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The 10 Best Oil For Relaxed Hair

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Published by Aida Turner

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Tending for relaxed hair stresses you out all the time? Introduce the best oil for relaxed hair to your life and prepare for some marvelous changes!

Frizzy, dry, stiff as wood – many would describe their last experiment with curly hair relaxers like that. Little do they know, their hair never looked the way they desired because they miss out on the best oil for relaxed hair.

Each and every product in this category is filled to the brim with hair nourishment ingredients, enough to turn a bad hair day into Rapunzel’s dream.

However, this is where things get tricky. Hair treatment oils are never limited to one or two types. For that reason, it is best to refer to a reliable guide for your next shopping, like what we have right below.

Best Overall

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Our rating

Moroccanoil Treatment Oil

  • Loaded with healthy nutrients
  • Prevents damage and breakage
  • Moisturizes your skin

Amazon best-selling product B07CZ24RT4

Our rating

MIZANI 25 Miracle Nourishing Oil

  • Calms and nourishes itchy scalps
  • Perfect for daily usage
  • With Coconut Oil for All Hair Types
Best Value

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Our rating

Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil

  • Beneficial vitamins and minerals
  • Suitable for all types of hair
  • Smells fresh and clean

What Is The Best Oil For Relaxed Hair?

Learning about the different types of oils available and what purposes they serve might stand in your good stead when you are at the shop trying to pick a bottle for yourself. Let’s get started!

Argan oil – Best Overall

Having a high level of healthy acids and vitamins, the oil remedies dry, damaged locks while trapping in the moisture and guarding your hair against the harsh weather conditions.


  • Reduce the risk of breakage and split ends
  • Improve the overall hair health
  • Nourish the follicle for faster hair growth
  • Minimize hair loss


  • Can result in severe allergy if not used properly
  • Application on damp hair might lead to dryness

Castor Oil – Best for Changing The Aesthetic Aspects

The natural structure of castor allows it to nourish your shaft from the roots to ends after penetration, gradually putting hair loss under control and speeding up the growth speed of new hair.


  • Can serve as a deep treatment to maintain the nutrients within your hair
  • Recovery from severe shedding
  • Help aid the improvement of scalp
  • Increase blood circulation for stronger follicles


Lavender Oil – Best Therapeutic Oil

It is no surprise that lavender wins the prize for being nerve-calming – that is the role of their fragrance, after all. But lavenders store some more charming secrets: their healing properties, which make a wonderful choice for curing hair loss!


  • Bring soothing effects to your nerves 
  • Light enough to not put any extra weight on your head
  • Prevent the risk of hair shedding
  • Can work as treatment oils for skin issues


  • Possibility of allergy (symptoms include nausea and headache)

Shea Butter Oil – Heat Protector

There are not many reliable natural anti-heat ingredients out there, so be thankful that you find shea butter! Put some on your hair before heading out under the scorching sun or heat styling, and you can never go wrong.


  • Moisturize the hair and skin
  • Loaded with healthy acids for frizz reducing
  • Suitable for users who cannot stay away from blow-drying
  • Help with sheen and shine


  • Might block pores if dropping any on the face

Jojoba Oil – Best For Thickness Maintenance

Jojoba’s molecular design allows it to break the unclean matter blocking our serum, so it sinks through our scalp more quickly, carrying the vitamins and minerals straight to the follicles’ core. This process helps strengthen and thicken the shaft.


  • Stimulate the follicles for extra hair growth
  • Moisturize the shafts without leaving grease behind
  • Reduce dandruff and itchiness
  • Deal with frizzes


  •  No relaxing scent

The In-depth Review Of Top 10 Best Oil For Relaxed Hair

Now that you have got a glimpse of what different oils have in store for your relaxed hair, let’s get to the part that you have been waiting for: The countdown of our top ten products!

1. Moroccanoil Treatment Oil – Best Overall

Best For Relaxed Hair In General

Moroccanoil’s organic line of products has been the favorite cure for lackluster hair over the last few years. Try some of its signature namesake oil, and you will instantly see why.

