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3 Straightforward Steps To Curl Dreadlocks At Home

You are bored with your original dreadlocks and you think of some ways to give them a makeover?

There are various ways to give your locs a new look: decorating them with accessories such as beads or caps, scarves, bleach, dying them with unique colors, or just curling them!

This article will talk about the methods for curling dreadlocks so you can choose one that works best for your locs.

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Can I Curl My Dreads at Home?

Similar to curling your natural loose hair, you can also use the common do-it-yourself methods for curling your locs: Using sponge rollers, braiding, or using pipe cleaners.

Each method will have their own pros and cons depending on your locs’ thickness, your budget or how long you want to keep the curls.

How to Curl Dreads with Flexi Rods?

Flexi rods are the soft spongy roller with a smooth surface that most people use for the hair curling purpose.

To curl your locs using flexi rods at home, you might need these supportive products:

  • Flexi rods (of course!): the quantity depends on the thickness and the length of your locs
  • Spray water bottle
  • Hair clips for separating your hair into sections
  • Curl enhancing mousse
  • Wide-tooth comb (optional)

Now, start!

Step 1: Dampening and Sectioning

Clean and dry is the best hair state to curl your locs. To ensure your hair’s flexibility and to avoid breakage, firstly, you should dampen your hair by spraying water on it.

Don’t soak your hair into water as too wet hair is not good for working on.

Then, separating locs into five sections: two at the back, one at the top head and two on the sides.

This step will help you work on each section easily without messing the other sections up.

Step 2: Mousse Applying and Curling

You should choose one section to work on first. Applying about two to three pumps of mousse on the entire section you’re working on using a brush or using your hands(with gloves on!).

After that, gather two to three locs together at a time and roll them around the flexi rod from their ends to the roots.

Place the locs about 2 inches from the ends and roll up in clockwise direction, overlapping the locs end to secure the new curl.  

Depending on the style of curl you want, you can stop at the middle of the locs or curl them all the way up to reach the scalp.

Bend the 2 ends of the rods to keep the curl in place. Keep doing that until all the locs are rolled with the flexi rods.

Step 3: Protecting them with a satin cap and leave them overnight

For better results, you should leave your newly rolled dreads overnight to let them dry on their own.

Protect them with a satin cap while sleeping to keep the rolls in place.

Giving your dreads a check in the next morning. If they are completely dry, you can remove the flexi rods.

If your locs are still damp, you should wait another hour until it’s completely dry.

How Do You Curl Dreads with Hot Water?

Curling dreads using hot water works best if you have removable faux locs.

To make curly faux locs, you can roll them using flexi rods or plastic rollers (the size depends on how big you want your curls to be), then dip them in the boiling water for about five to ten minutes.

After that, remove them using the utensil. Your locs will come out with beautiful and perfect curls.

You can air dry or blow dry them and install them back to your hair.

How to Curl Locs without Rollers?

You can also curl your hair without using any tools. Simply braid your locs and leave the braids overnight with a satin cap covered up.

Remove the braids the next day and keep the curls shape with a spray gel.

In Short

It might take you a considerable amount of time to have curly dreadlocks, but it is worth it! Do you have any other methods or useful tips that you want to share?

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