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The Best Purple Hair Dyes for Dark Hair without Bleach

For most people, dyeing a fun color like purple will always require bleaching to get the most out of the vibrant color. But that’s not exactly practical for everyone.

Some of us with dark hair want to retain our rich, lush, brunette hair. Others care more about not damaging their hair so much, which bleaching is notorious for. (Even you tried Bleach Hair Without Damage, it still can hurt your hair)

But just because you don’t want to bleach your hair, it doesn’t mean you can’t have purple hair.

When you use the right, high-quality purple hair dyes for dark hair, it’s possible to color your hair purple without having to face the consequences of bleaching for months (or years!) after.

Things to remember when dyeing hair purple without bleach

Don’t believe what people say.

It’s completely okay to dye fun colors like purple, even if you don’t bleach your hair!

Bleach provides quick and easy color transfer when dyeing your hair, but can cause severe damage like dryness, brittleness, and a straw-like texture.


The purple color won’t be as bright and vivid as on bleached or blonde hair because dark hair is more difficult to dye.

You’ll also have a hard time getting lighter violets like lavender or lilac to stick.

Instead, go for deeper purple shades.

Purple dyes that are darker than your natural starting shade are likely to have better results than forcing a super light pastel purple on black hair.

That’s because if you don’t bleach your hair, you can’t change your hair color’s lightness.

Dark brown hair will always be dark, but you can change it up to a rich, deep purple with dyes.

If you’re avoiding bleach because you don’t want any hair damage, choose a demi-permanent dye.

It has less peroxide than semi-permanent and permanent dyes, which allows you to lighten your hair a little bit without frying it.

(Refer: The ways to lighten hair with peroxide and shampoo)

Another thing you shouldn’t expect when dyeing dark hair purple without bleach is super bright and vibrant hair.

You’ll more likely see a subtle change in color that might get more vivid when under the sun or in a well-lit area.

If you’re looking for a less permanent way of coloring your hair purple—say, for a fun concert night or Halloween—there are lots of temporary options for you too.

For one-time or days-long color, you can opt for hair chalk, coloring shampoos, wash-off dyes, or hair waxes.

Sometimes, the purpleness in your hair can be even more vivid and eye-catching with these than using dye.

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Top 15 Best Purple Hair Dye for Dark Hair without Bleach

L’Oreal Colorista Hair Makeup for Brunettes in Purple 50

Before diving into the heavy-duty dyes, let’s talk about this holy grail temporary hair dye by L’Oreal.

This one-day hair makeup is great if you want to have purple hair without bleaching or committing to having it for the rest of your life.

Because it’s formulated especially for brunettes, this works wonderfully on dark hair.

The dye is made with transfer resistant technology, so it doesn’t fade or transfer until you wash it out with shampoo.

This temporary dye doesn’t contain peroxide or ammonia, so you don’t have to worry about burning your skin while doing your hair.

Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Purple Rain

For something more longer-lasting but still won’t bring your hair into any harm’s way, you can try out this semi-permanent hair color by Arctic Fox in its rich and bold Purple Rain shade.

While this purple dye gives a more vibrant hue to light-colored hair, you can use it on your dark locks to give it more of a deep and mysterious purple tint.

This vegan hair dye is formulated without harsh ammonia, peroxide, and alcohols, so you don’t have to worry about drying out your hair or burning some of your skin while you apply it.

Color X-Change Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Plushy Purple

This ready-to-use purple hair dye for dark hair by Color X-Change is super convenient.

No mixing is needed at all—just put the semi-permanent hair color in a bowl and use your gloved hands to massage it into your dark tresses from root to tip.

And then you can switch from dark hair to purple hair easily without bleach.

It’s made without PDP, parabens, ammonia, and peroxide, so you’re never harsh on your skin allergies or your hair. I also like that it’s vegan and completely gluten-free.

I love this hair dye because it’s fragrance-free, so you won’t make a mess that smells toxic and chemical-like at home even when you do your hair.

Punky Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Color in Plum

Who says hair dye will just dry out the hair?

Punky’s semi-permanent conditioning color can give you plum-colored locks while nourishing and strengthening your hair.

Aside from color, this cream also provides keratin to fortify your hair and help it hold your color better and longer. It also gives the hair a nice and lustrous sheen.

(You can use this purple hair dye with Keratin shampoos & conditioners for the best hair care.)

It’s a great conditioning color to use on dark hair to give it a tinge of purple that is still bold and rich, not a half-hearted purple that looks kind of maroon.

Your plum hair can last up to 25 washes when this conditioning color is used correctly.

Iroiro Premium Natural Semi-Permanent Hair Color in 20 Purple

Color even unbleached hair purple with this semi-permanent, damage-free dye by Iroiro.

This dye isn’t made with any toxic and petro-based ingredients that can dry out the hair.

Instead, it’s infused with organic coconut oil to moisturize your locks and give it a natural gloss.

(Find out more about coconut oil’s effects on hair in the articles: “The best coconut shampoos and conditioners” and “How to Use Coconut Oil Before Coloring Your Hair“)

It also has a Yuzu cranberry fragrance to make your hair dye session less stressful and more relaxing, refreshing, and pampering.

It comes in a sealed and handy pouch you can bring along with you and a tamper-proof cap to make sure no product spills in your bag.

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye in Pony

This ultra-conditioning hair dye by Lime Crime deposits color straight to your hair without any developer needed.

