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34 Suave Mexican Haircut Styles & Ideas for Men

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Key takeaways:

  • Mexican haircuts for men combine classic haircuts and new styling.
  • The traditional Edgar haircut, one of the most popular Mexican haircuts for men, is believed to have been created when a fan of baseball player Edgar Martinez shaved his face onto their head. More recently, it’s been associated with Mexican youth who like pickup trucks and have been sporting the look for over a decade.
  • Mexican hairstyles are great for those with curly hair and thick hair, both qualities usually found in Mexican hair, but they can look incredibly cool on anyone. (We have 34 ideas on Mexican hairstyles for men here!)
  • The best Mexican hairstyles usually require the skill of an experienced barber and could cost you anywhere between $20-$40, though you can try it on yourself.

Mexican hairstyles vary as Mexican men have different tastes, but the one that may immediately come to mind is the Edgar haircut.

Although its history is cloudy, many believe it started when baseball player Edgar Martinez’s fan left their local barber shop with their idol’s face shaved into their head.

The resulting cut (sans the face design) ended up as what many consider to be the coolest Mexican haircut.

These days, a modern version that Mexican teenagers wear is a popular haircut that is usually linked with those who have a preference for pickup trucks.

Image Source: Instagram

Mexican guys are also known for sporting haircuts that have innovative styling. For example, Latino men will ask their barber for a freestyle design on their fade or buzz cut.

Another of the most popular Mexican haircuts is their version of a mullet, where the stark contrast between long hair and short hair plus a skin fade enhances facial features.

Image Source: Pinterest

The fade is a common theme you will see throughout these Mexican hairstyles, as there are different kinds: a skin fade, a taper fade, a high fade, and a low fade.

But those who want to keep their long hair shouldn’t fret because there are hot stylish Mexican haircuts for you guys too!

Classy comb-overs are a great option for those who want a more dapper style, while a shaggy hairstyle like Tre Samules’ is excellent for a carefree look and letting natural curls flow.

Image Source: Pinterest

Read on for more information on Mexican hairstyles for men!

What is the Mexican haircut called?

The classic Mexican haircut that most recognize is called the Edgar haircut. It is also known as the Mexican Caesar cut because of their similarities.

An Edgar cut is basically the Caesar cut but with more definition, a little less texture, and the hard part is evenly blended to a fade.

With a basic Caesar, the temple and fringe parts of the hairstyle are not as closely trimmed and defined as a Mexican Caesar. The fade is also not as blended.

The seamless blend of each fade (whether low fade, high fade, taper fade, or skin fade) is the defining feature of an Edgar cut.

This hairstyle has had a resurgence among Mexican youth over the past decade in a Mexican haircut called the “Takuache.

In essence, it is an Edgar cut that’s a little more top-heavy and is the perfect option for those with curly hair and short hair.

34 Mexican Haircut Styles

Curious about Mexican haircuts for men and how they might suit you? Check out our list to gather ideas:

Mexican Boy Haircut

Not all Mexican guys can choose hairstyles for themselves. Here is a great option for little Mexican men that will make them look classy and stylish at the same time!

Mexican Kid Haircut

This textured quiff hairstyle with a mid fade is modern, easy to maintain, and instantly gives little boys a suave look that can rival and outshine grownup styles.

Image Source: Pinterest

Mexican Edgar Haircut

Many consider this classic to be the coolest Mexican haircut, and for good reasons. The styling is timeless and carefree, while the fringe is fashionable yet not overwhelming.

Image Source: Facebook

Mexican Haircuts Fades

There are different variations to the versatile Edgar cut, specifically the different types of fades such as the skin fade, taper fade, high fade, and low fade.

The styling on the back and top parts can also be played with. Here are some ideas and iterations of the traditional Edgar hairstyle:

High Fade Haircut Mexican

High-fade Mexican hairstyles involve bringing the clippers above the temple for a higher blend that comes up almost to the top.

This hairstyle looks flattering on most, and many guys choose to wear this look.

Image Source: Pinterest

Low Fade Haircut Mexican

A low fade hairstyle keeps the blend of the fade close to the ear, giving it a vibe that is reminiscent of a buzz cut.

If you are rocking a buzz cut but want to branch out to other hairstyles, this is a good starting point.

Image Source: Instagram

Mexican Taper Fade Haircut

A taper fade will only show up by the temple and the hairline. The hair near the ear is only trimmed for a stylish and polished look.

You can keep relatively long hair for the top portion of these types of haircuts.

Image Source: Pinterest

Fade Mohawk Haircut Mexican

Specifically called a burst fade mohawk, this variation of the taper fade keeps the hair at the neckline longer while the hair near the ears gets the classic seamless blend of a high fade.

Guys with this haircut style can wear the grunge look and pull it off effortlessly.

Image Source: Pinterest

Mexican Drop Fade Haircut

A drop fade is essentially a high fade or a taper fade, but instead of being perfectly curved near the back, it sort of “drops” abruptly for more definition.

