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Triangle Hair: What It Is And How to Get Rid of It?

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Beside dreadlocks, curly hair is the hairstyle that requires a bit more special care than usual since it easy to be messed up.

Let’s be honest: Have you ever felt annoyed with your curly hair because it is way too curly? It easily gets loose or becomes messy?

Especially, while some people find triangle hair cute, some might be sick of it since it makes them look like a mushroom head.

So, what exactly is a triangle head? How does it form? Any tips to get rid of it? This article will walk you through these concerns.

What Is Triangle Hair? What Causes Triangle Hair?

Triangle hair (also called ‘mushroom head’ or ‘Xmas tree head’) is the hair shape commonly found in curly hair girls.

It happens when your hair is all one length, the root part is flattened and the ends part is way too puffy that the curls mount on each other.

Triangle Shape Hair - Before & After
Triangle Shape Hair – Before & After (Source: Gena Marie)

The reasons for having triangle shaped hair:

  • Your hair texture: When your curly hair has a tendency to expand and you over apply shampoo on it.
  • Improper layering: Traditional layering method might also encourage puffy triangle head.
  • Wrong fixing method: You apply gel to the curls to fix the triangle shape but that just encourages the curls to expand more.

Why Does My Hair Not Curl at the Roots?

There are also several reasons for having a flat root base. We have listed down the common ones below so you will have a clear pictures on that:

  • Your hair’s too long and heavy: Long and heavy curls will create a pressure to pull the root in a downward motions, which causes your root to lose the curl volume.
  • Your scalp natural oil: Higher oil content (produced by sebum) causes the hair at the root base to be smoothed out while the hair at the ends don’t receive much oil so it tends to be dry and curled.

How To Get Rid Of Triangle Hair?

The good news is: There are several ways to get rid of the pyramid curly hair and have beautiful curly hair. Let’s check it out!

Clips at the roots

  • Grabs and clips the root curls might have a good effect on increasing the volume of your curls.
  • When your hair is still wet, you should clip the root section upwards and use the mousse to keep them in place.
  • Let them dry then remove the clips, your root hair won’t be flattened anymore.
Clips hair at roots to avoid triangle hair
Clips hair at roots to avoid triangle hair (Source: My Merry Messy Life)

Upside down

Rinsing, applying products or drying with your hair upside down will help your root hair to stand up and create volume to your curls.

Section and re-wet before styling

The bottom layers of your curls will expand if you are not styling it properly. Thus, you might want to spend five to ten minutes to section your hair into small parts, then you can thoroughly use the products on them.

Also, re-wetting the hair before doing any actions on it is a good idea, especially if you want to apply heat products (eg gel or mousse for curly, wavy hair) on them. That is to prevent your hair from frizz and breakage.


This method is to prevent the hair from sticking to the scalp while they are still wet.

To plop, you can use the sticks to separate the hair sections near the scalp and the scalp and let them air dry.

Steps to Plop hair
Steps to plop and stop triangle hair (Source: Gena Marie)

Mind the length

Too long curls mean they are getting heavier, which obviously causes high pressure on the root and makes the root hair section flatten.

You might consider cutting off a bit so that your curls can maintain the good shape.

Mind the products

Spplying heavy texture products with improper amounts on the root or the middle sections might also affect the shape of your curls.

Light texture mousse or creams are more recommendable for curls.

In Short

Bad hair days are believed to have a strong effect on your mood and your productivity. We hope these tips above will be helpful for you to take care of your curls.

If you have any other concerns on how to have beautiful curly hair, just share them here. Let’s make every day a good hair day!

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