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Do Braids Make Your Hair Grow? How Many Inches Does Your Hair Grow In Braids?

A long, shiny, healthy hair is something that almost everyone wants.

If you cut too short hair, how to make hair longer and thicker in the shortest time?

If only there is a magic potion that you could take to make your hair as long as we want it to be, wouldn’t that be great?

We may have heard a lot about the secrets to faster hair growth through using from commercial hair products to natural moisturizing oils (eg baby oil, moska oil, etc).

But have you ever heard that braids are a great way to get some hair growth going?

Does it really work? Let’s find out in this writing.

How do you know if your hair is growing with braids?

We all know that natural hair can grow regardless of whether it is styled or not, just how fast or slow it grows.

When you do braids to check if your hair is growing with them, how can you realize that?

The only way to notice that is to look at the roots to see if your braids are looser. Thereby, you can also know the length as well as the speed of your hair.

Also, when you wash or tug on your hair, it can be slippage so bear this in mind.

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Are braids bad for your hair?

In the summer, neat, cool hairstyles such as ponytails, buns, or braids have become the number one choice for many girls.

However, did you know that these seemingly harmless adorable hairstyles can be the culprit that causes your hair to become damaged and dull when you wear them too often, anytime, anywhere?

Reading here, you will think: “Should I give up these cool, youthful hairstyles?”

But don’t panic!

This is because braids can permanently break or damage your hair if your hairstyle is pulled too tight and is applied like that on a daily basis.

On the other hand, if you often do braids but prefer a soft, loose braid, your braids are completely harmless.

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Is braiding your hair overnight bad?

In some complex hairstyles, the interweaving of many braids causes the scalp to constantly pull.

This dynamic effect not only weakens the roots of the hair causing mass fractures and loss but in the long term, it also causes pain in the head and forehead.

Besides, many of you also have the habit of keeping your braided hair intact overnight to create a natural curl. This habit is not beneficial to our health at all.

The stains of the braids are applied directly to the head area while sleeping, creating pressure on the skull and affecting the brain.

It destabilizes sleep, does not sleep well, and also causes chronic headaches.

However, if you don’t braid too tightly, braiding overnight can keep your hair from tangling or breaking from rubbing against your bedding.

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How many inches does your hair grow in braids?

According to those who have worked with braiding for many years, braids are known as protective hairstyles. Because it has an extremely protective effect on the hair while helping the hair to rest and rejuvenate during braiding.

Since the braids can pull on the roots and scalp, it can sometimes stimulate the root activity.

However, that is not strictly related to hair growth. All hair growth is basically genetics or care.

If you braid your hair to give it time to rest and rejuvenate with protection from daily wear and tear, great.

However, it is a myth that it is believed that braiding for a long time actually changes the rate or cycle of hair growth. Maybe your hair is only longer as a kind of visual illusion when you change from braid to down and loose.

When you use the right braids, it not only gives you a fresh look but also protects your hair from external influences.

However, you should not apply it to expect faster hair growth. Instead, get enough sleep, get the nutrients it needs, and pay attention to hair products, which can help hair grow faster and look healthier.

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