How Long Do I Have to Wait to Bleach My Hair Again?

How long do I have to wait to bleach my hair again?

Bleaching your hair can be quite an exhilarating experience.

  • First, bleaching gives you room to try the latest hairstyles.
  • Secondly, bleaching offers a favorable opportunity for you to try different dyes and bleaches on your head. The hairstyles complement your looks to give you the street credentials.
  • Thirdly, bleaching is necessary for hair treatment. During the bleaching process, hair gets a chance to be treated, cared for, and nourished. Naturally occurring ingredients, conditioner, and shampoo are necessary for the cleaning process.

Bleaching doesn’t give a window for experimenting with hair.

Hair trends mushroom sporadically and, should you feel the need to try new styles, consider patience as one way of achieving this. You need to exert yourself and use lots of bleach to achieve perfect bleaching.

Most professionals and hairdressers argue that you should wait for one month before bleaching your hair again.

The color to dye and the state of your hair play crucial roles during the bleaching process.

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What is hair bleaching?

Bleach hair

Hair bleaching is a chemical process that involves the primary use of hydrogen peroxide. The bleaching process kick starts with the application of a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide on the hair.

The mixture perforates the hair fiber, cutting and removing the melanin, the pigment that lightens your hair.

Subject to the color of your hair, bleaching goes through certain stages for you to achieve the desired color. You can dye and bleach your hair up to three tones during every bleach session.

It is impossible to lighten heavily dark hair in just one bleach session. You cannot perform two or three bleaches in a single day. That would be insane!

Two considerations before bleaching

You should consider the color of your color-treated hair or the natural color state of your mane.

Perform these operations at home since you can access hydrogen peroxide concentrations that can work to remove the colors to particular levels.

Avoid excessive exposure to hydrogen peroxide and ammonia solution. It can destroy the hair strands.

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How long do I have to wait to bleach my hair again?

If your hair is severely damaged, consider waiting for at least one month to perform the bleaching process.

Intermittently treat your hair by using your preferred hydrating conditioner and shampoo for nourishing. If your hair isn’t damaged or it is your first time, you can bleach your hair every fortnight.

Also, if your hair is straight from another bleaching operation, wait for a month to bleach again.

Bleaching is a disastrous activity on your hair strands, overuse of the hydrogen peroxide and ammonia mixture can severely cause further damage to already damaged hair.

The time to take while waiting for the subsequent bleaching operation mainly depends on how you cared for the hair after the initial process. It also depends on the condition of your hair.

The trick is to let the hair heal and recover from the ‘violent’ operations of bleaching before another process.

For chemically treated hair, the wait time should be a month before you get another bleach. The chemical used to perm and unkink can cause the hair strands to weaken.

Pull your hair to check its elasticity. In case it doesn’t return to its original state, then your hair might not be ready for bleaching.

If you might need help with the condition of your hair and the type of bleach to use, consider approaching a hair specialist for further directions.

Caring for damaged hair before the next bleaching process

You should pay extra attention to your hair, especially if you are from one bleaching process and you are about to get another one. It is a delicate process, so delicately care for your mane.

How to take care your bleached hair?

Deep condition

The extreme effects of heat and strenuous activities on the hair can cause further damage to the hair strands. Bleached hair needs to be hydrated and moisturized.

Coconut oil and a deep conditioner for bleached hair would work wonders to restore and hydrate your hair strands. Bleaching raises the hair strands levels irreversibly. The results are; brittle and stubborn hair.

Some of the visible signs include split ends and withered hair. Deep hydration comes to the rescue of damaged hair as among the exceptional operations to salvage further hair damage.

Over-washing your hair causes the hair strands to become weak and eventually become damaged.

You should bleach your hair immediately after a wash-up. When you wait longer, the cleaned hair will turn dry and brittle.

Deep condition the same way you bleached and watch your hair grow healthier and stronger.

Maintain a friendly hair care routine as you wait for the next bleaching session.

Avoid prohibited heat treatment methods

It is a given thing that after the first bleaching process, you shouldn’t use a hairdryer and flat iron. You don’t need them for the next 30 days.

The heat styling tools will further dehydrate the hair. When you bleach your hair, the hair strands are robbed of their moisture and oils. It causes the onset of dehydration and eventually leading to brittle hairs.

Intricate braids; they will care for your hair until the next bleaching process.

Go natural

For hair to heal after the strenuous bleaching process, consider going natural with your hair products.

Sunflower oil, banana, coconut oil, and aloe vera are among the friendly natural ingredients for hair care.

The organic products have hydrating effects that moisturize and hydrate the hair strands. Egg and butter have abundant deposits of amino acids that are important ingredients for hair growth.

The basic natural treatment is not only productive but also economical to use. A relief to your pocket? We understand the crazy salon charges.

You can apply natural products to bleach your hair. Chamomile and lemon could help lighten your hair. The naturally occurring products, however, cannot work well for heavily dark hair.

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Bleaching is a crucial hair treatment process. It doesn’t offer the luxury for you to experiment with it. From the first treatment to the subsequent, you should care for your hair as though it were a baby.

When you take good care of your hair, it will respond with robust growth. Shampoo and deep conditioner are a must-have during this process.

Follow the above bleaching tenets to know how long you should wait before you bleach your hair again.


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