Beautiful wavy curls exude confidence, sophistication, beauty, and style.
If you are shopping around for a curling wand to help you achieve the hairstyle you like, you may be wondering what products and brands to buy.
Curling wands come in different sizes, with 25mm (equivalent to 1 inch) and 32 mm (equivalent to 1.25 inches) as the most common barrel sizes.
With a wide selection of hairstyling brands and products, it can be hard to decide what hair tools to buy and use, and not getting the most-suited product for your hair needs can be frustrating.
We have prepared this 25mm vs 32mm curling wands comparison to answer some of your questions on how big a curling wand you should buy for the perfect, gorgeous curls we all want.

What’s A Curling Wand Anyway?

First and foremost, a curling iron is different from a curling wand.
The curling wand has gained popularity among hair enthusiasts because it is easier to use.
It produces curls with more volume and keeps the hair looking shiny and healthy without the crease and crimp. Plus, it is handy and more affordable.
Your hair’s length, texture, and type of curls and waves you want should be your first consideration when shopping for a curling wand.
Suppose you have shorter hair and you are using bigger barreled wands. Most likely, it will result in wild, deformed, and lame curls.
Using a bigger wand for shorter hair can be challenging since hair sections are not laid down properly.
Before buying a curling wand, it is essential to know your specific styling requirements to ensure that you get the right size and the best curling wand for your hair needs.
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25mm vs. 32mm Curling Wand: Pros & Cons

25mm Curling Wand

The 25mm curling wand is about 1 inch in diameter and is generally the preferred size for a curler.
A 25mm is the most suitable diameter for anyone who has short to shoulder-length hair. In addition, most prefer a 25mm wand to a 32mm wand because it offers more styling versatility.
A 25mm curling wand makes tighter and more defined waves.
Curls are more spiral because the barrel size is smaller and conical in shape, while the waves are long-lasting.
Therefore, you don’t need to repolish your look.
Beauty geeks are gushing over this medium-sized barrel. It has the flexibility of creating various waves depending on the style and technique you use.
You can also change the size and look of your waves by merely changing the way you wrap the section of your hair when heating and curling.
This multi-faceted 25mm curling wand is a favorite because it can produce various waves and curls – from defined, spiral curls and full-bodied, vintage waves to textured or natural-looking wavy strands.
If you want to create a salon-like hairstyle or pull a more Hollywood look, a 25 mm curling wand is the best for you.

  • Waves are curlier and more glamorous
  • Curls stay on hold for a more extended period
  • The styling results are bouncier and voluminous
  • A 25mm barrel is the most common size, making it easier to buy
  • Best choice for beginners
  • Versatile and work well for anyone with thin and delicate hair strands


  • Doesn’t create large curls
  • 25mm curler is not suitable for people with long, curly, big hair

32mm Curling Wand

A 32mm curling barrel is the same as a 1.25-inch barrel.
A wand of this size is bigger in diameter, making it perfect for creating more relaxed, sexy, and tousled beach waves.
Bigger is better, making the 32mm wand a must-have for thick and coarse hair and ideal for anyone with long to extra-long hair lengths.
Since the 32mm barrel creates more relaxed and loose curls, waves are not tight enough to last the whole day.
However, you can apply styling products, mousse, and sprays to last your curls longer.
Choosing a 32mm curling wand saves time for those always on the go because of its bigger barrel size, so hair is easier to curl.
Hairstylists and beauty geeks love how a one-and-a-quarter-inch barrel allows them to have effortless beachy waves and loose curls in no time.

  • Create sexy, tousled, and relaxed looking waves
  • Perfect for beach looks
  • Works for anyone with thick, coarse, and voluminous hair
  • Ideal for those with big, naturally wavy hair
  • Better for taming frizz


  • Not suitable for limp and thin tresses
  • Don’t give the hair enough volume and bounce
  • Not suitable for people with shorter hair
  • Curls are not long-lasting
  • Bigger barrels are harder to control

Similarities Between 25mm & 32mm Curling Wands

Aside from the barrel size and the curls and waves produced, most 25mm and 32mm curling wands are made of the same material type, have similar features, and typically work the same way.
Similarly, regardless of the barrel size, curling wands are more user-friendly and more comfortable to handle than other hair heating and curling products.
Both sizes are clipless for crimp and crease-free curls.
Recent designs are more modern and portable, giving you the ability to carry this beauty must-have anytime, anywhere.
Curling wands lack clips, requiring you to use both of your hands when styling, and can be challenging to use for shorter hair since it is harder to hold without a clip.
Besides the similarities mentioned, material type is also an essential factor when shopping for a curling wand.

Differences Between 25mm & 32mm Curling Wands

Aside from the apparent barrel size difference, a 25mm curling wand produces tight and more delicate curling swirls than a 32mm wand, ideal for tousled and relaxed beach waves.
A shorter barreled wand gives you a more polished and pulled-together look, while a 32mm barrel results in a messier, undone, and more carefree style.
A wave’s holding time also varies depending on the diameter of the curling wand. Smaller barrels have a more extended hold that can last all day.
On the other hand, bigger barrel wands produce curl that usually doesn’t last long.

  • Curling wands with a 25mm barrel are perfect for short, thin, and delicate tresses.
  • Meanwhile, a 32mm barrel is suitable for untamed hair.


Your curling wand’s brand and size can significantly affect the different curls and waves you want to create for your look. Not to be missed out when choosing essential products for hairstyling is the material it is made of.
Whether you choose a tourmaline, ceramic, or a combination of both can greatly impact the quality and appearance of your curls and the texture and health of your hair.

  • If you have short hair, the 25mm barrel is a great choice, and it works well with almost any hair type.
  • But if you aim for big, wavy, and relaxed curls, then the 32mm barrel will give you the perfect beach waves you’ve been dreaming of.

Extensive studies have been conducted to apply the latest innovation in hair care, and a curling wand is not left out.
Technologies and designs are used to ensure that hair damage is minimized to guarantee customer satisfaction.
Designs are bold, colorful, and edgy to add fun and color to your daily hairstyling routine.
No matter what kind of waves and curls you aim for or how much your budget is, a reliable and well-suited curling wand is undoubtedly one of the most trusted and handy hair tools you need to have in your beauty and hair arsenal.
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