Hairstyles like these are definitely for the edgier Mexican men, though everyone can certainly wear them with style.

Image Source: Pinterest

Bald Fade Haircut Mexican

The bald fade is another term for the skin fade and not necessarily a buzz cut. A skin fade will have the lightest part of the blend shaved into a skinhead.

Mexican men and other guys who don’t want a lot of fuss with their hair will benefit from this hairstyle.

Image Source: Pinterest

Mexican Mullet Haircut

A Mexican mullet combines the traditional Mullet’s hair silhouette with the precise blend of an Edgar cut fade and its signature defined fringe.

We recommend picking between a high fade, a taper fade, and a skin fade.

A professional usually styles this trendy high-volume hairstyle with a textured brush and texturizing spray.

Image Source: Twitter

Mexican Gangster Haircut

This hairstyle is a favorite among Mexican men because it screams cool. If you want this hairstyle, make sure to visit a barber who is known for their freestyle skin fade.

Image Source: Pinterest

Mexican Takuache Haircut

Haircuts are stylish for a while, then come back again as an updated version. This is the case for Takuache hair, which is the Edgar but a little more top-heavy and easygoing.

As such, Mexican hair (which is usually curly hair) will rock this hot style easily because the texture of their hair is perfect for it.

Image Source: Pinterest

Mexican Bangs Haircut

While the fringe is a signature part of a classic Edgar hairstyle, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. Let your curls and thick hair shine with this fringe style.

Comb your hair forward and let its texture speak for itself. If you’re currently rocking short styles and trying to grow them out with your fringe, keep your fade at a low fade.

Image Source: Pinterest

Short Mexican Haircut

If you want a more stylish and extreme buzz cut, this is the hairstyle for you. For this cut, the fringe is kept short, and the fade starts just at the edge of the top hair.

Image Source: Instagram

Mexican Waves Haircut

Mexican men typically have curly hair, but for hairstyles like these, you need to maintain it with a wave brush.

A taper or low fade will work better than a high fade to show off more of the curls.

Bonus style tip: Hair with waves looks great with facial hair.

Image Source: Pinterest

Mexican Bowl Haircut

Bowl-cut hairstyles are becoming trendy again, and Mexican men are on that train. To get their flair on your bowl cut, ask for a high fade and tuck it under the long hair strands.

Haircuts like these need a hard part to keep your hair and fringe looking crisp. Visit your hairstylist regularly, and remember that a low fade will NOT play well with it!

Image Source: Pinterest

Crazy Mexican Haircut

Hairstyles are a fun way to express yourself and be more stylish!

These “crazy” hairstyles don’t really have a particular look but are combinations of different hairstyles that celebrate Mexican hair.

Image Source: Instagram

Mexican Blowout Haircut

The blowout haircut is close to a burst fade mohawk, except there is no fade on the back hair, and there are spiky hair elements in the area.

When drying, use a textured brush on the hair to give it a blowout look. This is excellent for curly hair.

Image Source: Instagram

Mexican Ducktail Haircut

Comb-overs like these enhance facial features by keeping hair away from the face. The low fade boosts this clean quality.

Image Source: Instagram

Mexican Shag Haircut

The Mexican shag is perfect for long hair and can be put up in a man bun. If you’re going for a mature look, try adding a beard.

Image Source: Instagram

Caesar Haircut Mexican

A Caesar cut with a Mexican flair is essentially a relaxed Edgar. Though still defined, the edges are not as neatly trimmed, and the fade is farther from the skin.

Image Source: Instagram

Mexican Cuh Haircut

Think of this cut as a modified Takuache, where the fade is tapered instead of all-around, and the back is fuller. Younger guys also sometimes add a spiky hair detail for an edgier style.

Image Source: Pinterest

Mexican Cholo Haircut

This is an even tighter buzz cut than the other buzz cut types shown so far. The Cholo has the Edgar cut’s top but none of the fade.

Image Source: Instagram

Afro Haircut Mexican Style

This cut uses almost the same technique as a drop fade but is adapted for the kind of curly hair texture of an afro that makes it look like one solid mass.

Image Source: Pinterest

Mexican Mushroom Haircut

If you want hair that is simple yet chic, you can try this style. It is a modified version of a bowl cut. The difference is that it keeps the hair longer at the back.

Image Source: Pinterest

Middle Part Haircut Mexican

Mexican middle part is one of the trendiest hairstyles among the youth. To achieve this, just section medium-length hair at the center part, and voila!

It can also be styled to a man bun with just a comb and an elastic band. It also goes well with a beard for a more mature manly look.

Image Source: Pinterest

Hispanic Mexican Blowout Haircut

The cut is akin to the Mexican Bowl Cut, only that the length in this style is even throughout. It is a standout ‘do with the spiky hair details.