Here we have a full bottle of argan essence, the remedy for hair and skin that countless beauty gurus approve of.


  • Beneficial vitamins and minerals
  • Fatty acids and antioxidants
  • Nourishing effects for faster hair growth

Holding nothing but the tastiest treats for your wounded hair – antioxidants, vitamin E, and fatty acids – it can act as a quick cure for frizz and entanglements (common issues with relaxed hair due to the dryness caused by chemicals).

The formula also contains a generous amount of linseed to soak your hair shaft in alpha-linolenic acid, the exact thing you need to strengthen your hair from the inside for a faster growth speed.

Other high-performing ingredients, such as kernel essence, gives the product the ability to moisturize and add sheen to your dull-looking hair.

How to Use The Oil

Even a magical cure will not positively affect your condition unless you learn to make use of it the right way. Follow the tips below to properly nourish your hair using Moroccanoil Treatment Oil.

  • Dispense one or two pumps into your palms
  • Evenly apply the oil onto your hair (from the mid-length section to the ends) so that its properties penetrate your shafts well
  • Blow-dry or let it dry on its own 

The oil is designed to treat all hair types, so trust that there is hardly any side effect or limits as to what it can do. But if you plan to wash your hair right after the application, a 10 or 15-minute wait is necessary.


  • Minimizes hair loss
  • Improves overall hair health
  • Reduces the risk of breakage and split ends

The Cons

  • Can result in allergy if not used properly

Feedback From our Experts

During our laboratory tests, this product received a perfect score for its ability to create smoothness, and in a survey of testers, almost 85% reported an improvement in smoothness after using the product.

2. MIZANI 25 Miracle Nourishing Oil

Best for Changing Hair Quality

Growing out envy-worthy weaves after coating your entire head in relaxers is never impossible. You just need something that shakes your scalps fully awake after the chemicals cause their trance-like state.

Rubbing the oil on your hair sends ricinoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids instantly to the core of your lifeless, stiffened locks. These properties make some top picks for scalp massage since they stimulate the blood circulation around your epidermis. And this is how you achieve hair thicker in diameter and give it a shiny quality.


  • Deep hair treatment
  • Incresed blood circulation
  • Recovery from severe shedding

Another pleasant surprise! Once your hair absorbs this organic oil, many unwelcome factors that drive you crazy, such as dandruff, breakage, dryness, and even split ends, will take their leave one by one. You can thank the castor’s anti-inflammation function for that.

How to Use The Oil

To reach expected results soon, please follow these tips:

  • Always rub only an adequate amount onto your chemically affected hair
  • Evenly spread the oil out, focus on the midsection, and put extra attention towards the ends of your hair
  • Let the treatment sit for 20-30 minutes (think of it as a hair mask)
  • Rinse and condition your hair

If you do not think you can afford that much time, burn the stages by directly adding the oil to your shampoo. The bottle’s design includes a glass dropper to save you the worry of pouring out too much, which is the typical case with capped products.


  • Moisturizes and nourishes your hair
  • Provides nutrients for hair health
  • Strengthens hair follicles 

The Cons

  • Cannot stimulate hair growth

Advice From our Experts

This hair oil is a feather-light formula that adds shine and improves manageability, while also providing necessary hydration to the scalp.

3. Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil – Best For Relaxed Hair Shine Restoration

Best For Relaxed Hair Shine Restoration

Hair relaxing, frankly, can be traumatic to your scalp and hair cuticle (they are technically being drowned in chemicals after all), resulting in their unattractive look.

Therefore, start pampering them with the unrefined argan oil of VoilaVe right from today for quick recovery while avoiding weighing your hair down with additional grease.


  • Calming effect
  • Nice, rich scent
  • Improved hair health and scalp health
  • Healing propreties for the whole body

As you know, when the formula of a product involves other ingredients, the argan extract certainly does its part, but the results might come slowly since there has to be a balance between all ingredients’ effects.

However, VoilaVe has the show all for itself, so the luster-restoring vitamin and fatty acids can enter your hair shaft in full power. 

