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Devin Booker New Haircut Styles & Ideas to Try

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Key Takeaways:

  • Short hair length, longer hair on top, and the iconic burst fade with a clean lineup and shape-up characterize the Devin Booker haircut.
  • This haircut was made famous by Devin Booker, an NBA basketball player who was part of the 2020-2021 NBA Western Conference Champion team, the Phoenix Suns, and created by his barber Vince Garcia.
  • Everyone can have this haircut regardless of hair type and face shape, as it complements Afro-texture and straight hair and balances diamond, heart, triangle, square, and oval face shapes.
  • The haircut is easy to recreate, and all you (or your barber) needs to do is part the hair, get rid of excess hair by trimming, add the burst fades, pair it with a lineup for a cleaner look, and top it with a shape-up.

Revisiting history, when you think about the 2020-2021 NBA Western Conference Finals, one name resonates through it all – Devin Booker.

Of course, it was a total team effort from the Phoenix Suns players, but Devin Armani Booker was a standout, having his first NBA 40-point triple-double in Game 1 of the Western Finals against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Although Devin Booker wasn’t the top pick during the 2015 NBA Draft, this shooting guard surely knows how to be on top using his fast dribbling, court vision, and top-tier offensive plays.

He also made his name in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as part of the USA Men’s National Basketball Team and registered a 42.2% shooting efficiency in his overall play.

Yet, it’s not just that which made Devin Booker a known basketball player. He’s also popular because of his natural curls and the burst fade hairstyles that make him drop-dead gorgeous (ask Kendall!).

To know more about this, we have this complete guide about the Devin Booker haircut!

What is Devin Booker’s new haircut name?

The Devin Booker haircut is known as the burst fade haircut, characterized by a buzz cut with longer curls on top and a high fade.

Yet, this has varied throughout his basketball career. But don’t worry; we’ll discuss more in this section as we present 5 Booker haircuts that you can rock yourself:

Classic Devin Booker Haircut in Burst Fade

The first one out of the five that we want to show you is the Classic Devin Booker Haircut called the Burst Fade Haircut.

As you can see in the image above, Devin Booker’s hair dynamics have a volume of curls at the top, a fade around the ears, and a defined line that separates the face and the hairline (lineup).

This hairstyle gives off a pleasing aura as it suits all face shapes and hair types. Not just that, it can also complement athletes like Devin Booker, as a burst fade haircut is low maintenance in terms of styling compared to dreads, locks, or braids.

Another benefit is that it will not get in the way of your three-point shots. Maybe this is how Devin Booker keeps his shooting game on a high level!

Booker’s Olympic Look with Burst Fade Haircut

Olympian Devin Booker is a different kind of man with his new look that redefines buzz cut and burst fade.

Like the image of him spinning the ball, Devin Booker’s haircut is a buzz, where his head circumference is evenly trimmed (in short-length strands) using a clipper.

Buzz cuts have been in the buzz ever since Nikola Bizumic, a Serbian national, introduced his manual clipper invention into the market. Also, it has been widely used by military men because it’s clean and straightforward.

Not just that, buzz cuts exude “youthful masculinity”, especially during the pre-Vietnam War era.

Devin Booker features the fresh cut with his signature burst fade to make the buzz cut, also called crew cuts and flattops, a part of his own identity.

Devin Booker Curls with Fade Haircut

Aside from his experience on the basketball court, this Phoenix Suns starting guard also knows how to embrace his curls by letting them grow long at the top while not veering away from his signature haircut feature – the fade.

His sides’ taper fade complements the volume from the curly hair to make Devin Booker’s hair still look healthy, and at the same time, stylish and dapper.

Devin Booker Afro with Shaved Style and Fade Haircut

Devin Booker has Afro-textured hair, which he keeps short and styles with a burst fade.

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Although he has sported this Devin Booker haircut several times, even way back in his 2015 NBA Draft, he still knows (or his barber) how to make it unique and top-quality.

