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Tapered vs Straight Curling Wand: Which is the Best Hair Styling Tool?

In today’s world, women are becoming more and more fashionable about the styling of their hair. Luckily, different hair styling tools are available on the market to create different kinds of hairstyles at home. 

Today we are going to discuss the tapered vs straight curling wands.

The tapered curling wand and the straight curling wand are great styling tools to create curly hairstyles.  But which is the best between the two? 

If you are confused about choosing the right one for your hair styling requirements, then you have come to the right place.

This article will explore the pros and cons of Tapered & Straight curling wands to help you choose the most suitable styler for your needs.

Differences between Tapered and Straight Curling Wand

There are so many differences between these two curlers that make them distinct from one another in terms of use, design, and style.

Both tapered and straight curling wands have their own pros and cons.

So before we judge which one is better than the other, let’s look at what both products have to offer to decide which is the most suitable for you.

Tapered Curling Wand

Tapered Curling Wand
Tapered Curling Wand

Tapered curling wand is also known as a conical wand and has a broader base narrowing towards the top.

Wrapping your hair closer to the base will give you big and spacious curls for your hair.

This is because it starts wide at the bottom before narrowing at the top. Plus, you can utilize the thin tip to get more tight and fixed curls. 

The design of the tapered barrel is flexible, allowing you to create small and large curls. As the size of the barrel can go near the roots and pump up the volume, this barrel type is a perfect choice for users with short hair.

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Also, if you love to try different styles for your hair, then Tapered Curling Wand is worth considering.

However, if you want to have uniform curls, a tapered curling wand may not be the perfect choice for you.

This is because the style of the tapered barrel gets from thin to thick. So, a tapered curling wand is used for generating spiral curls rather than uniform curls.

The tapered curling wand has no clip, which is used to hold the strand of the hair. For this reason, you need to use your fingers to hold the strand of hair.

To prevent your fingers from being burned, use tight-fitting fabric gloves. If your hair is going dull by mid-morning or cannot keep the curl any longer, then try using the tapered curling wand.

A conical wand will give you natural-looking waves as well as wider waves on the top and tighter to the end. Also, with a tapered curling wand, you will be able to release the curl into the palm of your hand as it narrows going to the top.

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Reverse Tapered Curling Wands

Another version of a conical wand called “Reverse Tapered Curling Wand,” which is becoming very trendy today.

Reverse Tapered Curling Wands
Reverse Tapered Curling Wand

The reverse tapered curling wand has a tight base that goes wider to the end, creating small curls on the top part of your hair and large curls on the lower part of your hair, which is exactly opposite to the tapered curling wand. 

This is why it is called a reverse tapered curling wand. This means that you can use it to create more loose curls at the top of your hair and small curls on end.


  • Reverse tapered curling wands allow you to experiment with different looks
  • Create curls from loose to tighter curls.
  • An ideal choice for users with long and short hair.
  • Available in thin to wider barrel sizes
  • Using the tapered creates more volume
  • A great choice for creating natural hairstyles
  • Heat up fast
  • Do not come with clips to hold the strand of your hair, saving your curls from those significant imprints from clip marks.


  • It is not suitable for making uniform curls
  • It cannot create large relaxed waves and big curls
  • The curls created by the tapered curling wand are not softer and glistening than those created by the straight curling wand

Straight Curling Wand

Straight Curling Wand with Built-in Clip

Straight Curling Wand with Built-in Clip
Straight Curling Wand with Built-in Clip

This type of regular curling wand has been in the market for a long time and is quite popular. It has a straight, cylindrical barrel with a clip, which you can open or close with your fingers to hold the strand of your hair.

Unlike the tapered curling wand, the Straight Curling Wand with Built-in Clip is effective for creating standard and uniform hair curls. This is thanks to the clip included in the wand. 

However, you should know that the built-in clip can leave clip marks on your curls if you use it regularly to create curls without having the right position.

But after practicing, you can get the position right, and it will be very convenient for you to create curly hairstyles.

The Straight Curling Wand with Built-in Clip can also be confusing to use for new users.

This is because the procedure for styling your hair requires you to wrap a piece of your hair around the wand, and then the remaining hair around the built-in clip.

Then, slip the hair within the clip slowly. You can halt if you want to get maximum grip. 

Nonetheless, it is still the best curling wand for beginners to create beach waves. 

Another advantage of a straight curling wand is that its barrel diameter is fixed.

This means that you are unlikely to wrap your hair in the wrong position of the wand, as is the case with other wands. 

Styling your hair using this product can take twice the time compared to using a tapered curling wand. Nonetheless, it gives a more polished and shinier look than the tapered curling wand.

Even though this straight curling wand comes with a built-in clip, you should use it with caution.

For creating uniform curls, you need to bring the hair strands very close to the root. This will help you achieve perfect uniform curls.

However, you need to be very cautious as this can result in burning your neck, forehead, or ears if you are not careful or you are a new user.

Ultimately, it will take time to master the technique for styling your hair using this product. This product is also not perfect for those who have short or have somewhat curly hair.

Straight Curling Wand without the Clips

This straight curling wand lacks the clip which holds the strand of the hair.

This straight curling wand lacks the clip which holds the strand of the hair.
Straight Curling Wand without the Clips

Without the clip, you will only need to wrap your hair around the cylindrical barrel and then hold it for a few seconds before releasing it. So the procedure for using the wand without a clip is easy.

This cylindrical barrel is great for creating large and relaxed waves.

The barrel of this product gives you more surface area, allowing you to curl your hair quicker. This also makes it easier to check the size of the curls. 

This clip-less version of the straight curling wand is straightforward to use than the straight curling wand with a built-in clip version. It is an ideal choice for creating ribbon curls, uniform, and also symmetrical curls

Besides, it allows you to create different looks by turning and then wrapping your strands around the wand.

For instance, to achieve looser waves, wrap more hair at a go or create S-curls by holding shorter parts against the wand before releasing.


  • A straight curling wand with a built-in clip gives a more elegant and professional-looking finish than a tapered curling wand
  • Great for creating big curls in a uniform style
  • Highly adaptable product
  • Having a built-in clip can save you from burned fingers
  • This curling wand is recognized for creating curls that are even in size
  • Ideal for new users who want big waves


  • These types of curling wands are not as user-friendly as other types of curling wands
  • It can leave dreaded clip marks if you are a new user
  • Using this product can result in burning your neck, forehead, or ears 
  • The procedure of using this device can be confusing for new users

Conclusion – Tapered vs Straight Curling Wand: Which is the Best Hair Styling Tool?

Tapered vs Straight Curling Wand, wondering which to choose? We hope our guide has made it easier for you to pick the right one for your styling needs. 

While each of these curling wands has its pros and cons, the tapered curling wand is more preferable. This is because it is easier and more secure to use than the straight curling wand versions. 

Unlike straight curlers, tapered curling wand versions will not leave clip marks as they do not come with clips. Plus, you can create different styles of curls with the tapered curling wand, whether you have long hair or short hair.  

Nonetheless, the most suitable choice will narrow down to your length and the type of your hair, and the hairstyle you want to achieve.

Always keep these factors in mind when shopping for the best hair styling tool in the future.

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