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Best Bleaches for Dark Hair

Bleaching hair can take a toll on its health, and the process can be scary, especially if you’ve got dark hair that’s never been colored or lightened before. 

Moreover, going to a professional for help can be too expensive. On the other hand, doing it on your own can be too risky.

Luckily, a few products on the market can help you achieve bleached hair without ruining your beautiful locks.

What to Look for When Choosing Bleach?

With so many bleaching products on the market, deciding which one will be best for you can be difficult. With that said, here are a few things to look for when buying hair bleach. 

Go for bleach with conditioning ingredients

Since bleaching entails stripping the color from your hair, it’s unavoidable that your hair becomes dry after the process. So, to reduce that effect, opt for bleaching products that have hydrating or conditioning ingredients. 

Choose ammonia-free bleach

Another thing to look for is ammonia-free bleach to minimize the risk of hair breakage. This type of bleach can also reduce the chances of over-lightening your hair. 

Although there are recommended products that contain ammonia, it’s best to be extra cautious, especially if you’ve never tried this before. This is because ammonia can make your hair brittle.

Additionally, if it comes into contact with your skin, it may cause a burning sensation. 

Nevertheless, if you’re sold on products that contain ammonia, always ensure to do a patch test first before going all-out.

What Do I Need to Know Before Bleaching?

If you’re finally set on doing this whole process, there are a few things you should know to avoid hair disasters. 

Keep your hair healthy and strong

Bleaching is a chemical process that lifts the color from your hair. Keep the damage to a minimum by keeping your hair healthy.

This can include making time for treatments, finding the right shampoo and conditioner, and avoiding heat before you bleach your hair. 

Doing so prevents your hair from falling off or breaking after bleaching it. Although the process can still damage your hair, it won’t come to a point where there’s no saving it. 

Blend, blend, blend!

One of the reasons people go to professionals is to avoid having streaky hair. Buying a good bleach will be futile if your application is uneven. 

To avoid streaky hair, always make sure to blend properly so that every strand is covered. Your hair at the ends will absorb bleach faster, so make sure to keep that in mind. 

Read the instructions

Some bleach will have some extra steps. So, make sure to read the instructions, so you don’t miss anything thoroughly!

Don’t forget about developers and toners

Bleaching can lighten hair, but it will need a developer to do so.  These developers can have different levels. However, if you want something safe, opt for 20 or lower.

As for toners, these help you remove brassy undertones after bleaching. 

Always check the time

Leaving bleach on your hair too long not only damages it but can also irritate your scalp. So, it’s best to keep track of time when bleaching your hair.

This means taking note of when you applied bleach on your hair and how long it’s been there. 

You can use a stopwatch, a timer, or an alarm clock, so you know when you’ve already reached the maximum time allotted for the process. 

Do a patch test first

Everyone has different reactions to different products. So, even if there are plenty of good reviews about the particular bleach you have in mind, it’s still recommended that you do a patch test first. 

This means applying a small amount of the bleach on a few strands so you can see how it will look after some time. You can also do this to test if you’re allergic to bleach. 

Always do your due diligence

Due diligence can include reading reviews and checking the brand’s tutorials. You can also check the ingredients and see if there’s something that can trigger allergies or irritation. 

Now that you know what to look for and what you need to do to prepare, let’s move on to the next: checking the best bleach reviews for your hair.

Top 16 Best Bleach for Dark Hair

L’Oreal Professional Blond Studio Platinum

If you’re new to bleaching or just want to avoid damaging your hair, going for an ammonia-free bleach is your best choice. 

This product is recommended for first-timers who are bleaching their hair on their own. It’s the safest among the rest of this list because it’s ammonia-free. Make sure to mix this with a developer. 

It can lift up to 7 levels, and it’s not too drying for your hair. Most customers claim that it can work fast, so you should rinse it earlier than you should be compared to other bleaching products. 

Schwarzkopf BlondMe 9+ Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener Dust-Free Powder

For something a little stronger, Schwarzkopf BlondMe is a good choice. It allows up to 9 levels of lift, and it has anti-yellow agents so that your hair won’t turn brassy. 

Additionally, it’s not grainy, and it’s not dusty compared to other bleaches because it’s a dust-free powder. Plus, the scent is fantastic too. It has a floral scent that’s not too overpowering for your nose. 

It’s an at-home professional bleaching treatment that even first-timers can use.  In fact, it’s a product that has been raved about for years.

VR Blue Bleaching Hair Powder Extra

VR Blue Bleaching Hair Powder is also recommended for newbies. Made in Italy, this product neutralizes brassiness with its blue powder.

It comes with instructions on how long you should wait before rinsing as well as a guide on how to make the right mix. 

It can lift up to 8 levels, but 2 or 3 sessions might be needed for darker hair. On the bright side, it doesn’t have ammonia, so it’s not drying, and it leaves your hair soft. 

Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener

Wella is a professional brand respected by stylists. It’s used in salons worldwide because of how great they are. 

The Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener is an excellent option to get salon-level treatment without costing you too much. 