Booker sizzled the classic cut, this time with a shaved style, a short curved line on the left side of his head, and a shape-up.

A barber can make a shape-up using a clipper or a razor, and in just a simple movement, your hair becomes a cool hairstyle fitting in the modern world.

Young Devin Booker Burst Fade Haircut with Line

If you think that’s all Devin Booker has to offer for his hair, this basketball player can also put that shape-up in front to make him more dazzling, and for sure, an instant eye-catcher.

In addition, what made this haircut unique is how Booker’s Afro texture was still present, in its full glory despite the faded sides and a line-up in front.

Who is Devin Booker’s haircut suitable for?

Booker’s new hairstyle is suitable for any face shape and hair type, as anybody can rock a burst fade haircut.

It can complement curly and straight hair for as long as your barbers get the proper burst fade. The Devin Booker haircut can also work for those with or without a beard.

Nonetheless, for reference, Devin Booker has a heart-shaped face and Afro-textured hair. He also has a beard that helps balance out his solid jaws and adds to the charm of his fade.

PRO TIP: The Booker haircut is a perfect pair for summer because it’s light and short and makes the scalp open enough (inch-long side cuts) for air to peep through.

How to get the Devin Booker haircut?

If you are one of his fans, getting the Phoenix Suns’ Devin Booker haircut can be done in easy steps. 

To help you out, we give you this guide on the correct steps to achieve the burst fade that can sparkle up your short haircut.

  1. First, part the hair. In parting the hair, you’ll need a spray bottle with water and a Leinuosen rattail comb to efficiently section the hair. Make sure that in parting, you also sprinkle enough water on the scalp and strands to manage the hair effortlessly.
  2. Second, trim the hair. To recreate Devin Booker’s haircut, you need a shorter hair length to prepare for your burst fade. So, get rid of your long hair! If you want your hair as cropped as Booker’s, ensure that the sides are trimmed as close to the scalp (an inch long). In doing this, you can use a four-guard clipper from the Wahl Gripper Elite Grooming Kit. (TIP: Starting trimming from the top can do wonders.)
  3. Third, fade the sides away. Using a zero guard clipper, create a beautiful burst fade at the sides. To do this, choose guard numbers 1 and 2, create a guideline using a trimmer, the 1-guard lever open, and a 2-guard, and blend. Shave everything below your guideline, depending on your styling preference, and finish it by removing excess hair using the Equinox Professional hair trimmer.
  4. Fourth, apply a line-up and a shape-up. Like Devin Booker, a line-up can give you a sporty look. It will create a sleek vibe as you shape every corner of your hairline using a Dovo Silver Shavette Satin Finish razor. On the other hand, a shape-up to add in the features of your haircut can improve your overall look and seal the deal by making it more modern. You can choose from different shape-up styles: straight sides, front, curved, zigzag, and more.
  5. Lastly, apply some products. To keep the stylish haircut in place, adding a hair product, like the Hanz de Fuko Quicksand styling wax, can do the trick for you.

REMEMBER: For better results, choose the expertise of your trusted barber near your place.

Former hairstyles of Devin Booker

Before his burst fade era, Devin Booker’s haircut in the past was short volumized curls without any fades. It did not complement his face shape well because the long hair length on top made his entire features elongate.

Nonetheless, we’re glad that phase was over, and Devin Booker has found his way into the burst fade community.

Who is Devin Booker’s barber?

The Devin Booker haircut is made possible by Vince Garcia or @vincethebarber on Instagram.

He is not only known for being Devin Booker’s barber, because if you follow his socials, he has also worked with other players, like Kyle Kuzma.

Final Thoughts

From all the mentioned information in this article, it’s clear that Devin Booker is not just an inspiration for fans inside the court, but also an icon for providing a modern, sleek, and sporty look for guys with shorter hair lengths.

Recreating Devin Booker’s haircut is easy: part the hair, trim, add burst fades on the sides, line up, and provide shape up.

Now that you know how to do it, call your trusted barber to get started on your Devin Booker transformation!

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