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How To Make Hair Stand Up? Please Use These Products To Do So

Spiky hair has never been out of fashion over decades. Although this hairstyle used to be mostly for men, it does work on women too.

It can be achieved with or without hair care products. And no matter what method you’re gonna use, the finish hair should be sharp and look natural.

If you intend to possess this fashionable haircut, this article is for you. We believe that you’ll find some interesting information about spiky hair right below. Let’s check it out!

What product is best for spiking hair?

The product that is considered best for spiking hair should both lift your hair up and be easy to wash out. It could be gel, wax, or hair glue.

Now we want to list some best items for you to choose every time you want to spike your hair.

Joico – Ice Spiker Styling Glue

This product won’t glue your hair forever so don’t worry. It is beloved by the water resistant and long-lasting ability. So why not give it a try?

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Sexyhair – Hard Up Gel

As the name implies, your hair will look attractive and sexy with this shiny coat. This hair gel will not only keep your hair stand straight up, but it also works on any hairstyle. What a great choice!

Johnny B – Trick Styling Glue

This barber shop-quality hair glue will also provide you a gleaming look. Even if you sweat, your spiky hair won’t change thanks to the water-resistance of this product.

Mitch – Hardwired Spiking Glue

A subtle perfume of Mitch will make you smell attractive. This glue is great for spiking hair because it keeps your hair lift up all day long.

The plus point is there will be no dandruff when using Mitch glue.

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Avenue Chiett – Super Hard Spiker Wax

If you are not a fan of a shiny appearance, this wax product is for you. Your hair will be coated with a matte finish, which is actually easy to wash out.

Which is better gel or wax?

It’s hard to give this question an exact answer. It will actually depend on your hair type, what you expect from the product and how you want the finish to look like.

In general, gel was more common in the past, but people seem to stick with wax today.

Hair gel will bring to a shiny and a little wet look throughout the day. The result might be a bit stiff on your hair, so it’s great for rock solid hair. When it comes to re-changing the hairstyle, you will need to do it from scratch and work on those stiff strands.

In contrast, wax gives you a matte finish, which makes your hair look more natural. It’s smooth, so it will be quite easy for you to reshape your hair after a while wearing wax on a particular hairstyle.

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How can I spike my hair naturally?

Gel or wax will be very helpful for spiking hair, but you know what, you can make your hair stand up naturally at home without the help of any hair product.

But be sure that it cannot work as effectively as gel or wax, so just consider it as a temporary option. Now let’s figure it out.

Things you’ll need

  1. Volumizing Shampoo
  2. A towel
  3. A comb
  4. A hair dryer


  1. Wash your hair with your volumizing shampoo
  2. Slightly dry it with a towel (your hair should be still damp before being spiked)
  3. Use a wide-teeth comb to take all the tangles and knots away
  4. Choose the section of hair that you want to spike up, then backcomb your hair to stand it up
  5. Run your fingers through your hair from root to tips three to four times to restyle your hair and make it look more natural 
  6. Blow dry your hair to hold it longer

To have a better result, you can lather the shampoo (while shampooing) in the desired spiked motion. You can ask for the help of hair spray in the last step to keep your spikes in place for a longer time.

How can I lift the front of my hair?

If you possess straight flat hair and you want to add more volume to your hair, don’t miss this section.

Below we would like to show you some tricks that you can easily give your hair (especially the front) a nice lift without adding some extensions of hair.

Use dry shampoo

As soon as you feel your hair is dirty, it’s time to apply dry shampoo. Coat your scalp with a thin layer of dry shampoo and your hair will look thicker and lusher.

Check out the dry shampoos for:

Change your part

Section your hair in an opposite part to the initial one where your hair naturally falls down.

Doing this when your hair is still wet or damp, and not only your hair look is lifted, but you will also look different. 


This is an effective way to create volume to your flat hair with just a single comb.

You should use this technique with each small section of hair to result the best. And don’t go seriously, or your hair will look like a mess.

Upside down drying

After shampooing your hair, blow-dry it but in an upside down way.

Flipping your hair like this when it’s still wet then dry with a hair dryer will make your roots move further from the scalp, which adds more volume to your hair. It’s easy, right?

Use hot rollers

This method will give your hair sone waves. It’s very convenient as you can do other things while wearing those hot rollers on your hair.

Use root-boosting product

Apply to your scalp when your hair is still damp, not completely wet or dry. This product can keep your hair upward all day long.

In conclusion

As you can see, there are various ways to spike or lift your hair up.

You can choose among the favorable gel, glue, or wax brands that are aforementioned to style your hair. Each of them has its own pros and cons, so be a wise consumer to achieve the best result. Good luck!

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