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How to Get Naturally Curly Hair Permanently?

Straight hair is sleek, smooth, and super easy to maintain. There are no issues with frizz and poofiness, and your locks look tidy without you even trying.

It’s the easiest hair type to play around with since it’s a breeze to curl and moisturize.

That said, it’s just as easy to get bored of pin-straight hair, especially when it’s looking limp and lifeless. So what’s a girl to do when she’s unexcited by her straight hair? Curl it, of course!

But curling your hair every day isn’t exactly ideal. Using hot tools to give yourself some waves is controversial because of the damage it incurs in your hair strands.

On the other hand, rollers are outdated and make sleeping less comfy, so that option’s out the window too.

Thankfully, you can adopt a few techniques and hair regimen changes into your routine to bring out your natural curls.

And since they’re easy to do and won’t bring damage to your tresses, you can enjoy them for long in a sustainable way without falling back into risky curling methods.

Get Naturally Curly Hair
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Is it possible to change your hair’s natural texture?

The short answer is no. You can’t exactly alter the natural texture and body of your hair unless you get a perm and process it chemically.

It’s the only way to change your locks’ wave pattern, and it incurs a lot of hair damage.

That said, your hair can sometimes take a life of its own and change its curl pattern as you grow older.

That’s why many kids who remember growing up with Shirley Temple curls now only have subtle spirals, while others have straight hair until their teen years and suddenly wake up to pretty waves!

But you can’t manipulate the texture of your hair on your own accord. Basically, your hair does what it wants, and you’ll have to adjust to whatever texture comes about when it grows.

If you have straight hair and are desperate for curly locks, don’t fret. You have lots of options to obtain gorgeous curls, the most popular of which is with curling wands.

This isn’t ideal, though, because it could do your hair more harm than good—but more on that later.

If you really want to bring out your curls naturally and permanently, your primary focus should be on enhancing your natural waves.

There are many ways to do this, so long as you have even just a teeny weeny bit of natural texture.

You’ll be surprised what kind of texture you may have underneath all that neatly brushed hair.

Some people go years before realizing they have wavy hair under their straight locks or have springy curls under what they thought was mere frizz.

Why you shouldn’t rely on heat styling to curl your hair every day?

Curl hair
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But before we get into what you should do to bring out your natural curls, let’s first talk about what you shouldn’t be doing to achieve beautiful ringlets.

It can be tempting to use that scorching hot curling wand every day to get those waves and curls you’re craving. However, there are dire consequences to being too dependent on heat styling just to get the hairstyle you want.

High heat levels that emanate from your curling wand or flat iron can cause a lot of trauma to your hair. This can lift your hair cuticle little by little, making it damaged and more prone to split ends, tangles, and breakage.

Using hot tools every day can make your hair super dry, which can cause roughness and frizz. Who cares if you have pretty curls when your hair feels dead and straw-like?

Using heat too often also breaks down the keratin proteins in your hair, which are responsible for keeping it bouncy and structured in the first place. Without them, your hair will be limp with no elasticity and body.

Heat tools are a convenient way to get your hair to do what you want, but at what cost? Your overall hair health? No thanks!

When you really do need to curl your hair—say, for a fancy event or glamorous photoshoot—make sure you douse your hair in heat protectant to keep damage at a minimum.


Ways to enhance your natural texture and bring out those waves and curls

As mentioned, you should focus your energy on bringing out the natural curl pattern that may be hidden underneath your “straight” hair.

Here are some things you can do to bring those beautiful waves out:

Skip out on sulfates and silicones

 Shampooing with sulfated formulas can strip your hair of moisture and dry your hair out. Hair that is too dehydrated will end up frizzy and prevent your curls from taking shape.

Moisture is vital for giving your curls their structure, so sulfates are a big no-no.

Switch to a sulfate-free shampoo to give your hair a leg up when it comes to bringing out your natural texture. If you can, don’t shampoo your hair daily, either.

This is another surefire way to dry out your hair and keep your curls from showing up.

Silicones are another ingredient you should consider giving up if you want curly hair.

They’re heavy on the hair, so they weigh down your locks and stretch out any semblance of a curl pattern you may have, making it look uber-straight.

Use curl-enhancing stylers

There are mousses, creams, and gels formulated especially for bringing out the curl in your hair. When used on damp hair fresh out of the shower, it gives you a better chance of achieving dreamy, sultry waves and ringlets.

Just make sure you don’t use too many of these products at a time, as they can weigh your hair down. Use only one styler for your routine and switch them around depending on what you feel like using on the day itself.

Scrunch your hair upwards

 Scrunching is the best way to dry wet hair and apply your curl-enhancing stylers. It helps create those clumps and waves in your hair, giving you some natural curls.

When you’re fresh out of the shower, flip your head over and use a microfiber towel to scrunch your hair with. Gather the hair in the towel and scrunch in an upwards motion to get rid of all the excess moisture.

And when it’s time to apply your gels, mousses, and creams, do the same thing. Apply them in a scrunching motion to guide your locks into waves and ringlets.

Form curls with your fingers or a brush

 Another way to guide your hair into the curl pattern you want is by manually finger-coiling or using a brush to create those waves.

While your hair is damp from water or your styling product, wrap locks of hair around your finger. Hold it for a while before slipping your finger out from below. Do this with every lock of hair and let it air-dry.

If you’d rather do it with a brush, you can. Just brush a small lock of hair away from you and flip it over when you get to the edge, encouraging a little curl.

It’s kind of like curling a ribbon with the friction of scissors when you’re wrapping up Christmas presents!

These are excellent methods for creating more perfect curls, so if you love that frizz-free and polished look, this is a habit you should get into.

Get a volumizing haircut

 Keeping your hair at a short to medium hair length can help show off more of your waves and curls. The longer your hair, the heavier it is, so it can stretch out your natural curl pattern.

Layers are also fabulous for enhancing your waves. Straight hair in one length can look lifeless and weigh down any waves you have.

But when your hair is layered, it adds more volume and body—perfect for bringing out your natural texture.


While none of these tips can permanently alter your hair’s structure, committing to doing these little steps every day gives it the best shot at getting the texture you’ve always wanted.

Being diligent with these curly hair techniques is also very rewarding.

The better you care for your curls to enhance your natural wave, the easier it is for your locks to be springy and bouncy without you doing as much work in the long run.

So lay off your curling wand for a bit and try to obtain curls the natural way. You’ll get the best of both worlds while doing so—voluminous waves and curls in hair that is strong, shiny, and damage-free.



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