut resembles Avatar Aang somewhat. Perhaps Bad Bunny is a fan of the infamous anime and was inspired to design this Aang hairstyle!

The purpose behind this hairstyle will remain a mystery. But as long as it looks good, there shouldn’t be any issues.

He created a new stylish haircut by incorporating a variety of patterns into his bald fade haircut. There are geometric patterns that ends with a V shape.

FUN FACT: He typically gives his barbers complete reign to perform anything they want. He doesn’t plan his haircuts, and sometimes it’s just a stroke of good fortune that it suits him.

Who Is the Bad Bunny Hairstyle Suitable For?


Men who are not afraid to express their personalities completely should wear this style.

You must desire self-expression and make an impression at the same time if you have this exposure. The following are some traits of the Bad Bunny hairstyle:

  • Every type of hair can be worn. You’ll shave it off no matter if you have straight or wavy hair.
  • Given how quickly hair grows back, maintaining it can be challenging. You will notice observable patches sprouting in this type of haircut in a couple of days.
  • A qualified hairstylist with experience in hair carving should take care of maintaining this haircut.
  • Like the rest of the hair, the front hair is tapered at the forehead’s base. A sharp thinning blade should be used to enhance the straight-line drawing of the base.

How to Get a Bad Bunny Haircut?


How do you give yourself this buzz cut, often known as the Bad Bunny hairstyle?

This hairstyle can be simple, easy, AND complicated, as it will depend on how detailed you want it to be. Here’s how:

  1. Buy quality hair clippers: The hair on your head will practically never be able to be trimmed with a beard trimmer. Check out this best DIY clipper.
  2. Examine your scalp after washing your hair: Your hair should be freshly cleaned, just like when you visit the barber. See the top shampoo for guys overall right here.
  3. Buzz a little longer than you think you want if this is your first time: Be cautious. You can always add back after you’ve already trimmed. You may check your progress using this simple handheld mirror.
  4. Go against the grain on the sides: You should buzz against the direction the hair is growing to drive it upward as you cut it.
  5. Next, deal with the top: After finishing the sides, you will proceed to the top of the head.
  6. Check specific areas or review everything between smaller sections.
  7. If you dare, fade the ends depending on your preference: We suggest downsizing one guard. You can buzz the sideburn and the area around the ear on this length — have someone else do the neckline.
  8. Clean your hair and the clippers.

Former Hairstyles of Bad Bunny

In addition to the great hairstyles mentioned above, Bad Bunny also went through other hairstyle phases before settling on the style that would accompany him on his musical journey.

Here are some more details about the previous Bad Bunny hairstyles:

Vivid Green Buzzed Hairline Cut


In 2019, he started this edgy hairstyle. It perfectly expresses Bad Bunny’s personality. He is rocking this vivid green with an arrow-cut look.

It’s easy to recreate this style. You should try this look!

Classic Chili Bowl

The chili bowl haircut gained a lot of attention, and several celebrities have been spotted sporting the style.

You should not be afraid to try this iconic haircut if you have long, curly, or wavy hair to keep up with the latest trends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You almost certainly have a question in mind. Don’t worry; we’ve provided answers to common queries in this part:


According to Bad Bunny, everyone should learn to express themselves, their bodies, their interests, and their choices and follow those without worrying about what others think.

As you can see, Bad Bunny isn’t scared to try out new hairstyles and gimmicks.

Before trying one of these Bad Bunny haircuts, it’s crucial to remember that not all hairstyles will look well on you because they call for different types of hair.

Nevertheless, use this list of Bad Bunny’s fun haircuts as inspiration if you want a stylish haircut to help you stand out from the crowd!

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