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Can You Mix Black Hair Dye with Purple Shampoo?

When you don’t have access to a high-end hair salon that you can just run to a few blocks from your house, you can be forced to get a bit more creative with hair care. 

Instead of keratin treatments, you might opt for a protein hair mask at home with eggs and yogurt in the fridge.

And when you can’t get your colorist on hold to tone your hair, you can always turn to blue or purple shampoo to do it yourself in the shower.

Maintaining a gorgeously vibrant hair color is another thing people try to do on their own.

Whether it’s by cutting out that flat iron or switching to a sulfate-free shampoo, we all have our own techniques to keep our hair color vivid and bright.

But one super-smart hack not many people do is combining hair dye with shampoo to help maintain that rich and bold color.

And when you’re trying to keep brassiness at bay at the same time, mixing your dye with purple shampoo might just be the perfect solution.

What happens when you mix hair dye into your shampoo?

Sneaking in a teaspoon or two of hair dye into shampoo is a trick some hair lovers use to extend their hair color’s lifespan.

It brings out the vibrant color of your hair as if you had just stepped out of the salon and had it done.

Now, some of you are probably wondering, “But won’t mixing hair dye with my shampoo end up coloring my hair?” Don’t worry, it doesn’t. 

Doing this method is just a way of preserving the life of the color treatment you’ve previously had, not darkening your hair or changing up its tone or shade.

For dye to cling onto your hair cuticles, you need to go through the chemical process of hair coloring.

Shampooing is far from a chemical process and won’t change your hair shade to that degree.

In short, you’ll enjoy a more vivacious and rich color back into your hair without altering your base shade.

But you could also try this concoction to temporarily color some lightened sections of your hair, like white or blonde highlights.

Even if it does end up staining your hair, the result will be subtle and can easily be washed away in your next couple of shampoo days.

Longevity and color vividness are just some of the benefits of this hack.

You also get to save potentially hundreds of dollars because you’re fixing your hair at home instead of scheduling another expensive appointment at the salon.

It’s a more economical choice—perfect when you’re on a budget.

Injecting black into your colored locks with purple shampoo

If you’re using purple shampoo to do this trick, I assume you have lightened hair.

For most hair colors, trying to mix black into your hair to darken the shade might make it look patchy and stark. You don’t want to end up with dull and mousy hair, do you? 

That said, mixing a bit of black dye is perfect for hair that was bleached and then colored a grungy dark silver or deep gray.

It’s a great way to maintain that intense color without going through the chemical process of coloring and damaging your locks all over again.

This type of hair is on the more high-maintenance side—you have to ensure you don’t have brassiness ruining your cool and ashy color, but you also need to maintain its rich and sultry darkness.

Purple shampoo is all you need to get rid of those undesirable yellow tones that ruin your hair’s cool tone.

It has violet pigments that cancel out golds and yellows that are too stark in your deep-colored locks, neutralizing brassiness that makes your hair look unnatural.

When it comes to mixing dye in hair wash products, purple shampoo is one of the best options you can go for.

You can cancel out the yellows that take away from your beautiful color while simultaneously brightening your dark gray shade.

In short, mixing black dye into your purple shampoo helps tone your hair and give it a deeper, edgier vibe by maintaining your hair color. 

But doing this hack is never without risks. When you try to deepen your hair color by mixing the dye into your shampoo, it doesn’t always turn out the way you planned.

The color could end up looking uneven on different sections of hair. 

To avoid this, mix your dye and purple shampoo at a 1:1 ratio until they’re well-combined—no streaks and lines of colors that haven’t been incorporated into each other.

Then, apply it into your hair in sections and work it into your scalp and hair, leaving it for about 10 minutes before rinsing.

You can do this trick maybe once every two weeks or whenever you see any brassiness and fading of your deep hair color.

Doing it every day might be pointless, especially if you’ve maintained your color well since your salon appointment anyway.

It’s also crucial to note that this method won’t color your roots once they start growing out. Your dye and shampoo combo won’t darken or tone them.

The only way to make your hair color look cohesive is to have your roots dyed chemically, either at home or in the salon.

Could mixing black dye with purple conditioner be better?

While the black dye and purple shampoo method might work for your goal of revitalizing your deeper hair color, there are other, potentially “healthier” ways to do it too.

One such way is by using a purple conditioner instead of purple shampoo.

Shampoo can be stripping when left in the hair for too long. On the other hand, conditioner can technically be left however long you want on your hair without causing any damage.

On the flip side, it can add hydration and shine to your hair too.

It works the same way as the dye and shampoo concoction—the purple conditioner will tone your yellow streaks, while the black dye maintains the richness of your deep-colored hair. 

But in this method, the conditioner tends to soften the stark black color of the dye, making it a bit lighter.

This way might be better for those with silver hair in a more medium lightness or anyone wary of darkening their hair too much and losing its light-reflective hue.

If you’d rather use purple conditioner to mix your black dye with, the ratio is three parts conditioner to one part dye.

Massage the conditioner into your hair after shampooing, concentrating on the ends to moisturize them. 

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So if your edgy, dark gray hair or chic, deep silver locks are getting the better of you because of yellow brassiness and a dull shade, a combo of purple shampoo with a teeny bit of black dye might do wonders to bring your tresses back to life.

Just be careful not to overdo it. Aim for once every week or two, and try not to use too much dye when you make your shampoo cocktail. A little bit always goes a long way, especially with black dye!

As long as you stay resourceful with these tips and tricks to keep your hair looking glamorous and vibrant, you’ll be able to fix dullness and overly warm tones from the comfort of your home. 

So what are you waiting for? Bring out your favorite purple shampoo and create your shampoo-dye concoction for those fab and unique locks! 



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