It’s not too abrasive on the scalp, but people with sensitive skin should do a patch test first.

Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit

Manic Panic has become a famous brand because they offer vegan and cruelty-free hair dyes. Although their bleach contains ammonia, it’s still not too much to handle. 

Surprisingly, it doesn’t have a scent.  Still, don’t forget to wear gloves and do a patch test first. People with sensitive skin may have a different reaction.

Overall, it’s able to lighten hair without causing too much damage. It’s also the most affordable from this list. 

Clairol Professional BW2 Hair Powder Lightener

Clairol is also one of the best brands that salons will recommend. However, this one is recommended for off-scalp treatments such as ombre, highlights, or balayage. 

It provides a good lift but makes sure not to leave it in for too long. If you don’t rinse it in the required period, it doesn’t do much for your hair. 

The bleach is one of the strongest, so be very careful and do a patch test first. While it may have worked out for some people, it might have a different reaction to you.

Pravana Pure Light Power Lightener

Pravana is also known for the various color of its hair dyes. Since most dyes don’t stick to dark hair, they also offer a hair bleaching product. 

It’s also easy to apply, and it’s not dusty, especially when you’re mixing it. Although it has a mild bleach scent, it’s not something you can’t handle. It doesn’t do much damage to your hair too. 

This is another budget-friendly option that won’t cause hair breakage. 

L’OREAL PARIS Quick Blue Powder Bleach

L’Oreal is one of the most popular brands. Because of this, it’s relatively easy to find, and it delivers its claims.

For dark hair, 2 or 3 sessions might be needed to achieve level 9 or level 10 blond hair. However, it can cause skin irritation, so make sure you take precautions. 

It’s usually not too damaging for your hair. Still, depending on the condition, it’s best to apply hair treatment every week to bring back its luster and health. 

Blond Forte Perfect Blond Extra Strength Professional Hair Dye 

Blond Forte can lift hair up to 6 levels. It can make your hair feel dry, but it’s not enough to make it brittle.

They said in their description that they use coconut fragrance, but the chemical scent is still strong. Overall, this is an excellent product to try but not for those who are sensitive to scents. 

L’Oreal Paris Colorista Bleach

This is another good product from L’Oreal. It’s incredibly versatile and easy to use. You can try this to cover your whole hair or to make highlights. You can even use this to create an ombre effect. 

There’s plenty of videos to help you make your own highlights and ombre using the Colorista Bleach. Depending on how light you are planning to achieve, you may need to do two sessions. 

WELLA Color Charm Powder Lightener

Another good option from Wella is their Color Charm Powder Lightener. It’s dust-free, and it can lift hair up to 7 levels. It’s not drying, and you can combine it with heat to make the process faster. 

Compared to Blondor, its consistency is thicker and a bit foamy, making the application process more manageable. 

MASIL Dual Glam Self Hair Highlight Bleach

If you’re looking for something to make the whole process fun, MASIL is an excellent product to try. However, don’t be fooled by its cute appearance — this is a pretty strong bleach.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t “fry” your scalp and your hair. The smell is not overpowering either. 

This is one of the best highlighting kits on the market because it also comes with an easy-squeeze bottle that can help evenly spread the product on the roots. 

Splat Null Lightening Bleach

The Splat Null Lightening Bleach has a kit that contains everything you need. It includes shampoo, gloves, oxide, conditioner, and even one bleach and one color of your choice. 

This small kit packs a punch, though — even people with dark hair need to only leave the bleach for 30 minutes at most.

If your hair is already damaged, skip this and opt for something gentler. This is recommended for people with healthy hair in a rush. 

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Vario Blond Extra Power

As mentioned earlier, Schwarzkopf is one of the most recommended brands by stylists and salons. It lightens hair without causing too much breakage. It’s an affordable option if you can’t get it professionally done. 

Color Brilliance by Ion Bright White Creme Lightener

If you’re looking for something easy to mix with, then Ion Bright’s Color Brilliance lightener is a good choice. On dark hair, it lifts the color pretty well without making it too dry. It’s easy to use and beginner-friendly. 

Blond Forte Blond And Protect 

Another good product from Blond Forte is their Blond and Protect bleach.

While other products like the Perfect Blond Extra Strength Professional Hair Dye are excellent, this one is more concentrated, perfect for highlighting hair.

It can help highlight hair while at the same time condition it, so it gets the nutrients it needs. Because of this, your hair won’t be left too dry. It allows up to 8 levels of lift, and it won’t make your hair too yellow or brassy. 


Coloring your hair is a great way to express yourself or to try out new looks. However, bleaching to make your hair blonde or achieve fun colors can be scary because there are too many risks involved. 

However, finding a good bleach can save you from melting your hair or burning your scalp. The recommended products listed above should help you find the best one for you. 

Also, keep in mind to take care of your lovely locks too. Give them the treatment and nourishment they need so they’ll be healthier despite all the process.

Additionally, don’t forget to do a patch test first. After all, what works for others may not work out for you. 

So, dip your toes first before diving in! Have fun with your hair journey!


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