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How Often Can You Bleach Your Hair?

Hair bleach is a popular product for girls who want to experience new hair colors.

The hydrogen peroxide or ammonia persulfate components included in it penetrate the hair follicles to produce melanin at the core. When these bleaching agents reach the melanin in your hair, they act directly to remove color or fade away the natural hair color and leave it white.

Aesthetically, there are many reasons for you to do hair bleaching. Maybe you were born with brunette hair but wanted blond hair.

Or you simply want to put highlights in your hair for a more impressive new look. However, with each chemical beauty method, there are negative aspects.

Coming to this article, we will answer your concerns about the appropriate time to perform this method as well as how to keep your hair healthy after bleaching.

How long should you wait to bleach your hair again?

Each of us wants to appear in front of everyone with the freshest and most perfect appearance.

Therefore, removing inherent hair color has also become one of the beauty trends that you may be thinking about or has implemented.

Bleaching means there is no room for “trial and error.” On the advice of experts, if you have badly damaged hair, you should wait at least a month before bleaching again.

Meanwhile, if you have healthy hair that won’t damage your hair, you can do it again after a week or ten days. However, be careful to prep your hair first and maintain a good hair care routine.

Can you bleach your hair twice?

Bleaching is a chemical process that will damage or wreak havoc on your hair. The bleaching process is compared to a hair hurricane.

Can you imagine how your hair would turn out when suffering two hurricanes at the same time? It is a rigorous process, so bleach your hair two days in a row or twice in the same day is absolutely NOT done.

The chemicals in bleach permanently erase your hair color and also make it very fragile.

How often can I bleach my hair without damaging it?

After doing this harsh hair removal process, you should pay attention to taking care of your hair to help restore moisture.

Give your hair at least 10 days to recover from the bleaches. During this time, you can use a deep conditioner daily to aid in hair recovery.

For example, if in 6 weeks, you have bleached your hair 3 times, then you should give your hair 2 weeks to recover.

However, you should also consider using this hair bleaching remedy.

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How do you keep your hair healthy after bleaching it?

Bleach is still one of the simplest and fastest ways to remove pigment from your hair strands commonly used at home or the services of a stylist.

As we explained above, bleach is a harsh invader that breaks down proteins in your hair. Once removed, the strands will tend to be lighter in color.

Frizz, breakage, and dryness are just some of the side effects your hair will experience after bleaching.

In this part, we will provide you with ways to help restore your hair’s strength and softness after using bleach.

  1. Olive oil: You can apply a few drops of olive oil on your hair (especially on the ends) with your fingertips to help your hair some life.
  2. Coconut Oil: Rubbing a little coconut oil on dry, frizzy spots as well as your ends can help seal the hair and prevent protein loss.
  3. Argan Oil: Using a few drops after styling not only helps to retain moisture and increase shine but also helps protect your hair from further damage.
  4. Almond Oil: With the protein content as well as vitamin E found in almond oil, just apply a few drops to fill the gaps in the hair that is easily broken after bleaching.
  5. DIY hair masks: Hair mask made from ingredients like avocado, honey, and egg white can restore softness and elasticity to your hair. Do this method two or three times a week to help improve the condition of your hair.
  6. Rice water rinse: You can wash your hair every day with rice water if your hair is badly damaged. The inositol ingredient in the rice washing water will help restore the hair from the inside out.

In addition, you should also avoid heat styling as well as cut down on the frequency of washing your hair for a while. Plus, you can massage your scalp regularly to help circulate blood to your head and help stimulate hair growth.

With the information provided in this article, you can clearly understand the effects of using hair bleach.

Besides, with expert advice as well as ways to help restore the strength and softness of hair after using the bleach provided, we hope it will work well on your hair.

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