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How To Make Dreadlock Extensions: Your Guide On How To Make Locs Extensions

You’re in love with dreadlocks but your hair is way too short to have locs installed. Faux locs might be the first option that you’ve thought of.

However, synthetic dreads create an “unreal” feeling and might be messy after a few months. Also, you can not wear it all the time. That’s when locs extensions do their job.

Learn from this article how to choose the materials and make beautiful dreadlocks extensions.

Can You Add Extensions to Dreads?

Loc extensions are made of human hair, and they are used for installing to your existing locs for several purposes. They are the common choice if you want to have locs but don’t want to have a permanent commitment.

  • It helps you achieve your locs’ desired length.
  • What is more, loc extensions are the best option for those who have fine hair and their hair is in the locking process.
  • People with damage and thin locs also look for loc extensions as they want to give their locs a quick makeover.

Actually, loc extensions when being installed properly can last permanently.

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What Kind of Hair Do You Use for Dreadlock Extensions?

There are 2 main hair types when it comes to making loc extensions: synthetic hair and human natural hair.

Out of the box, synthetic extensions are not only pretty affordable but can also be tangled quickly and effortlessly. They will be your ideal option if you prefer the temporary locs with a nice look.

However, this type of extension can not bear the high heat products, or they will melt. Dye or bleach are not applicable for synthetic also. You might need to purchase the colored extensions if you want to have colored dreadlocks.

If you prefer the extensions that you can perm or use dye products, then go with natural dreadlocks. One of the biggest advantages is you can treat them like your natural hair.

However, bear in mind that they will take you a comparative higher cost than the synthetic one.

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How to Make Dreadlock Extensions Look Real

This is the common concern for people with extensions. To make the extensions look like real dreads, you might consider these tips below:

  • If you’re having nylon or wool extensions, you need to accept the truth that they don’t look real. Softening them by soaking them into water is a way to reduce their “fake” look.
  • If you’re having the natural extensions, you might need to have them properly installed to your existing dreads. Since they already look natural and real, you can curl or dye to make them look like your real locs.

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How Do You Make Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions?

To create your own extensions from wool for nylon, here are what you need to purchase: a wool or nylon roll, scissors, rubber bands and your times!

  • Step 1: Measure and cut the yarn strands or nylon strands into your desired length
  • Step 2:
    • If you prefer the braiding style: Take a considerable amount of strands (base on your desired locs thickness) and braid them. Tie them by a rubber band when you finish one loc. This style works best for the wool material.
    • If you prefer the backcombing style: this style works for the nylon extensions. Backcomb the nylon strands, then use the crochet to pull the hair from side to side in order to seal the locs.
  • Step 3: Use a lighter to go over the newly created extensions so their shape can be sealed.

How to Make Dreadlock Extensions With Human Hair

Similar to creating dreads with nylon, here is what you need to create natural extensions: packs of natural hair, metal fine-tooth comb, a crochet with your desired size.

  • Step 1: Separate the hair into sections 
  • Step 2: Use the comb to backcomb your hair. Keep measuring the extensions’ length to reach the desired length
  • Step 3: When you finish backcombing, use a thread to pull a little hair from side to side in a downward motion until you reach the bottom. You can do this step over and over again until the locs are not easy to unravel.

In Short

Avoid using the two-ends loc extensions. It might be a great choice for those who want to have thick dreads. However, if it’s not installed properly, it might increase pressure to your locs, which causes hair loss, scalp numb or even loc breakage.

Obviously, you don’t want to have such unpleasant experiences during the dreadlocks time. If you find it difficult to have extensions installed by your own, just seek help from a professional hairstylist.

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