Image Source: Instagram

Mexican Texas Haircut

A Mexican Texas is volumized at the top and parted to the side. It’s not suitable for curly hair as the curls can prevent the hard part from forming properly.

Image Source: Instagram

Mexican Haircut Designs

Mexican Haircut designs are less of a freestyle skin fade compared to the Gangster Haircut.

The designs on the fade are more deliberate, like the sample below. Other popular designs include a line, chevron, or cross.

Image Source: Pinterest

Mexican Flat Top Haircut

Mexican Flat Top Haircut gives a cleaner look to the guys. It resembles a grown buzz cut with the fade on the sides maintained.

Image Source: Pinterest

Mexican Straight Haircut

For a refined look, go for the Mexican Straight Haircut. Styling is easy. Simply comb the textured quiff upwards.

Be careful not to overdo it, though, as spiky hair is not the desired outcome for this ‘do.

Image Source: Pinterest

Mexican Copete Haircut

Mexican men can pull off the Copete Haircut really well. It is the Mexican version of a pompadour, with the signature clean fade present, adding to its polished look.

Image Source: Pinterest

Curly Mexican Boy Haircut

The curly hair and faded sides give a more youthful look to Mexican guys. These styles are adaptable and can suit anyone. Some even get a perm to achieve this look.

Image Source: Pinterest

Chili Bowl Haircut Mexican

The Chili Bowl Haircut has a sharper, more blunt line than Mexican Bowl Haircut, which can be less harsh. This is suited to those with a style that is fashion-forward and bold.

Image Source: Pinterest

Mexican Emo Haircut

The Mexican Emo Haircut goes for a rough, almost disheveled look with curls and fringe long enough to cover the forehead, sometimes longer.

With the length of the hair, this can also be tied to a man bun giving guys more choices in managing their hair.

Image Source: Pinterest

How to get the Mexican haircut?

As you have seen, there are different kinds of Mexican haircuts, but a recurring theme among them is the fade. Even the ones suited to longer hair can be eased in from its regrowth.

Achieving a fade elegantly is a task for your trusted barber. However, if you want to try doing it yourself, here’s an easy-to-follow guide you can start with:

  1. Choose a workplace with a mirror and place another one behind you.
  2. Get your clippers out and begin cutting from your neckline up to the point where you want the fade to end. We suggest the reliable Limural Trimmer Kit.
  3. With the lever closed, carefully create guidelines by taking your clippers 1 inch above the stopping point with a #1 guard, then 1 inch above that with a #2 guard. You’ll need something like the Wahl Clipper Guard Set if your clippers don’t come in a set.
  4. Using the corresponding guard for each guideline, blend them into a fade by opening your lever halfway and flicking up and away from each hard part until seamless. The Patelai Hair Duster and Brush will be handy in taking cut hairs away from your face, neck, and clippers as you go.
  5. Assess the situation from the front and back and put the finishing touches to your fresh fade. The BaByliss Electric Shaver should come in handy for this last step.

How much does the Mexican haircut cost at a hairdresser?

It depends on the exact haircut you want, but a classic Mexican Edgar haircut should be around $20-$40. Haircuts for men also typically include beard grooming if you have one.

Expect the price to go up if you want a more stylish Mexican cut that includes other hair services.


How to cut a Mexican slick back haircut?

If you want an elevated Mexican hairdo, try a slicked-back Edgar. Here are our DIY instructions:

  1. Prepare your tools. You will need haircutting scissors, thinning shears, a comb, clips, a hair dryer, a brush, a straight razor, and a pomade for styling.
  2. First, dampen your hair and section off all your top hair with clips, keeping it away from the sides and back.
  3. Comb the loose hairs down and trim it to a length relative to your natural swirl using the haircutting scissors and comb.
  4. Next, comb the strands until the edges remain and run your thinning shears upward, cutting the harsh lines into blended layers.
  5. Considering the remaining length of the sides and back, give yourself a neat fade according to the instructions for an Edgar cut above. Fade your beard accordingly.
  6. Next, remove the clips from the top hair and give yourself a middle part with the comb.
  7. From the edges, connect the length of the top hair with the sides and back by trimming proportionately.
  8. Then, blow dry the hair with the help of a brush to its slicked back position and make necessary adjustments such as correcting unevenness, etc.
  9. Once you’re happy with that, carefully use the straight razor to trim the edges of your hairline and temple neatly like an Edgar cut. Connect with your beard if applicable.
  10. Finally, take your pomade and slick the hair back. Style with your fingers, comb, or brush.

Final Words

Mexican haircuts for men are gaining popularity because they mix the classic with the trendy.

The traditional Mexican Edgar cut, in particular, looks neat and polished with its seamless signature fade and structured hairline.

Those who want to keep longer hair also have options because there is a Mexican hairstyle for everyone!

To get the best possible results, visit a reputable barber. But if you’re feeling adventurous, you can definitely try it yourself.

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