All you have to do is fill your hair with those components, then ready for the transformation: Further breakages gradually cease to occur, and the deep treatment allows your hair to recover, starting with the elasticity and then with the glossy sheen. Frizzes or split ends will be taken care of while it is at it.

You can even use the oil as a massage on your nails or skin for full-body nourishment right at home!

How to Use The Oil

Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil provides the best-satisfied results when utilized as a conditioning mask before your daily bath.

  • Rub a nickel-size amount between your palm, and massage it onto your hair
  • Apply it evenly across all your strands, from the roots all the way down the end
  • Let it sit for about 30 minutes for the nutrients to penetrate your hair shaft
  • Shampoo your hair

If you intend to try the curing power of this pure argan oil on your skin (or lips and nails), repeat the first step.

Only one thin application will do a great job treating the damaged section, all the while protecting it from all severity levels of weather.


  • Stimulates hair growth
  • Precents risks of hair shedding
  • Can work as a treatment for your skin

The Cons

  • None

4. SheaMoisture Virgin Coconut Oil – Best For Heat Protection After A Relaxer

Best For Heat Protection After A Relaxer

It is obvious that relaxed hair is never on good terms with heat. But that does not necessarily mean that heat styling or direct exposure to sunlight is a no-go.

A tricky tip for you is that provide your hair with a barrier out of the thermal conductive properties of SheaMoisture Virgin Coconut Oil, and nothing can go wrong.


  • Deeply moisturizing effects
  • Loaded with healthy acids
  • Works great with color-treated hair

This trick is possible thanks to the thermal conductive properties of the shea butter.

While this natural heat blocker is at work, the coconut oil, with its high heat point of 350oF, will give it a hand in maintaining your hair’s overall health as you move your tools up and down the tresses.

The high content of natural anti-heat elements in the hair oil embraces your weakened hair follicle, limiting risks of breakage from heat styling and severe sunlight.

Plus, it exudes a sweet, long-lasting smell while softening and adding sheen to your hair. 

You will be pleased to know that shea butter and coconut have the needed nutrients (vitamin A, E, and high content of fatty acid) for hair to lock in the moisture. This combination undoubtedly strengthens your chemically affected follicles from the core. 

You can find other brilliant hair care ingredients inside the oil. For example, the acacia-deprived conditioning agent will supply your scalp with a boost of protein for a smoother shaft.

How to Use The Oil

The product does not have any limit on who can use it, no matter how texturized or colored their hair. Only some quick notes to follow to get the application right:

  • Take a small amount and evenly apply it to your hair
  • Spread it out, leave no excessive residues (you can clean it away with a towel if needed)
  • Test your tools on a section to see if the oil does its job
  • Proceed with the styling

In case you wonder, this SheaMoisture product can double as your daily hair mask. Take a modicum, and leave it spread evenly on your weaves so that they can fully absorb in the nutrients.


  • Helps repairing blow-dried hair
  • Works great as an anti-heat oil
  • Moisturizes and nourishes hair follicles

The Cons

  • Might block head pores

5. OKAY Black Jamaican Castor Oil with Lavender – Best For Hair Loss After A Relaxer

Best For Hair Loss After A Relaxer

Dedicated hair care connoisseurs always go, “Putting some lavender oil on your hair, hun, it won’t survive anymore thinning.”

While the advice is well appreciated, considering ingredients from these beautiful flowers make a great remedy for inflamed scalps – the main cause of hair shedding after being drenched in relaxers. 


  • Deals with frizzes
  • Beneficial oils and vitamins
  • Healthy looking hair

You need a high-quality oil like this to speed up the treatment.

Any lavender used in the production is sourced from certified farms, where they take sufficient nutrients to bear ample anti-inflammation and antiseptic constituents.

Combined with the fatty acids in fresh black castor for scalp nourishment, this product closes any follicle wound leading to hair loss while keeping your shafts thick and healthy.

The soothing scent of these purple flowers is therapeutic as well. Do you know that it keeps stress, the worst nightmare of hair maintenance, out of your life?

