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How To Use Hair Toner After Bleaching?

Hair toner is not strange to any beauty enthusiast. With the support of this hair care product, your hair color will look more natural even if you’ve just given it a dye.

Especially, brilliant colors will require a hair bleaching, and the presence of hair toner after this process will be crucial to result in the most beautiful and visible look.

Therefore, you should gain an abundance of knowledge about this topic before applying it to your real hair caring-methods collection.

Can you use a toner straight after bleaching?

Yes, you totally can because a hair toner is born to do that.

While bleaching, your hair’s cuticle will be opened by the hydrogen peroxide in bleach. This will be an ideal opportunity to apply hair toner to your hair and let it do the job that helps hair dye go into the shaft later on.

It is even recommended putting on a hair toner immediately after bleaching. The later you use, the more chance your cuticle will close, and the resulting color might not be as expected.

However, make sure that your hair is healthy enough to put these chemicals on it.  

Nevertheless, there are some toner brands that don’t require you to apply to your hair right after the bleaching process. And toners can also be used as a remedy for an imperfect hair dye. That means it would be still fine to tone your hair after coloring. 

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Does toner damage your bleached hair?

As already mentioned, a hair toner won’t damage your bleached hair. It is even a helpful company with your hair after being lightened.

This incredible product will help you stay away from the grassy and orange strands when you are desiring to possess blonde hair. As long as you use a proper brand for your hair type and apply it correctly to your hair, there will be no ruin at all.

However, if your hair’s health is currently a big concern, you can let it rest for a while and choose a brand that is recommended to use after several days of bleaching.

Can you leave hair toner on too long?

You shouldn’t leave a toner on your hair for too long. The recommendation time would be maximum 30 minutes.

However, it isn’t a big deal if you accidentally left it longer than that period of time. The problem will be about the finished color, not any damage on your hair, so don’t worry.

At this point, after several washes, the current toner will fade out gradually and you can re-tone your hair correctly.

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What color toner to use on bleached hair?

The key to have a true resulting color is to use the right toner for your hair. Not only the brand, but also the color of the toner will also decide how successful your hair color will be.

The pre-lightening process can cause your hair some annoying yellow and orange strands. Basically, these unwanted warm pigments can be cancelled out by the opposite colors in the color wheel.

Therefore, you should use the purple toner when you want to keep your bleached hair away from yellow undertones, and the blue one will neutralize the orange pigments.

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When you understand what your hair needs and how the hair toner works, it would be easy as pie to apply it and personalize your hair.



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