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How to Wash The Bleach Out Of Hair At Home?

Bleach is a popular product used to make hair lighter. It is easy to buy and very convenient because it can be used on both dyed and natural hair.

Unlike regular hair dyes, to get the color of the hair you are looking for, the dye will build up the color in the hair strand.

Meanwhile, the hydrogen peroxide or ammonia persulfate components included in bleach will penetrate the hair follicles to produce melanin at the core. When these bleaching agents reach the melanin in your hair, they act directly to remove color or fade away the natural hair color. Therefore, the light color of the hair after bleaching is non-removable.

However, the bleach itself needs to be completely rinsed off the hair after the bleaching process is done. Compared to the bleaching process washing the hair after bleaching requires more technique.

In this article, we will provide information about some effective hair treatments and when to clean it. Besides that, there will be some precautions you should not do after bleaching.

How do you know when to wash the bleach out of your hair?

When you use bleach at home, you will have to be aware of the time factor in which it takes to wash the bleach out of your hair. So when exactly will you have to wash it off?

To know this, you absolutely can rely on the color of the hair. Specifically, when your hair is a pale yellow color, it is time to wash off the bleach.

Be sure not to leave bleach for more than one hour. Also, if you don’t want your hair to break, don’t remove it once more when it’s light blond.

In case you’ve used it safely and still haven’t turned pale yellow, then all you need to do is rinse it off, tone your hair, and wait a month to re-bleach your hair.

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Can I use purple shampoo to wash out bleach?

After bleaching your hair, be sure to wash the bleach out.

Compared to other shampoos, purple shampoo is a good and safe choice that you are highly recommended to continue using.

Because the purple shampoo can help counteract yellow tones in your hair from bleaching. In particular, in case your hair color doesn’t look like what you’re looking for, it’s better to proceed with a toner.

Do you wash the bleach out with hot or cold water?

Washing hair bleaching is a very thorough and careful process to ensure the safety of your hair in the long run.

Many people mistakenly think that using hot water to make a solution can speed up the bleach cleaning process. However, hot water can render the active ingredients in bleach ineffective, making it totally useless.

So for the bleach to work with your hair, always make sure you dilute it in cold or tepid water.

Plus, if you can stand it, use cool or cold water every time you wash your bleached hair. This is because hot water will open up your cuticles and cause your color to change or dry hair more easily.

Do you condition after bleach?

You also need to pay attention to proper care and wash your hair after bleaching for the best results.

Specifically, for the first week after the following bleaching, it’s best not to shampoo. Instead, you can use conditioner to clean your hair because the conditioner also has some cleansing properties.

In particular, in this new period of hair removal, you may not need to add many products to your hair, so a deep shampoo does not seem necessary.

How long should I wait to tone my hair after bleaching?

After bleaching, how long to wait for toning hair is also a lot of you have to spend a lot of time to search. In this section, we will specify a specific time and when it is right for you to apply toner to your hair.

First, if your hair is in good condition after bleaching, you can completely rest assured to tone it the same day. That’s true whether you decide to use use a mixture of the developer, a toner, or shampoo and dye on it.

However, if after bleaching your hair, you notice signs of fragile or prone to the breaking of your hair, it’s best to wait about 10 days.

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What should you not do after bleaching your hair?

Bleaching is a chemical process that will damage or wreak havoc on your hair. The bleaching process is compared to a hair hurricane.

So, one more thing that you should keep in mind so that absolutely not do it after bleaching is to avoid heat styling.

Immediately after bleaching, your hair becomes especially dry and vulnerable to heat styling damage. That’s why it’s important to reduce the frequency of drying, curling, or straightening your hair with hot tools for the weeks after bleaching.

What’s more, when you’re ready to reintroduce heat styling, keep it to a minimum — once or twice per week, max.

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In Conclusion

Here are some notes for you to wash your hair after bleaching.

Thereby, you can understand the hair care process after bleaching as well as information about the products and the right time to clean the bleach.

To prevent your hair from becoming drier and weaker, a few precautions you should take after bleaching are also included. Hopefully, you will gather a lot of useful information through this article.

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