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14 Trendy Kpop Hairstyles | The Korean Wave Is Here!

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Key Takeaways

  • The Kpop hairstyle is the two-block haircut characterized by short hair, shaved sides, and bangs.
  • The two-block hairstyle has been made known by Koreans, as K-pop idols sport them in curls, straight hair, mohawk, and layers.
  • People of any face shape and hair type can wear different Korean hairstyles for men as they can be easily styled to complement you.
  • It’s easy to recreate; you only need to wash your hair, trim the top and back, shave the sides, and wrap up with unique styling.

Sold-out concerts and sold-out merchandise are just two of the many effects of the Korean wave (or Hallyu) on people worldwide.

What draws us to Kpop groups is their talent in singing, dancing, and, most of all, their visuals. Their visuals are top-tier, and one of the main factors is the K-pop idols’ Korean hairstyles.

With this attraction, it’s essential to look closely into the best Korean hairstyles for men. That’s why in this article, we will talk all about the different K-pop hairstyles.

Try out your idols’ Korean haircuts by going through our list!

What is the Kpop hairstyle called?

The famous Kpop hairstyle is called the two-block haircut. This Korean hairstyle is detailed by the following:

  • Short or shaved sides
  • Trimmed back part
  • Long hair on top

A two-block haircut emphasizes your face by concealing some parts of your head using bangs (optional).

You can also get your desired texture and volume with this as you can wear more hair layered. The style also adapts to different environments: workplace, school, outings, and even concerts. 

Moreover, Korean hairstyles for men change whenever Kpop idols go on a hiatus and eventually have their comeback concerts or music releases.

Yet, what remains the same is the fact that they still use two-block haircuts as their base haircut; just different in the execution – side swept, undercut part, full bangs, and so on.

Check the other popular korean hairstyle, the wolf cut

14 Korean/Kpop Hairstyles

To give you a complete picture of these Korean hairstyles, we will show you 14 Kpop hairstyles for men (and women!).

These Korean hairstyles will undoubtedly serve as total inspos for you and your fanboy/fangirl friends.

So, here are the different Korean haircuts you’ll love!

Kpop Hairstyles (Male)

The first Korean hairstyle is classic Asian hair with a wavy texture, dark roots, and lighter tips.

This Korean men’s style is a trendy look that never goes out of style. First-generation Kpop idols even used it in 1996, such as the H.O.T.

Hwiyoung, the idol in the image above, was not even born that year. Yet, he rocks the hairstyle in modern times as if it’s not older than his age.

Kpop Hairstyles (Female)

When you say female Kpop hairstyles, nothing beats THE Jennie Kim of Blackpink in the long list of beautiful and stylish cuts with her mid-part, some split dye at the front, and the rest in black or brown hair.

This haircut can be styled in different colors, and you can even create layers of varying lengths. Styles like this emphasize your facial features, particularly your face shape, because of the color placement.

Kpop Hairstyle for Short Hair

A Kpop idol can surely ace every long or short-length hairstyle for men, similar to what BTS Jimin is wearing in the image.

This haircut is another Asian classic characterized by full bangs and equally trimmed round short hair.

To elevate the look, you can add colors (e.g., light brown hair), depending on what matches your preference and skin tone, to give out the best in you (like a true Kpop idol!).

Kpop Layered Haircut for Men

BTS’ Jimin is a Kpop hairstyles god as he sports another Korean men’s hairstyle – the well-known layers.

This haircut is a K-pop industry staple as it gives a youthful glow and some edgy vibes because of the layers.

To make the texture and volume more apparent, hair colors, such as brown, will be an excellent addition to the look.

Kpop Layered Haircut for Women

If there are layered hairstyles for men, there are also some for girls, which Jennie Kim gorgeously flaunts in the image.

In this image, Jennie has long hair consisting of short to medium-length layers that gracefully wave toward her face rather than fly away.

These hair dynamics result from having a professional stylist create your layers.

Nonetheless, this hairstyle will make you Kpop idol material, as it becomes a natural contour for your face shapes.

Kpop Side Fringe (Men)

Being one of the Kpop idols who can rap and sing simultaneously, it’s a requisite for Yuri Park to pair his amazing vocals with stunning visuals; he did that with a side fringe.

As seen in the image above, Yuri Park has trimmed short-length hair at the sides and back, leaving his top hair longer. Then, he swept his bangs on one side to make it look cool.

This thick side-swept fringe is a good haircut for Korean men as it complements all facial shapes.

Yet, this is tricky, especially for a DIY, because you need to estimate how long or how short you will go for the layers to get the most efficient side-swept fringe.

Middle Part With Bangs for Medium-Length Hair

Korean men of most face shapes can pull off a middle part as it adds to their charisma and identity as Kpop idols, similar to Jimin.

The middle part with curtain bangs elates your face, especially when you have medium-length hair like Jimin’s.

Most importantly, this haircut for naturally straight hair is beneficial for some extra volume.

Stylish Kpop Side Swept Hairstyle

The side fringe is spectacular, but can you imagine how good one will look having side-swept hair throughout?

If you cannot put into perspective how mesmerizing the haircut can be, look at Mark Tuan’s image above.

