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Will Purple Shampoo Fix Green Hair? 

Getting your hair dyed a fun and funky color can be an exciting experience! But it also requires a lot of upkeep and care.

Unwanted green tones can also appear in blonde hair. (Check out: How to dye blonde hair brown without it going green?)

There is also a lot of misinformation about how different hair colors work and how you can fix them.

So it’s important to do proper research before you set out to fix a dye job gone bad or the presence of unwanted green tones in your hair.

How Did The Green Tone Get There? 

Have you noticed a green tinge in your hair? If you have blonde hair and are a regular swimmer, then there is a simple explanation behind this green tinge!

One of the main reasons behind this green tinge is the chlorine in swimming pools. However, chlorine is not the sole culprit. It is actually copper! 

Copper is a metal that is present in water. But it becomes problematic when it reacts with chlorine. This reaction produces a film which is able to stick to the protein in your hair and causes them to turn green.

Sometimes you will be dealing with more than just an annoying green tinge as this reaction can also turn your hair ashy and dull. 

But don’t worry, you can easily get rid of the green tone if you follow our guide!

Will Purple Shampoo Fix The Green Hair?

Unfortunately, purple shampoo can’t help fix or prevent green hair.

The purple shampoo will not eliminate the green in your hair as purple does not counterbalance green. You can look at the basic color chart to confirm this!

Color neutralization can be a useful way of getting rid of unwanted tones or achieving the perfect hair color you had in mind. But in the case of green hair, purple shampoo does not do the trick!

One of the reasons this misconception exists is that people with blonde and light-colored hair often use purple shampoo to fix tones and discoloration.

While purple shampoo is a great way to get rid of yellow tones, it does not work on green hair at all!

Purple shampoo can help people with blonde or white hair achieve a cooler and brighter hue. 

So it is important to realize that purple shampoo is not going to fix the green in your hair. But no need to worry because there are other methods that will do the trick either!

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How Can You Actually Fix Green Hair? 

We have determined that purple shampoo is not the solution! Here are some other methods that can get rid of unwanted greens.

Red Shampoo

The color wheel theory shows that it is actually red that cancels out green. Hence, red shampoo can be an effective way of fixing green hair.

Red shampoos have special ingredients such as antioxidants. Antioxidants don’t simply get rid of the green but also target the root of the problem.

They can cleanse and wash off all the chlorine and copper in your hair, creating green tones. 

The red shampoo also helps cool down any warm tones in your hair, making it look bright and shiny.

However, red shampoo does not suit every hair type, so be a little cautious before you start using it.

A great way to ensure it suits your hair is by conducting a strand test before you start using it properly!

Chelating Shampoo

You may have already heard of chelating shampoo if you are a regular swimmer, as it is often recommended to swimmers

The chelating shampoo is specially designed to get rid of any excess build-up from your hair. It can cleanse your hair from impurities, toxins, and chemicals found in pool water.

It also contains EDTA, which helps neutralize metal ions in the pool water and prevent your hair from turning green. 

Whether you are a professional swimmer or a regular amateur, chelating shampoo is a great option!

The best part is that it not only removes the green but also nourishes your hair. 

It contains ingredients like flax protein and Pro-Vitamin that make your hair strong and smooth.

Chelating shampoos also protect your scalp from irritation and inflammation caused by chlorine or other chemicals in pool water. 

You can also find some great vegan and cruelty-free chelating shampoo options. 

Some DIY Options

Do not worry if you cannot buy red or chelating shampoo or simply do not have the budget for it because there are plenty of DIY options you can try at home!

The best thing about these DIY options is that they are quick, safe, and only require normal household items that you will surely have lying around!


You may be confused, but yes, ketchup actually works!

Ketchup has acidic properties which break down any copper deposits in your hair. The red color also counteracts any green tones in your hair. 

The way to use ketchup is quite easy. You simply have to apply a thin layer on your hair, then use a comb to ensure that it is applied evenly all over your hair.

You must let it sit for 10-15 minutes and then wash it with water. Once this is done, you can continue with your usual hair care routine. 

Lemon Juice 

If you regularly get their hair dyed, you will know that lemon juice is often used for bleaching and whitening. 

You can also use it to lighten and get rid of the green in your hair! The properties of lemon can break down the copper oxides that have covered your hair and produced green tones. 

The best part is that the method is simple.

You simply have to pour around half a cup of lemon hair on your head and then let it stay for 5 minutes. You can also massage it a little. Then just wash it with water.

You may have to do this multiple times to get your desired results and completely remove the green tones.

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Baking Soda

This is another easy method as baking soda is a common household item. 

Since baking soda comes in powder form, you can not apply it directly but must instead create a paste. 

To create this paste, mix around one-fourth or half a cup of baking soda with water. Keep mixing it until you form a runny paste.

When this paste is ready, apply it thoroughly to the green areas of your hair. You must let it sit for 5 minutes and then wash it off.

Bikinis soda can remove the chlorine build-up in your hair which reduces the green tones. 

However, one downside of using baking soda is that it leaves your hair dry. So it is important that you use a conditioner afterward to make your hair soft and smooth again.

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Aspirin is another unlikely way of getting rid of the green in your hair!

You simply have to take 6-8 aspirin tablets and crush them in a bowl. Mix the crushed powder with warm water and let it dissolve.

Apply this aspirin and water mixture thoroughly all over your hair and let it rest for 15-20 minutes. Then simply wash it off, and you can carry on with the result of your usual hair care routine. 

It is also recommended that you use a conditioner afterward to ensure your hair remains soft and smooth.

You might be a bit susceptible to how aspirin can work. But basically, aspirin contains salicylic acid, which can counter the chlorine and neutralizes the green in your hair.

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How To Prevent Your Hair Turning Green In The First Place?

While we have discussed in detail all the methods to get rid of the green, there are also methods that help prevent green pool hair from occurring in the first place.

Condition before a swim

You can condition your hair before swimming. The conditioner provides a protective layer and protects your hair from the chemicals in the pool.

It is best to use a leave-in conditioner for this purpose. It will give both your hair and scalp the protection they need and prevent green pool hair.

Swimming caps 

You may find swimming caps annoying to wear, but they actually work!

They can cover your hair completely and prevent any exposure to the harmful chemicals in the pool water. 


This article clarifies any confusion regarding how purple shampoo works and if it can eliminate the green in your hair. It also extensively covers how you can actually get rid of green hair. 

So if you were looking to use purple shampoo as a way of getting rid of green tones, now you know it doesn’t work!

But no need to despair because there are plenty of other ways you can get rid of the unwanted green. So invest in a good red or chelating shampoo or simply use one of the many DIY tricks we have detailed.



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