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Does Sulfur 8 Help Hair Grow? How To Use Sulfur 8 To Accelerate Hair Growth?

You are looking for a product that can slow down the boldness process, and expect more to help your hair grow back to what it was.

There are claims that with daily usage, Sulfur 8 helps hair grow.

The product contains petrolatum, mineral oil, alcohol, and sulfates. Many people don’t use products that contain these because of fears that they stunt hair growth, while others experience no such problems.

So this article will resolve your concerns about Sulfur 8 and point out its pros and cons.

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What is sulfur 8?

Sulfur 8 was first formulated in 1948 and has been a favorite of people throughout the world for controlling dandruff and relieving an itchy scalp.

Sulfur 8 products are medicated to scientifically heal hair by repairing the scalp, reducing itch, ridding dandruff, and moisturizing the hair and scalp. They are available in a wide variety of functions and sizes.

Sulfur 8’s ingredients include:

  • Sulfur (2 percent solution)
  • Petrolatum
  • Lanolin
  • Sorbitan trioleate
  • Polysorbate-81
  • Mineral oil
  • Menthol
  • Triclosan.

Can sulfur 8 grow your hair?

There are some important ingredients that can be found in this product series, for example, Sulfur, lanolin, mineral oil, petrolatum, menthol, and some other useful ingredients.

These products are very effective in helping you grow your healthy hair easily.

The main ingredient, plant extract saw palmetto, is an anti-androgenic, counters male hormones, which regulates levels of DHT in the body, preventing damage to the hair follicles and subsequent hair loss.

How to use Sulfur 8 for thinning hair and bald spots?

Things you’ll need

  • Sulfur 8 Medicated Original Anti-Dandruff Hair& Scalp Conditioner
  • Conditioner


  1. Step 1: Find out the fragile spots like thinning hair area and bald edge.
  2. Step 2: Apply a small amount of Sulfur 8 on those spots, remember to use just enough portion, don’t let your hair too greasy and leave it on your hair
  3. Step 3: Apply to the affected area 1-4 times daily to get the best result.

5 Best Sulfur 8 Products for Your Hair

Sulfur8 Deep-Cleaning Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

It contains several ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate and sodium cocampohoacetate that make this shampoo incredibly effective for removing dandruff flakes from your hair and scalp.

Apart from that, it also helps make your hair soft and manageable.

This hair product is compatible with all types of hair. Its effectiveness has been attested to by various customers for more than 40 years.

Its effects can be seen in about three washes.

However, many advised against allowing the product to sit in your hair for more than one minute since it can dry out your hair when left unrinsed for too long.

Sulfur8 Original Formula Medicated Anti-Dandruff Hair and Scalp Conditioner

This medicated scalp and hair conditioner has been in the market for about half a decade and is proven to be effective in countering dandruff itchiness in the scalp.

It features Sulfur 8’s original formula that works well to combat itchiness and dandruff.

SULFUR 8 Fresh Oil Moisturizing Cream

This oil moisturizing cream from Sulfur 8 contains no hard smell and leaves a fresh fragrance on your hair after use.

This hair product works well in controlling your dandruff, and it also promotes hair growth.

With its cupaucu butter, it soothes your irritated and dry scalp effectively.


Sulfur 8 Braid Spray

This item is for those people who have braids in their hair. Because of the braids, it is frequently tricky to thoroughly wash your hair and scalp.

(You’ll need this: 8 Steps To Wash Hair With Box Braids)

This hair spray from Sulfur 8 helps moisturize your scalp, softens your hair, and shines your braids with regular use.

This is great for locks, braids, hair extensions, and hair twists. It softens your braids, gives it a more natural look, and improves your hair and scalp’s overall condition.

Do you know: Braids is also a great way to get some hair growth going!

Sulfur8 Medicated Anti-Dandruff Hair and Scalp Conditioner for Kids

This product from Sulfur 8 features a medicated formula that’s tough on dandruff but safe for the skin, making it ideal for kids with sensitive scalps.

As such, you don’t have to worry about it being too harsh and irritating your children’s scalps.


Sulfur has been proven to lengthen the growing phase of your hair. A longer growing phase (before resting and shedding) means longer hair.

Lastly, Sulfur 8 also has been linked to treating, relieving, and decreasing the occurrences of psoriasis, dandruff, eczema, and folliculitis.

Hence, you are encouraged to apply it into your hair, as the only downside of it is that sulfur8 might cause a little bit uncomfortable as it can be really greasy.

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