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How To Use Coconut Oil For Black Hair Care At Home?

Most Asian people and African American possess black hair. This hair type looks beautiful, mysterious, but is reputed for its potentiality to lose moisture.

Although you have hundreds of ways to nourish your black hair by going to salons or sticking with commercial hair care products, it will cost a fortune for a long term routine.

Don’t worry, you have various natural alternatives that can strengthen and nourish your hair from inside to outside with a humble budget. One of them is coconut oil.

So let’s figure out what coconut oil can do for your hair and how to properly use it.

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What does coconut oil do for black hair?

Black hair is a type of hair that faces many hair problems, such as dandruff, dry, or split ends. And coconut oil is like its salvage since this natural-based treasure can cope with most of them.

Coconut oil provides your black hair with the crucial moisture that will keep your hair away from being dry and breakage. It is also packed with other elements like essential vitamins and acids, which work perfectly on your hair to gradually nourish it.

Thanks to all of these benefits, your black hair will be strengthened, shiny, and smooth as silk if you properly use coconut oil.


Does coconut oil regrow hair?

Yes, it does. Coconut oil will not only diminish the falling-out hair situation, but it also helps regrow hair.

The reason is the antioxidants found in coconut oil will be supportive in boosting your hair’s health. Additionally, it has lauric acid, which helps tie the protein in the hairline.

When you give your scalp a daily gentle massage of coconut oil, it will improve blood circulation, stimulate the roots and hair follicles, thereby promoting hair growth.

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What kind of coconut oil is best for hair?

Despite the marvelous benefit for our hair, if you choose the wrong kind of coconut oil, then the result will come up not as expected. Therefore, the selecting step will also be very important.

You should opt for the virgin to extra virgin coconut oil, or the unrefined one. That means there will be as few chemicals and additives as possible.

Choose it from a somewhat famous brand whose products are likely to be made with only organic and natural ingredients.

In that way, your hair will absorb only good nutrients to be nourished in the best way.

Can I leave coconut oil in my hair all day?

The answer will depend on what type your hair is. Like if you possess oily hair, then no, definitely not recommended.

An all-day-long coconut oil mask can make your hair greasy. In this case, you better stick with an oily-free haircare routine.

When it comes to dry hair which is desiring to be moisturized, it would be fine to leave coconut oil in your hair overnight or within a day.

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What essential oils are good for black hair growth?

What happens if you cannot find a bottle of coconut oil around you?

Don’t worry, as besides this plant-based oil, there are many other natural essential oils that are helpful for your hair, especially your Afro hair. Let’s check it out:

Olive oil

This can be found at any supermarket, or any kitchen. Not only a staple in cooking, olive oil will work effectively on your black hair.

Using it alone or as a base to mix with other oils will be both fine.

Avocado oil

Avocado is known as a king of fruits due to many beneficial properties it contains. As a result, avocado oil is as good as the fruit.

It will be best to help dry hair become moist and healthy, thereby promote hair growth.

Tea tree oil

Besides moisturizing your dry black hair, tea tree oil is ideal to clean your scalp. It makes the scalp stay away from non-beneficial bacteria and dandruff.

Jojoba oil

This plant can mostly be found in the southeast area of North America. Its oil is closest to our natural scalp’s oil. It will help moisturize your hair and work well when mixing with conditioners.

Peppermint oil

This oil will help stimulate blood flow, which allows your hair to absorb the best nutrients and enhance hair growth.

Lavender oil

It works best when combining with other essential oils to create an effective hair loss treatment. However, you better keep this oil away from your face or neck skin because lavender oil tends to cause skin irritation.

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You see, you are among a variety of organic options to have a healthier hair care routine. Instead of visiting a hair salon, you can still treat your hair with the best right at your own home.



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