Note: Dilution is a not-to-miss step.

How to Use The Oil

This castor-lavender hybrid’s results stay true to its name all the time, especially when you plan to make it a part of a hot oil treatment.

  • Shampoo your hair and leave it damp
  • Heat 4-6 spoonfuls in the microwave for 10 seconds
  • Massage the warm oil into your scalp, then cover your head with a shower cap so that it penetrates deep into the shafts
  • Let it sit for 20 minutes, then rinse all the residues off

Even if the effects go beyond your expectation, this method has a time limit. Twice a week is enough for intensive care, and once will work just fine for regular scalp tending.


  • Helps dealing with dandruf and itchiness
  • Soothing scent
  • Can be used to treat burns and inflammation

The Cons

  • Thick consistency

6. DOO GRO Anti-Itch Growth Oil – Best For Chemically Caused Dandruff

Best For Chemically Caused Dandruff

Relaxers might leave your hair nice and sleek, but your scalp does not get that friendly treatment.

The penetration of the harsh chemicals into their inner epidermis rapidly deteriorates the skin texture until it breaks apart, and dandruff swings by to say hi.

Thankfully, you can kiss this goodbye with DOO GRO Anti-Itch Growth Oil!


  • Silk protein for more strength
  • Nourishing complex
  • Suitable for all types of hair

DOO GRO Anti-Itch Growth Oil’s contents feature mostly soybean – one of the most benevolent plants used in the beauty industry with no side effects.

In haircare, soybean extract serves as an antioxidant source that keeps the flaking and itchiness at bay. Then there is the necessary vitamin E that enters the core of your scalp, bringing it back to good shape.

The rest of the bottle offers a generous load of shea butter and tea tree oil.

Shea butter does a great job in heat blocking and hydration providing, meanwhile, a small portion of tea tree oil there is very useful in stopping dandruff, thanks to many antibacterial properties.

All of these abilities are then strengthened by the carefully chosen vitamins.

Users of this product are left satisfied with how it relieves their itch and makes dandruff no longer difficult to get rid of. Many recommend adding it to your daily shampoo or conditioner to get an all-in-one treatment.

How to Use The Oil

You can either use this soybean hair treatment as your daily source of hydration (and dandruff control) or a deep treatment for the flaky scalp in times of need.

As we have said, this is a low-risk solution, so follow this brief guide, and you will soon see the results.

  • Rub the oil between your palms and lace your fingers into your hair
  • Massage the scalp, then spread the oil from the roots to the ends for a thorough absorption
  • Rinse properly after 15 minutes

You can try putting on a hair cap to seal in the nutrients, making sure they get on nothing but your shafts.


  • Deeply moisturizes your skin
  • Reduces anu itching feeling
  • Stimulates hair growth and thickness

The Cons

  • The content can get quite oily

7. Sebastian Professional Dark Oil – Best For Relaxed Hair Entanglements

Best For Relaxed Hair Entanglements

Shortly after getting your hair relaxed, the impacts of the chemicals will squeeze your shafts dried, leaving room for the last thing you could possibly want: entanglements.

That kind of situation calls for Sebastian Professional Dark Oil – a blend of the best sides of hair care: argan and jojoba!

The fatty acids carrying Omega 3 in argan will supply your hair with the moisture your recent trip to the salon strips it off.


  • Formulated with natural ingredients
  • Perfect for dry hair
  • Helps with shyness

At the same time, the vitamins (B, C, and E) alongside numerous minerals (zinc and copper) inside the jojoba will sink through your scalp, getting to the deepest areas and restore the tensile strength of the entanglement-prone shafts.

If this does not get the dryness and stiff knots that make brushing your hair a battle to recede, we honestly do not know what does.

Sebastian customers claim they are in love with this hair treatment oil.

Sure, some factors might need improvement. But it does what it states on the label well, remarkably changing the hair status from untamable to manageable. 

How to Use The Oil

It only takes you less than five minutes to transform your coarse, straw-like hair into silky weaves soft to the touch with this lovely hybrid oil.