It nourishes the hair strands with its softening formula that doesn’t contain ammonia, peroxide, or bleach.

All you have to do is apply on hair, leave for about 45 minutes, and rinse!

While this dye gives an intense electric violet shade to pre-bleached locks, it can also provide a deep purple tint to dark, unbleached hair.

This dye, like all Lime Crime products, is PETA-verified vegan and absolutely cruelty-free.

KooJoee Hair Coloring Wax in Purple

Enjoy vibrant purple streaks in your dark hair even just for a day with this temporary hair coloring wax by KooJoee.

It’s perfect for fun events like Halloween or cosplay season because you just massage the wax into the hair and flaunt those purple locks until you have to shampoo the dye out.

This hair wax is made of natural ingredients like plant extracts. Because of this gentle formulation, you’re less likely to get any scalp irritation from it.

It also makes the product environment-friendly.

It also provides your hairstyle with a flexible hold so that it can last all night—just like your purple color!

‘N Rage Long Live Color Demi-Permanent Hair Color in Purple Plum

Condition your hair while giving it a pop of color with this demi-permanent hair color by ‘N Rage.

It’s infused with keratin, amino acids, and hydrolyzed quinoa to give your hair the proteins and fats it needs to be smooth and silky even after you dye it.

It’s also formulated with UVA and UVB inhibitors to protect your hair from damage under the sun.

That means more protection from breakage and extended longevity for your hair color without fading. Because of this, your color can last for over 25 washes.

WELLA ColorCharm Paints in Purple

WELLA’s semi-permanent hair color is made without ammonia and peroxide, so that you can dye dark hair purple without bleach while still getting great results.

While this paint is recommended for lighter hair colors, it still gives dark hair a subtle tinge of purple for a brooding, edgy look.

If you have lighter locks blended into your dark hair, you’ll find beautiful streaks of more vibrant purple to complement your overall look.

Coloring with this dye will last your purple hair around 20 washes.

Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye in Purple

This genius product by Keracolor combines a conditioner with a color-depositing agent to give you pretty, semi-permanent purple locks as you detangle your hair in the shower.

You can cleanse, conditioner, and color your hair all in one step!

This conditioner is also infused with nourishing ingredients to keep your hair moisturized and soft, such as coconut oil, keratin, rosehip oil, and shea butter, among many other gorgeous botanicals.

If you want a more vibrant color or maintain the purple hues you have in your dark hair without bleach, you can use this product in place of your regular conditioner just to bring out the purple a bit more.

Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids in Violet

If you want a solid dark purple color for your brunette hair without bleach, Pravana would be suitable for you.

It isn’t as easy to use as coloring shampoo or conditioner, but it doesn’t need a developer to be mixed so that you can apply it directly to your hair.

This semi-permanent dye lasts a long time in your hair and doesn’t fade fast, even if you shampoo frequently.

If you have lighter areas in your hair and want to try giving yourself pastel highlights, you can mix this into your favorite conditioner and color your hair that way for a different look.

Clairol Color Crave Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Orchid

Clairol’s semi-permanent dye gives brunette locks a true-tone sweep of deep and dark violet for a grungy, sexy look.

It’s super easy to use because you don’t need to mix it with a developer—just apply it directly onto the hair and you’ll have purple hair without bleach!

I like this dye because it fades only after 15 washes so that I can rock my purple hair for a long time.

And when it does fade, it does so gradually and beautifully without leaving a dull, gray tint to the hair as it goes.

RAW Demi-Permanent Hair Color in Lavender Cloud

This demi-permanent hair color was designed for all hair types and natural colors so that it will go great for your naturally brown hair.

While the results may not be as intense and eye-popping as on blonde hair, you’ll still get away with a dark electric violet shade that will last you over 45 washes.

This formula contains no parabens, ammonia, or PPD, and is made cruelty-free.

That means your product is good to the earth and will be good to your hair and skin too!

Celeb Luxury Viral Colorditioner with BondFix in Purple

If you want to maintain hair health while gradually coloring your hair purple, you can use this conditioner by Celeb Luxury.

You can use it once if you only want to deposit a tinge of purple into your hair, but if you want a more intense and less temporary color, use it more often.

This colorditioner is made with a proprietary BondFix complex that strengthens your hair while nourishing it from the inside out, so that you can have beautiful purple hair that is soft and strong too.

It’s also formulated with durable conditioning technology to ensure reduced breakage and easy detangling in the shower.

MOFAJANG Hair Coloring Material in Purple

Need an instant, quick-and-easy purple hair dye for just one night and not bleaching?

This hair cream by MOFAJANG is fantastic for temporary color because it gives flexible hold to your styling while nourishing your hair with natural ingredients and extracts, like beeswax and camellia leaf extracts.

This is a convenient way to color your hair purple on days you want more attitude and flair to your overall look.

All you have to do is work the color into your hair while styling, similar to hair wax.

To take the color off, all you need to do is shampoo it out.

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Don’t let anything—even your naturally dark hair—stop you from expressing yourself with gorgeous purple locks!

There’s always a way to experiment with purple dye, no matter what the base color is.

The important thing is to find dyes with good quality and vividness.

So whether you want to rock a bright purple just for one party night or deep and sultry violet locks for months, try out one of these dyes on this list!

It’s step one to achieving those pretty colored locks you’ve always wanted.


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