Aside from the side waves that this hairstyle gives, what made Mark Tuan’s off-center style a cut above others is its styling – messy brown hair.

This brown hair styling gives texture and volume; most importantly, it exudes a fresh glow.

Colored Bowl Cut Korean Hairstyles

When you say Asian, it will always resonate with bowl cut or ears and eyebrows length hairstyles for men, just like what Jungwoo is sporting in the image shown above.

A bowl cut is an exceptionally creative style, preferably for guys with thick hair. Styles like this create balance in the roundness or length of your face.

Not just that, many men, specifically Asians, sport the bowl cut look because it’s trendy and can be a fashion statement throughout the ages.

Faded Korean Hairstyle

The fade haircut is a force to be reckoned with as guys like Jay B use this to create a wavy pattern of the hair on top, giving them masculine vibes in a very low-maintenance way.

To ace styles like this, you must have neck-length hair at the back, above-ear length at the sides, and a drop fade.

You can also ask your barber to add some bangs and style the hair forward to suit your messy styling form.

Wavy Mohawk Korean Hairstyle

If you are a big fan of the King of Kpop, this G-Dragon wavy mohawk is for you. A mohawk is a signature fashion that is both neat and messy.

It’s neat because of the high-shaved sides and messy because you can style the longer hair on top in wavy curls similar to G-Dragon in the image.

Also, the mohawk has been one of the trendy styles for idols (not just Kpop) that sweep fans off their feet as it emphasizes the structure of their head and facial shapes.

Kpop Buzz Cut Hairstyle

What’s buzzin’, D.O.?

If only D.O.’s image could speak, he would shout at the top of his lungs: BUZZ CUT!

A buzz cut has clipped short hair that sometimes has different types of fade. Yet, for this specific photo of D.O., he does not have the fade but a more classic buzz.

Nonetheless, a buzz cut is an excellent style for enlistment or special functions like your idols, as it’s extremely easy to manage.

However, its only downside is if you have a receding hairline or a broad forehead. But, if you do not mind, this one will surely be a style to cop.

Kpop Mullet Korean Hairstyle

Be young like Taeyoung with the next haircut in this list, known as the mullet.

This mullet is styled with full bangs or a curtain fringe, short side hair, and longer hair at the back (shoulder-length).

Korean guys ask their trusted barber for this haircut as it speaks modern, young, and vibrant with the different overlays that add texture and create extra volume.

Back Block Haircut

Johnny, Johnny? Back Block Cut!

NCT’s Johnny surely has a sense for great styles as he sports his two-block cut backward and creates a refreshed aura for his idol visuals.

As the hair is swept back, it creates an illusion of healthy and bouncy hair strands. To make this style a little personalized, Johnny made sure he had some strands (super thin bangs) resting on his forehead.

This style also shows intricacy, as the image shows side hair swept at the back of his ears, leaning at his head.

You can also add a drop fade at the sides to make you look smarter and edgier.

PRO TIP: To do this haircut properly, you’ll need a reliable hair wax.

Who is the Kpop haircut suitable for?

The Kpop haircut, most commonly known as the two-block cut, is suitable for everyone as it complements the following shapes:

  • Diamond 
  • Heart 
  • Oblong
  • Oval 
  • Pear
  • Round 
  • Rectangle 
  • Square

Moreover, a block cut can use every style in the world, from curls, fades, bangs, bowl cuts, and more. With this, you don’t need to worry if your haircut matches your face or head shape.

How to get the Kpop hairstyle?

Getting Kpop hairstyles for men is easy. You have to remember these tips and tricks:

  • Think of the hair and style that you want
  • Find Kpop idols’ hair inspiration online
  • Communicate to your stylist the cut that you want to achieve
  • If you already have your Korean hairstyles for men, maintain and take care of it

Kpop hairstyle tutorial

If you want to have your Kpop hairstyles for men, here is a step-by-step guide that you’ll surely need:

  1. First, wash your hair using the Viking Revolution Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner set.
  2. Second, rinse and blow dry using the Conan blow dryer.
  3. Third, trim your hair on top and back using the Pritech hair trimmer for men.
  4. Fourth, shave the hair on your sides using the Wahl Color Pro Cordless clipper.
  5. Fifth, curl or straighten the top part of your hair depending on what style you want to cop, and put some hair wax.
  6. Lastly, finalize your style by using similar outfits or recreating your Kpop idols’ poses.

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Additionally, you can also check out this YouTube video:

How much does a Kpop Haircut cost at a hairdresser?

Your Kpop haircut may cost you $3 to $200 depending on the following factors:

  • Styles of hair
  • Stylist’s hair skills and expertise
  • Establishment or salon type


We know you have some queries in mind, so we answered some of your Kpop hairstyles FAQs:

Who has the best haircut in Kpop?

Jimin of BTS has one of the best haircuts for guys, and Jennie of Blackpink has drop-dead-gorgeous hairstyles for girl Kpop idols.

What do Korean men use to style their hair?

Korean men use wax to keep their hair messy or tidy, depending on their preference.


After all the information in this article, we’re more than sure that these are enough to power you to create your new hairstyle, resembling your favorite Kpop idols!

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