  • Wash your hair to remove the possible dirt and grimes
  • Smoothen a pint-sized amount (1-2 pumps) on your damp locks, make sure the midsection and the ends get the most care
  • Leave it there, style your hair if necessary
  • Repeat if you think one application is not enough

Unlike most oils for relaxed hair across the board, there is no need to rinse the excess part away after most of it has been absorbed. It will leave without a trace on its own.


  • Moisturizes and nourishes your hair
  • Works best with dried out scalps
  • Removes irritation and flakes

The Cons

  • Does not help with split ends

8. Cliganic Jojoba Oil – Best For Thick Relaxed Hair

Best For Thick Relaxed Hair 

The thick, lustrous weaves you take so much pride in might end up as your worst disappointment one or two weeks after soaking them in relaxers.

Have the pure jojoba extract of Cliganic at home right from today and interfere in time upon finding the first sign of thinning!

The most distinct characteristic of jojoba oil is the lightweight film it builds around your hair.


  • Perfect for normal hair
  • Calming effect on your skin
  • Fights dried out scalps and dandruff
  • Beneficial nutrients and vitamins

Invisible to the eyes,  but this serves as a protective layer against moisture loss, sealing in the nutrients your hair needs to grow healthily.

It is the first step to ensure their roots permanently embed in your scalp, the prerequisite for thickness maintenance.

Another interesting thing to know about jojoba is that the antibacterial and antifungal agents it holds are enormous.

Along with the vitamins we mention earlier, these agents will drive all things frizzy and itchy away from your hair care routine. 

Plenty of haircare lovers agree that this lightweight oil is among the top options for retaining moisture, thickening the tresses, and increasing the shine.

Some even said that combining it with other nature-based ingredients to craft your exclusive chemical-free body care solutions is a great idea.

How to Use The Oil

There is more than one way to pamper your relaxed hair with this natural remedy. Jojoba’s brilliant effects do not stop at hair only.

It can extend to other self-care aspects, such as massage, nail nourishment, skincare, and this is just the beginning!

If you intend to keep your fingers in the hair zone only, here are a few tips:

  • Get one or two droplets into your palms, no more than that
  • Massage the oil onto your hair, above the scalp, and work your way down the ends
  • Set a timer for 20 minutes, then rinse it all out


  • Moisturizes and cleanses your skin
  • Doesn’t brake or damage the hair
  • Works perfect with flat, thin hairr

The Cons

  • Cannot work as hair fragrance

9. MIZANI 25 Miracle Nourishing Oil – Best For Weak Relaxed Hair

Best For Weak Relaxed Hair

Relaxed hair always lacks tensile strength, especially if your hair hardly has it in the first place. This issue happens so frequently that the question sprouting from it is not “How to prevent” but “How to combat.”

The answer is right in front of you: MIZANI 25 Miracle Nourishing Oil and the numerous plant-based components.


  • pH balanced formula
  • Reduces frizzes and adds shyness
  • Best for irritated scalps

First comes the coconut, whose specific structure allows it to penetrate your hair much faster than other plant-based ingredients, providing new protein to make up for what is lost during the relaxing process.

Then the sunflower essence throws in antioxidants to cope with how dull-looking your hair can look at the time.

Let’s not forget the jojoba extract we all know and love, from which your hair obtains a high volume of grease-free moisture. 

As the hair receives this treatment, the scalp is never neglected. We also have soybean properties to push back the attack of dandruff and inflammation.

This hair treatment oil is mostly complimented for its lightweight content that treats almost everything, from frizzes, dryness, to lifeless hair.

However, how fast it works out varies from users to users since different people have different hair characteristics.

How to Use The Oil

You can use MIZANI 25 Miracle Nourishing Oil straight out of the box, which we do think you should. Do not keep your vulnerable hair hanging; it is screaming for some boost in strength right now.

  • Squeezes out 2 or 3 droplets
  • Carefully apply from the midsection to the end, then shampoo it out after the usual 20-minute wait is over


  • Provides immediate comfort for dried out scalps
  • Gives your hair a nice scent
  • Provides deep nourishment for your hair and scalp

The Cons

  • You can get your hair oily

10. Majestic Pure Avocado Oil for Hair and Skin – Best Moisturizer For Relaxed Hair

Best Moisturizer for Relaxed Hair

Cold-pressed refers to a prevalent extract method these days that lets the product retain the ingredient’s original nutritious value. This procedure is the secret behind the unrefined oil beauty bloggers and gurus cannot get enough of. 

And since the avocado of this Majestic Pure product is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, important moisture for hair, being cold-pressed surely crank its effect up to one level.


  • Beneficial vitamins and fatty acids
  • Quickly penetrates the hair
  • An amazing scent
  • Can be combined with all types of products

It’s worth noticing that avocado is a massive pool of biotin, which you need to absorb to reduce hair breakage and stimulate healthy hair growth.

Put together the fact that the product is greaseless and weightless; it makes an excellent choice for your daily hair hydration routine.

How to Use The Oil

This avocado oil works its way onto your hair as well during a common application as it does for heat treatment. Whatever you choose, remember that you have to:

  • Evenly spread the oil out, making it thin and light. Do not put too much attention on one place.
  • Avocado does little aside from resupplying the missing moisture, so you can add other oils (lavender, argan, or castor) to maximize the effects.


  • Moisturizes and fights flakes
  • Leaves your hair silky smooth
  • Gets the irritation and dryness away

The Cons

  • Only treats lack of moisture problems

Advice From Experts/ Users

“According to the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, moisturizing the scalp by massaging oils into the base of the hair may help to treat a dry, flaky scalp.” – Avocado’s perks for hair have been explained by experts from MedicalNewsToday

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Oil Your Relaxed Hair?

Drench it in natural oil every single day, and if you can afford the time, schedule an intensive treatment every one or two weeks.

The saying ‘A little care comes a long way’ does not apply in the case of relaxed hair.

You have to show it all the care and love you have to keep everything under control, especially during the oil treatment.

How Do You Care For Relaxed Hair?

Relaxers do not always drive your hair into a devastated condition, not if you begin a scientific hair-restoration therapy after getting them on. There is nothing complicated at all. Everything required can be found right in your local beauty store.

  • Use normal strength relaxers only: Unlike extra strength relaxers, these straighten your weaves via a slower process. Your hair’s texture will not be affected that much.
  • Never apply relaxers on already processed hair: Doing so will lead to the ‘overlapping’ incident, and your hair looks worse thereafter
  • Pre-pooing: Treating your hair with oils before stepping in the bathroom is always recommended. Go with something penetrating deep and fast into the hair core like coconut or jojoba as they thwart the loss of protein.
  • Remove the thin ends: Trust us, you are better off without them! And when they are gone, new hair is going to sprout out as replacements, fuller, thicker, and more stunning.

Does Relaxing Your Hair Stunt Its Growth?

We think there is some misconception to address here. You see, there is no scientific evidence backing up this beauty tip and proving that having unprocessed natural hair rewards you with a faster growth pace.

It all boils down to how you care for the hair, not the category it belongs to.

Even if you cannot stop refrain yourself from the salon and the hot irons, you can always follow some of these simple tips so that your weaves stay long and healthy:

  • Supply your body with enough water, protein, and vitamins, especially the B, C, and E
  • Trim the ends of your hair frequently 
  • Massage with some top-quality oils
  • Brush your hair before bed to evenly distribute the scalp’s natural oil


Your hair reflects your inner beauty and personality. Do you want to walk around with frizzes, entanglements, dryness, dandruff, and bear the judging gaze of the passersby? Why not invest in the best oil for relaxed hair and take a load off of your shoulders?

We have introduced you to multiple top-quality options, one thing left for you to do: Take your pick! Hope you the article will be useful for you and your hair care routine. Wish your hair always be shine on its way!

Best Choice

Amazon best-selling product B095DNVNJK

Our rating

Moroccanoil Treatment Oil

Loaded with healthy nutrients
Prevents damage and breakage
Moisturizes your skin

aida turner


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